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Forbidden Broadway Patti Lupone in Gypsy

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Like I said, I couldn’t do a post about Forbidden Broadway doing Kristin Chenoweth without being able to do one about one of their favorite target, the amazing Patti Lupone. Not only do they make sure they do at least one Patti song for each season, but when Patti was doing Gypsy, they completely went overboard with multiple Patti does Gypsy versions and songs. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to find a clip on youtube for my favorite one of the Forbidden Broadway Patti Lupone Gypsy songs, “Small Part, Isn’t it”, but I did find the next best thing, “Everything’s coming up Patti”. Now before you get upset, Forbidden Broadway is like the Fryer’s Club where they roast famous comedians. The only difference is that instead of comedians and screen Actors, Forbidden Broadway does famous Broadway Stars.

The reality is that you can be the biggest star on broadway and brand new, but you haven’t made it to pure stardom until Forbidden Broadway has done a parody of you. What I love even more about the Forbidden Broadway casts are that they aren’t only talented Actors and Singers, but they are also able to impersonate famous stars and sing pretty much just like them. The girl that did the Kristin Chenoweth one does an amazing impression and hits the notes in Glitter and Be Gay perfectly. The people that have done Patti have done a pretty good job with her voice, but none have ever really hit it spot on. Then again, it is pretty hard to be able to do a perfect Patti since her voice changes for each role.

Anyways, Patti has a reputation for being a diva, being a bit over the top and for just being an absolutely Broadway Star. That is what makes her such a prime target and easy target for groups like Forbidden Broadway. Then again, Patti also has a ton of talent and is extremely fun to get to watch perform. Sort of like Madonna (No Evita references I swear), she needs everything to be perfect or she will probably not continue. It seems like she is a perfectionist which is probably one of the reasons why she has become such a huge star, and one that Forbidden Broadway loves to include in their performances. Anyways, here is Forbidden Broadways Everything’s Coming Up Patti from Gypsy.

Forbidden Broadway Kristin Chenoweth, Glitter and Be Gay

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For all of the Chenofans out there who love Kristin Chenoweth, myself included, you have to hear the Forbidden Broadway version of Glitter and Be Gay which they did in response to Kristin Chenoweth performing Glitter and Be Gay from Candide. If you’re not familiar with Forbidden Broadway, they are an off broadway show that changes each year and makes fun of all of the main stream and off broadway shows as well as all of the major broadway stars.

Probably the most famous parodies they do are of Patti Lupone, not only because she’s an easy target, but also because they are just seriously funny. I’ll be doing a post with her Gypsy Forbidden Broadway song later this week. The reality is that until Forbidden Broadway makes fun of you, you haven’t made it on Broadway. It’s sort of like traditional media’s roasts where they only roast the top celebrities. Forbidden Broadway only makes fun of the best of the best on Broadway. That is why I love the Forbidden Broadway parody of Kristin Chenoweth singing Glitter and Be Gay. Not only does it rip into Kristin in a funny way, but it takes you through pretty much all of her career.

The Forbidden broadway Kristin Chenoweth Glitter and Be Gay is amazing. I love that it starts with how she abandoned broadway, even though she didn’t, and then goes from the beginnings of her career on broadway into Pushing up Daisies and then back to Wicked. Then all of the sudden she’s to popular for broadway and Idina so she goes back to pop culture since that is always popular. The only thing that the song is missing is her performance on west wing and Promises Promises, but then again I think that this song came out before Kristin did Promises Promises.

Anyways, if you love parodies and you love broadway, you have to check out Forbidden Broadway. It is not only hilarious if you love theatre, but you’ll love the parodies that they do of famous broadway stars like Kristin Chenoweth and Patti Lupone. Forbidden Broadway is also where I discovered Christine Pedi who I absolutely love and adore. She is incredibly talented and does an amazing Liza Minelli impersonation. Anyways, here is the Forbidden Broadway version of Kristin Chenoweth singing Glitter and Be Gay.

Top Super Hero Broadway Songs

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When you think of super heroes and broadway songs about super heroes, you probably think of SpiderMan the Musical or even Holding out for a Hero from Footloose. What you probably don’t think of are all of the great shows that have songs about super heroes in them. You have classic shows and new shows and in each one of them you have a main character singing about his or her hero and why they wish their hero would rescue them. Because there are tons of shows about super heroes but the songs about other super heroes never get credit, here are a few of my favorite broadway songs about super heroes.

Next to normal Super Boy and the Invisible Girl.

