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I had a Julie Andrews Moment – Le Jazz Hot

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So I decided to do something so incredibly stupid this weekend, but it was for an excellent cause. I did the Avon walk for a cure in the Rocky Mountains. Now I normally dedicate my efforts with charity towards something like the Trevor Project or an AIDS charity like Broadway Cares, but I also enjoy getting together with my friends who do the Avon walk each year in a different city.

The Avon walk is a 40 mile 2 day walk of nothing but pink ribbons and boobs everywhere. When you add in the mountains and up and down hill walking if you try the Rocky Mountains walk, especially because I am from Washington DC, it is one of the most painful and god awful things you could ever do. At the same time, crossing that finish line with swollen feet, sunburned skin and 1100 other people, including numerous breast cancer survivors, you feel like you accomplished something huge. I am extremely happy that I not only raised nearly $2,000 for the walk, but I also completed something that not only took physical strength to do, but it also helped me mentally get over a few things that are bugging me in my life. I highly recommend that if you have never tried a 40 or 60 mile 2 or 3 day walk, you try it, if your doctor says you are able to. Not only do you feel amazing, after the pain goes away, from accomplishing something like the walk, but you’ll be fully charged to know that you can motivate and push yourself to do just about anything. So anyways, why is this a Julie Andrew’s moment for me? It isn’t because she whipped out her tits in the one show, it’s because of a small town near Keystone where I stayed. (BTW, if you’re in keystone, eat at Luigi’s Pastahouse. Seriously good food!)

When we were driving up from Denver to Keyston, we passed a sign that said Steam Boat Springs. Not only had I already been singing showtunes and driving my friend Jen crazy the whole ride, but when I saw the sign for Steam Boat Springs I yelled Stop The Car!!!! I had to have a picture in from of the Steam Boat Springs sign before we left. Unfortunately that didn’t work out so well. So if you want to know why a Steam Boat Springs sign is a Julie Andrew’s moment, you have to remember her performance in Victor Victoria. Not only does one of the most famous songs reference it, but it is one of the most memorable keyword phrases from that show and song. For some reason I always remember her singing “from Steam Boat Springs to La Paz.” Oddly enough there are actually jazz festivals all over the area as well. Because of the song and the festivals, I really wanted a picture of myself holding up a sign that said Jazz this way with an arrow pointing to Steam Boat Springs. It could also have been listening to Jazz this way with an arrow. Either way it would have completely been a Julie Andrew’s moment from the song Le Jazz Hot. Anyways, here is Julie Andrew’s singing Le Jazz Hot from Victor Victoria. This is one of my favorite songs from the show and that Julie Andrew’s sings. Ohh, btw, if you’re ever up here in the mountains…there is absolutely no gay life at all and nothing to do if you hate nature. Although it was absolutely gorgeous, with no house music, no gay bars and no showtunes, I’ll never be back. Just a heads up that you may want to stay in Denver and make it a one or two day trip at most.

It Sucks to Be Me Video from Avenue Q – I love this song

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If there is one song that never gets old it has to be It Sucks to Be Me from Avenue Q. You always hear people bitching about how life sucks when the reality is that nothing in their lives really is that bad. Then another friend comes along and that friend says that life sucks or complains about their day. Then another friend comes along, etc… That’s basically how this song goes. Each character has something wrong or something bugging them and they all compete with each other to see whose life sucks worse.

Some people bitch about their commutes to work. Others bitch about not making enough money. Some people bitch about having to be alone or being single and not being able to meet anyone. Some people complain about their roommates and others complain that their house is to quiet and empty. No matter what, someone will complain and everyone will compete with each other. That’s why I love It Sucks to Be Me from Avenue Q.

It is all of the characters competing with each other until Gary Coleman comes along and wins. It is almost like real life with my friends right now where everyone is bitching about something. For some reason no one really cares but they just want to bitch or complain so that they can be heard and see who can bitch the most. I think the real reason they all love to bitch is that they really just want a reason to have cocktails and hangout. What better excuse than complaining about work or roommates or being single, etc… It Sucks to Be Me from Avenue Q is the perfect for listening to while driving, working or even just getting dressed for work or going out. The song is funny and makes you laugh and want to sing along. That is one of the reasons it is one of the most popular songs from the show. Anyways, here is It Sucks to Be Me from the musical Avenue Q. Feel free to leave your own bitch or complaint below if you are having an It Sucks to Be Me day.

Matthew Morrison’s New CD Reviewed – One Amazing Track

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So I have so many mixed feelings about Matthew Morrison’s new cd. For those of you who don’t know who I am talking about, he plays Will Schoester on Glee. Matthew is a long time performer and singer and one of my favorite performances of his was the humpty dance song where he started as humpty dumpty and stripped down to his boxers from a huge full body egg costume. The reality is that Matthew Morrison has a ton of talent and does a ton of great things for charity and broadway, but when it comes to performing by himself, for me he doesn’t cut it.

