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Catch Me if You Can Reviews – On Broadway

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Last week I went to one of the screenings of Catch Me if You Can on Broadway. Not only is the musical version of Catch Me if You Can an absolutely fun show to see, but it was sort of like Fosse on steroids. You could completely see that Catch me if you can the musical was not only created by the people who created the broadway show Hairspray, but the music, the energy and the dancing was absolutely phenomenal. I wouldn’t say it is in my top ten favorite shows, but it is definitely one I recommend that everyone goes to see. It has everything you want in a broadway show and catch me if you can on broadway leaves you smiling and wanting more. The only complaint I have is that they didn’t have window cards for sale and you cannot download the songs on iTunes yet. Here is my Catch Me if you Can review.

The show starts out at the very end. The main character ends up getting caught by the Feds and then proceeds to tell his story. The story is pretty much the same as the one in the movie, with the exception that Frank doesn’t steal from his Dad. Instead the Dad is made out to be one of the bad guys and the Mom is painted as a good guy, even though she is an Adulterer. The opening song is full of a ton of energy and really solid dancing. There are lights flashing everywhere and it is all about being “Live in Living Color”. You get to meet the entire cast and Frank even walks you through when and how he will meet each of them. It is also the scene where I think he mentions one of the sayings for the show tshirt, “I like girls”. I think just about every theatre queen in Rehoboth, Fire Island and PTown that has seen the show will be wearing that tshirt this summer.

Catch me if you can the musical then walks you through the story and the name changes of Frank and the way that the IRS or FBI guy hunts him down. You watch as Frank’s father meets his mother in France. As they fall in love and even as Frank finally settles down in Atlanta, only to move to New Orleans to marry the nurse he falls for. The musical Catch Me if You Can is absolutely hilarious and has an amazing soundtrack. The dancing is overdone and the movements are extremely exaggerated, but it keeps your attention and you never get bored. What’s even more fun is that Frank constantly talks about illusions and the slight of hand and even does a few magic tricks on stage.

The set isn’t that impressive. It looks like something pulled out of the 60’s or 70’s and flashes like you are at studio 54. It is almost exactly the same style as Hairspray, but then again it still sort of works. Unfortunately it looks like this may be the last musical that works with this same theme as Broadway audiences will eventually tire of the same exact dance styles, set designs and music. Luckily this show has an awesome story, extremely talented actors and will hopefully land its place in the 2011 season and tour. It has everything you could want in a Broadway show, but it is extremely similar to hairspray which could also be its downfall. Overall I would give Catch me if you can the musical 4 out of 5 stars. The only reason it doesn’t get a fifth star is that it was a copy off of Hairspray. The soundtrack is amazing, the acting was great and I loved the show, but I was hoping to see something different from the people who produced it. Catch me if you can the musical is one you should definitely check out if you are in New York City and for me, Catch me if you can reviews are that the show is one that you don’t want to miss.

The Addams Family is Not a Family Friendly Show

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So I went with another Blogging friend of mine to see The Addams Family on Broadway and it was a fun show.  I wouldn’t put it anywhere near my favorites, neither would she, but at the same time it wasn’t horrible.  Jackie Hoffman was absolutely outstanding as Granny, Bebe Neuwirth made a good Morticia but Fester really stole the show.  One of the reasons we wanted to see the show was that she wanted to take her kids but wasn’t sure if it would be appropriate.

She has an 11 year old and 13 year old and we did see a bunch of people who brought their kids to the show.  The problem is that there are a lot of very sexually oriented jokes in the show.  There is a scene where Lucas’s (Wednesday’s boyfriend) mom grabs herself and sings in a very inappropriate way and Jackie Hoffman swears a lot.  Because of that, The Addams Family Musical is not a family friendly show, especially not for younger kids.  For teenagers it could be ok, but I think they would be pretty bored.  For adults it is fun, but at the same, the show is sort of geared for kids.  I really don’t know who the proper audience is, but the show was a fun one to watch.  I don’t recommend it, unless you are a fan of one of the Actors, like Jackie Hoffman who is absolutely amazing, or just want something to do.  The tickets aren’t that expensive so it is an ok one to kill an afternoon with the matinee show. The one thing that was absolutely amazing about the show was the set.

The entire set of the Addams Family musical moves and changes as the show changes.  The set is absolutely amazing and extremely well done.  Although I didn’t get to see Nathan Lane perform in the show, I could easily picture him playing Gomez and absolutely making it work.  The songs from the show are alright.  I can easily see Pugsly’s torture song taking off at broadway karaoke nights and Wednesday’s One Normal Night is absolutely fun.  There are a few more songs in the Addams Family Musical that are fun to sing and most of them are actually kid friendly.  The problem is the swearing and all of the sex jokes that the cast tell and say.  If you’re ok with your kids being exposed to some very in your face swearing and sex jokes, then The Addams Family Musical is kid friendly for you.  For myself and my friend, this is one show that we would not recommend for little kids.

Overall I would give The Addams Family musical a 2 and a half star rating out of 5.  It isn’t one I would see again but it is one that has music that I will definitely be buying on iTunes.  The stage and set was amazing and the acting was phenomenal.  The problem is the script and the dancing and the swearing.  They just weren’t targeted to any audience in particular and really don’t mesh well.  It is a great show for you to see if all of the other ones are sold out or to expensive, but I wouldn’t put it at the top of the list of shows to see in NYC.  If you’ve seen the Addams Family Musical, feel free to leave a comment below.