This is probably one of my favorite showtunes from the last few years. It’s about a girl wishing she would be saved. The show is about a person who has a serious mental issue and how her daughter copes with it. The song is one of the most beautiful songs from the show and one that can easily get stuck in your head. Here is super boy and the invisible girl.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing along blog.

If you love Neil Patrick Harris and his appearances on Glee, you will probably love his off broadway sort of made for movie musical Dr. Horrible’s Sing a Long blog. Instead of being told from the hero’s side, Dr. Horrible’s Sing a Long Blog is told from the villain’s side. Neil Patrick Harris did a great job in this show and the songs are kind of fun. I do have to be honest and say that I never made it through the entire thing because the show bores me, but Neil looked really cute so I have to love some of the songs. Here is Everyone’s a Hero in Their Own Way from Dr. Horrible’s Sing a Long Blog.

You’re Nothing without me from City of Angels.

One of the classic shows with a song about super heroes is City of Angels. The song you’re nothing without me is probably the most famous one as well. It is the artist singing back and forth with his super hero comic. The two of them go back and forth with each other about how the other is nothing without the other one and which one is better. It’s sort of a great song for someone who has writer’s block and cannot think of what to write about. They constantly battle with their ideas and sometimes it seems like your ideas are fighting back with you. You’re Nothing Without Me from City of Angels is a great song about battling with a super hero about being nothing without each other and how we all depend on someone else to exist.

There are a ton of other great broadway songs about super heroes like the new one from Catch Me if You Can the Musical and even one of the songs from Shrek. The problem is that there are way to many broadway songs about super heroes to choose from so I wanted to list my three favorite showtunes about super heroes for you. If you have a favorite, feel free to leave a comment with it below.

Unexpected Song from Song & Dance

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If there is one song that is absolutely gorgeous and amazing and not many people remember until they hear it, it has to be Unexpected Song from the Andrew Lloyd Webber’s show Song & Dance. Not only is this one of my favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber songs, but when you have someone like Bernadette Peters singing it you have an amazing team. Bernadatte Peters offers her voice which is a mix of musical theatre and opera to a gorgeous love song from an Andrew Lloyd Webber show and you have one of the most amazing combinations in theatre history. This is also the song that I couldn’t remember the name of that Julie James sang when I went to see Live on Broadway in NYC.

I miss Andrew Lloyd Webber shows because he has always created the best music with some of the best singers. The music is memorable and gorgeous and almost any of his love ballads are the perfect songs for first dances at weddings. Unexpected Song from Song & Dance is one of those songs that I love and is definitely one that will be on the play list for my wedding day, if I ever get married.

It won’t be played while we are eating dinner or walking down the isle, but it is perfect for pre-wedding drinks and conversation as well as when people are sitting in the chapel or synagogue and waiting for the wedding party to start entering the building. Unexpected Song from Song and Dance is one of my favorite broadway showtunes by Andrew Lloyd Webber and one that I hope you will love as well. If you love this song or any of the other songs from Song & Dance, feel free to leave a comment below and maybe we’ll post it as one of our next showtunes posts.

Kristin Chenoweth singing Glitter and Be Gay from Candide

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If you read this blog you know I am completely obsessed with Kristin Chenoweth and actually got to meet her for a second when she was doing Promises Promises on Broadway. Anyways, Kristin Chenoweth can not only take any song and either make it cute or funny, but she can turn bad songs good by throwing in her unique personality. Her voice is easy to pick out when she speaks in her normal voice because of its accent and tone, but when she sings it completely disappears and can transform from rock to opera and pretty much everything else in between. She is an absolutely amazing singer and performer and her personality shines through.

What I love about her performance with Glitter and Be Gay from Candide is that she takes a manic woman and makes her not only manic, but amazing and funny at the same time. It all starts with her being brought in on a couch with one of the original actors from the show and she not only kicks her out, but she starts belting out some amazing opera and then goes back to her funny an unique voice. Kristin Chenoweth is absolutely amazing and is probably one of the only people that can really not only hit the high notes in this song, but she can also completely kick the flute or picollo’s ass when it comes to the parts where they hit the same notes and bounce around them.

Glitter and Be Gay from Candide is an extremely hard song to be able to sing, especially because it has a million high notes all in a row and you have to hit them all within seconds of each other. It needs someone who can change from happy to sad to crazy to sane all within seconds from each other and be able to project all of those different feelings as well. It really takes a lot to be able to pull off a song like Glitter and Be Gay from Candide and one of the only modern broadway stars who can really pull it off has to be Kristin Chenoweth. Here is Kristin Chenoweth singing Glitter and Be Gay from Candide.