His new cd is actually very good. Music wise it is extremely similar to something you’d expect to hear from Jimmy Buffet, but unfortunately I cannot stand that type of music. When I was listening to it I felt like I should be at a tiki bar and having a margarita or pina colada or some sort of frozen drink. The songs were good, but they all sounded pretty much the exact same. I ended up fast forwarding through them after a few minutes until I got to track 6, Somewhere Over the Rainbow where he has the song remixed into a ballad and does it as a duet with Gwyneth Paltrow.

The thing about Matthew Morrison is that he is very talented and he has a very nice voice. The problem is that he is not memorable as a singer or a dancer unless someone else is performing with him. Think about it, all of the famous songs he had in Glee were because he was with Kristin Chenoweth, Gwyneth Paltrow or even another guy when he had the flu. Even when they would play his Humpty Dance routine no one would remember him until he took the costume off and even then people would ask each week at showtunes who he was again. He is amazingly talented and can hold a note, but his voice requires someone else to bring it out and make it work. He has the perfect voice to harmonize with others and that is what his strongest moment is on this cd. His version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow with Gwyneth Paltrow is amazing. It is probably my favorite song from the album. I still haven’t listened to his duet with Elton John, but that is only because I couldn’t get past the tiki bar music. Matthew is extremely talented and if you like beach and summer styled music, this cd is great for you. It isn’t my type of music so for me, I wouldn’t buy it if I heard it first, but I know a ton of people who would love this cd. If you have Matthew Morrison’s new cd and want to share if you like it or not, feel free to leave a comment below. You can also buy Matthew Morrison’s new cd by clicking here or on the image in the amazon widget above.

Seth Rudetsky Tries to Catch Me If You Can – Aarron is Hot!

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We all know Seth is a married man and has a fabulous daughter and family. The problem is when you throw in someone who is absolutely hot, gorgeous and talented like Aarron Tveit from the show Catch Me if You Can on Broadway and you have him perform in a tight black tshirt in front of Seth Rudetsky. Who can blame him for not only loving the music, but also having to take a few looks at Aarron while he’s performing. Who can blame him though, look at how gorgeous Aarron is.

Aarron has amazing skin, a great facial structure, a perfect body (which you get to see while he is laying on a doctors table in the hospital with the leading lady in the show and he also has an amazing voice which people have loved with everything from Next to Normal to his new leading role in Catch Me if You Can. What I love about this clip is that even if Seth wasn’t checking him out, like the rest of everyone else in the world was, it certainly looks like he couldn’t help but to take a quick couple of glances at Aarron’s posture while he was singing. I think just about everyone who wasn’t mesmerized by Aaron’s presence or facial expressions while he sings ends up checking out his ass or perfect figure in his clothes. He really has the whole broadway package. An amazing voice, great looks, an incredible actor, he can dance and although he looks nervous in the interview, he can speak. Seth had an amazing show today and when you watch the clip you’ll see that not even the Amahhzing Seth Rudetsky could help but to check out Aarron Tveit while he was singing. Hey, there’s absolutely no harm in taking a quick glance, I know I was fixed on him when he was topless in the show and just about everyone else couldn’t take their eyes and ears off of him while he was dressed either. Aarron is an amazing up and coming actor and I am super excited to see him landing leading roles and getting some great solos. Congrats Aarron and great show Seth!

I Miss The Mountains from Next To Normal – BiPolar Has It’s Ups and Downs

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If you are looking for a show that isn’t your typical happy ending and everything comes out on top show, Next to Normal is probably a great broadway show for you to go see. One of the songs that I love from the show, besides Superboy and the Invisible Girl, is I Miss the Mountains. I Miss the Mountains from Next to Normal is a song about a woman who is Bipolar and currently on her medication.

The thing about Bipolar people is that they have huge ups and downs. They go through peaks of happiness with huge creative outlets and amazing thinking and usually rarely sleep. Then all of the sudden they hit a low time and have severe depression which is why they have peaks and lows. I Miss the Mountains from Next to Normal is about a woman who no longer gets the peaks that come with the disease and she misses having those days and weeks where everything is amazing and happy. Life seems to be amazing when you have a peak. Everything is happy, good and you are extremely focused and feel like you can conquer anything. You get more done and you basically have no bad feelings or thoughts. The problem is that after your peak you hit a low and it gets scary with how bad people can get on their lows.

I was talking to a social worker friend today about people who are Bipolar and he said that many of them do miss the peaks when they go on medications, but at the same time they are scared of the lows. Some of them end up stopping their meds because they crave the peaks bad enough, but when they hit their lows they can go even lower which can be life threatening since they cannot pull out of their lows. The song I Miss the Mountains from Next to Normal is an amazing representation of how a Bipolar person who is medicated must feel. The song is sort of like a country song mixed with folk music and absolutely beautiful. If you didn’t know it was about being Bipolar and on medications, you’d probably never guess what it was about and think it was actually about mountains, with the exception of a few random lines. I Miss the Mountains from Next to Normal is an awesome song to listen to and one that is fun to sing a long to. I will probably end up adding it to my iPhone soon.