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Showtunes Night in Baltimore at The Hippo

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So I finally gave in and went up to Baltimore Maryland for Showtunes Night at the Hippo bar and lounge. I absolutely love the Hippo for dancing on Saturday nights, but I was a bit curious to see how they would do showtunes. Sure you have a ton of gays in Baltimore and they love theatre just as much as everyone else, but could Baltimore have an actual showtunes night? The answer is Yes!

I have to be honest, it wasn’t my favorite showtunes event at a bar when we first got there. The VJ kept on playing Glee after Glee after Glee. Then we saw Lea Michele in Ragtime and then another thing about Glee when he announced the show spin off. The Glee over and over got old and annoying fast. I love Glee like no tomorrow, but at a showtunes night I want to hear showtunes and that is where I really enjoyed showtunes night at the Hippo.

Instead of playing a million mainstream songs, the VJ played a few hits, but also many lesser known songs from shows. With La Cage Aux Follies, instead of playing a little more mascara or I am what I am, he played a huge dance routine and a lesser known yet equally as fabulous song. Instead of Children will listen from Into the Woods, he played the song about the couple who wanted a child. I loved the fact that the VJ played a good mix of well known and lesser known showtunes. It not only helps to show people that there are more than just ballads and belters on broadway, but it also helps to get people to love new songs. My only complain about playing lesser known casts is that he would line up a cast singing a song from a show, then play another outtake from the show, then a song from the movie version of the show. That got old fast. When I’m at showtunes, I don’t mind two songs in a row if one is a parody, but two or three songs from the same show in a row and none of them are parodies or unique, that’s a bit much.

So overall, Baltimore has a pretty kick ass showtunes night at the Hippo Bar and Lounge. The audience is awesome and loves to sing. The bartender is cute as heck and serves awesome drinks. The showtunes are great, but repetitive and overall it is worth going to. I give it around a 4 out of 5 stars as far as showtunes nights go. If you are in Baltimore on a Tuesday night, check out the Hippo Bar for Showtunes and then come back here and leave a comment with what you think. Thank you again Hippo for having me and everyone that I met. You guys have a great showtunes night that is definitely a great time.

I’m Not At All In Love With Him from The Pajama Game

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One thing that always bugged me about my friends is they are all always trying to find boyfriends or someone to marry. For some reason getting married never seemed to be part of what I wanted to do. I never even really wanted to have a boyfriend, however over the last few months that has started to change. I didn’t really want to admit it to anyone, especially because I always loved being single, but two of my friends actually called me out on it.

One of my friends sat back and went holy sh*t, you want a relationship. I don’t know what sprung it on her or gave it away, but when we were talking about her boyfriend like we always do, she sat back and couldn’t speak. Something I said or the way I was sitting gave it away that I think I’m ready to start dating people again. The other person that called me out on it was a friend who I was visiting in Philadelphia the other weekend. (BTW, Ms. Saigon was playing and we didn’t get to see it. I was pissed! lol) When we were going up the elevator after clubbing at the Loews hotel, he looked at me and said, You’re full of sh*t about dating. You want a boyfriend. The truth is that I was a bit more obvious that night.

I was completely cuddly, affectionate and friendly…not to mention I was flirting with guys instead of just trying to pick one up for the night at the bar. I guess that’s the difference between when you’re happily single and when you want to start dating again. When you’re happily single you pick a guy up for sex and it doesn’t matter if you see him again. If you are ready to date, you may still have a one night stand, but you actually think about if you could see him again. You think if you would want to wake up next to him instead of by yourself and happy. If you could take him to brunch or if you really like him then to your family’s house. I guess the truth is that I’m really ready to start dating people again. I know I have trust issues but at the same time the only way to get over them is to start dating again. Anyways, because I’m over my I’m happy being single and I’m ready to start dating again, I wanted to play the song I’m not at all in love with him from The Pajama Game.

I’m not at all in love with him from the Pajama Game is a woman who is singing about not being in love with a guy. She doesn’t want to admit she may like him and is also giving the same story that I always gave about not caring about dating or liking a guy. Anyways, here is I’m Not At All In Love With Him from The Pajama Game. Feel free to leave a comment below or share this post by clicking the tweet button or Facebook share button at the top. I feel like I should be placing a dating ad on this post lol.

My Favorite Broadway Songs About Voting and Politics

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With elections coming up soon and living in Washington, DC, politics is popping up everywhere. No matter where you go, new people to DC are talking about politics and the locals are avoiding it like the plague. Whenever the senate has to vote or a new President comes into office, tons of people lose their jobs and tons of people end up leaving DC. The funny thing is that voting really isn’t as it seems to the US people, it really is a political game here.

Who you know gets you votes and who they know gets you sponsorship and endorsements. You basically have to know everyone and play a ton of power moves to get anywhere if you work in politics. It’s sad that the government is run that way, but at the same time it isn’t any secret. I think broadway does politics and voting best with a few of the shows that have come out in the last few decades. Instead of doing a top ten list, mainly because I have to head to dinner, here are three of my favorite broadway showtunes about politics and voting.

The Corrupt Bargain from Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.

So I’ve never actually seen Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, but I have heard this song a bunch of times. It always makes me laugh because it is almost a complete reality when it comes to voting, who to run and politics. You hear everyone say how they will blackmail the person running, why they don’t support them and everything else. Then you hear how they will sabotage their campaigns as well as ensure they get no support. You then hear that they have no clue who to run or vote for and you hear them insult a state. Then all of the sudden when the politicians are in front of a tv camera or reporter they are back to loving the candidate and supporting the state that they just trashed. This song is a perfect representation of Washington, DC politics. Anyways, here is The Corrupt Bargain from Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.

Politics and Poker from Fiorello!

So what’s kind of funny about Politics and Poker from Fiorello! is that it is almost exactly like The Corrupt Bargain from Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. The only difference is that it is a bunch of people who don’t want to run and who are figuring out who to elect so that they can have the government run in a way that will benefit them. This song and the one before are definitely two of my favorite songs about voting and politics when presidential elections are starting in DC. Here is Politics and Poker from Fiorello!.

Popular from Wicked

So Popular from Wicked isn’t really 100% a showtune about voting or politics, but it is definitely one that is worth putting on this list. When you are about to run someone for office you have to coach them to talk to the media, get them to wear makeup so they are more presentable and also get them to dress appropriately for the crowd they are talking to. In the song Popular from Wicked Galinda decides to teach Elphaba how to be more political. She helps her change her hair, teaches her how to talk to boys and even how to dress. Galinda basically does everything that a political coach and campaign manager would do for a candidate. Oddly enough she even makes a joke about politicians and how she is like a political coach in the song. That is why Popular from Wicked is on my list of my favorite broadway showtunes about politics or voting.

There are a ton of other broadway songs and showtunes about voting and politics. If you have a favorite, please feel free to leave a comment below with it.

A Little Fall of Rain from Les Miserables

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I have no idea why I am loving this song right now, except that it is one of my favorite showtunes from Les Miserables. A Little Fall of Rain from Les Miserables is the song where Epinine is walking back to the baracade and is badly wounded. When she gets there she find Marius and starts to confess her love for him. The problem is that he is now in love with someone else. Epinine singing about dying but loving Marius while also thinking about the revolution is one of the most memorable moments from the show.

Not only does everyone start to tear a bit when Epinine starts to sing A Little Fall of Rain from Les Miserables, but they also get quiet and you don’t hear even a real drop of rain anywhere inside. Ok, rain wouldn’t be inside but you know what I mean. The music from Les Miserables is all incredible, but when you have the emotions by a talented actor and take a son like A Little Fall of Rain from Les Miserables, you don’t leave a dry eye in the house. For me it has another meaning.

Instead of dying and being happy with your life, when I head A Little Fall of Rain I always think of people that I miss and that I should reach back out to them. I also think of different things that i wish I had done in my life and sometimes even of my ex. A Little Fall of rain is pretty straight forward with the meaning of the song, but just like other songs I review here, I give you my own opinion of what the song means to me and how I hear it.

Anyways, here is A Little Fall of Rain from Les Miserables and if you want to add it to your play list, click any of the images in the amazon widget in this post and you’ll be able to buy and download the MP3s from Les Miserables as well as buy the CDs for your car if you still use CDs.

My Little Ponies take on Broadway – I am actually shocked.

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It is very rare that I ever shut up. The thing is that I love to talk and yell and sing and say whatever is on my mind. The problem with this video is that I really don’t know how to react. Someone actually took the time to take the My Little Ponies and have them lip sync and act out a few showtunes. But it isn’t just your normal video, the people who produced it actually went and got an entire stage, elaborate my little pony costumes and even built an entire set. I am assuming that they actually had a musical or my little ponies play and then a couple of the characters decided to do a spoof video of Dreamgirls and Wicked.

Anyways, the acting in it, for a my little pony singing and performing showtunes isn’t horrible. I love when the one pony lifts up her leg to kick over the milkshakes so that she can make a point in the first dreamgirls song. Then I love when that one turns into Elphaba and they bring in the next my little pony which is Galinda. I sort of wish they used a green my little pony instead of a blue one for elphaba, but hey, we can’t be that picky.

Anyways, I love the 1980’s and I love broadway and I love showtunes, so when you combine all three together in a really random way you either get something amazing or something that is a complete flop. I am still undecided on how I feel about this video. If it was at a showtunes night I would love it. If it is sitting here in my own home, I would think it is pretty lame. After I watched it I ended up thinking it was kind of cool, but still sort of stupid. Then i got to thinking about how hard it must be to be one of the dreamgirls and then a witch in a horse costume and sort of love it so that is why I am posting it here at Let me know what you think of the My Little Ponies perform Broadway hits.