Seth Rudetsky

Seth Rudetsky Live On Broadway with Julie James

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Seth Rudetsky

Seth Rudetsky

So I was in Manhattan and got a chance to head to the times square information center for Seth Rudetsky’s Live on Broadway show. Unfortunately we arrived to late and since we didn’t have a seat I didn’t get to be in the showtunes showdown. Unfortunately I actually would have won since they asked questions I actually knew the answers to for a change but ohh well. Anyways, for the first time ever, they didn’t actually have a broadway star special guest. Instead they had a person who makes fun of vocal coaches on Youtube…and to be honest she was funny, but it wasn’t the same as a real star. On the other hand, Julie James and Seth completely took over and Julie’s voice completely kicks ass!

Because there was no star, Julie and Seth took over. Julie sang an amazing song, I can’t remember the name right now and instead of Seth interviewing someone, Julie James interviewed him. One of the things we all love about when Seth Rudetsky interviews someone is that he always asks about something that happens behind the scenes during a show and usually the broadway star will share something. In this case Seth told us a story about when he was playing for the Phantom of the Opera.

There is a scene in the show where Christine rips the Phantom’s mask off his face and throws it to the ground. We all know that Seth is an amazing piano player and really gets into the music he plays. You can actually see his eyes light up when he goes for his keyboard. So Seth was playing the song and when Christine threw the mask it bounced off of the stage and landed next to Seth. So what would any gay diva piano player do when the Phantom’s mask lands next to them while they’re playing the music to the show? He put it on.

Seth Rudetsky Live on Broadway

Seth Rudetsky Live on Broadway

Julie James

Julie James

Not only did Seth get completely into the role, but while he was playing the Phantom of the Opera on his keyboard, wearing the mask, he felt like he was actually the Phantom, until the stage manager or someone freaked out and let Seth know that the mask was custom molded to fit the Phantom, was worth $2K and Seth stretched it out to fit his bigger face and ruin the Phantom’s mask. Anyone else probably would have been fired immediately but Seth is absolutely adorable and lovable and I don’t think anyone could fire him.

If you are ever in NYC on a Wed and can make it to times square around noon, you have to check out Seth Rudetsky and Julie James’s live on broadway show at the Times square information center. Thank you Seth and Julie for an amazing show and Julie for performing since they didn’t have another star. She did an amazing job and it was incredible to hear her sing. Thank you again Seth and Julie.

Glee Original Songs Episode – Great Voices, Bad Music

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The original songs episode of Glee is on and it is amazing how much talent they have, but how bad some of the songs are. I know that Rachel Berry’s song was supposed to be cheezy (the only child one), and even though I hate Lea Michele, her voice was amazing but it couldn’t even pull this song off. Santana on the other hand was able to take a ridiculous song called Trouty Lips and use her voice to make it sultry and sort of sexy and absolutely attention getting. She never got to really show off until her and Mercedes sang River Deep Mountain High and now I am absolutely in love with her voice after hearing her sing Trouty Lips. She did amazing. So what do I think about the Original Songs episode of Glee, great voices, bad music.

There were a couple of fun songs mixed in like Mercedes singing Hell to the No, but that one would only be a hit beach dance remix for a summer, not an anthem that will last for years. Let’s be honest, you’ll hear it in Ptown, Rehoboth and other cities this summer, then after the drag queens kill it, it will go away. Kurt sang Blackbird and although it was emotional and he did an amazing job, something just didn’t make me want to cry during it. I actually didn’t feel any emotion which was weird. I just thought, wow, his voice has really begun to develop.

Puck sang a song called Big Ass Heart to his Big Ass Girlfriend and it was extremely fun. The problem is that if it doesn’t go viral fast, it’ll die off. Sue starts World War Sue and goes to war with Mr. Shoe and the rest of the Glee kids, but that Gives Kurt and Blaine enough time to put together a great duet. From this point on the show got good and the songs got better with Blaine singing Pink’s Raise Your Glass.

Rachel comes out to sing her original ballad and it was amazing. Not only can this song actually take off, but it reminds me of Kelly Clarkson just starting out. Rachel’s original song was absolutely amazing and one that I love. I highly recommend downloading it if you are ever depressed and just need a sad song to listen to. I still do not like Lea Michelle but her voice is amazing and she did a great job with the song.

The second song by the new directions was actually pretty fun. It is probably just a summer sing a long song if it lives that long, but it probably won’t last for to long. It was definitely fun and it came out at the perfect time with spring coming up in a couple weeks. Anyways, The New Directions won by singing original songs and Sue flipped out and punched out the announcer.

The episode was actually pretty good, just get through the first few songs and they get better as the show progresses. It’ll be interesting to see how Finn and Rachel end up and what other guest stars come back. The episode wasn’t the best but Kathy Griffin and a few people made their first appearance so it’ll be fun to see if they come back again. Let me know what you thought of tonight’s Glee episode. I’m going to go download a couple of the songs on iTunes.

Barbara Streisand Not To Star In Gypsy Remake

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So today I found out something that not only got me to scream, but I was super excited for a new remake of Gypsy.  Apparently Stephen Sondheim was going to do a remake of the hit show Gypsy starring the fabulous Ms. Barbara Streisand.  Unfortunately today Stephen Sondheim and everyone announced that they will not be doing this remake and even though it would have been a perfect exit show for Barbara’s career, they won’t make it.  I cannot say how upset I am about this.  1.  Barbara should not be looking for an exit show and 2.  She would have been perfect for the role.

Mama Rose is a character that is demanding and needs to own a stage.  The only women who have ever been able to pull her off and do it well include Ethel Merman, Patti Lupone, Bernadette Peters (She did an ok job but wasn’t the pushy mom type enough), Angela Lansbury and my personal favorite Mama Rose, Bette Midler from the original made for TV movie version, well not the original but the best movie version.  I think that Barbara Streisand would not only have been the perfect Mama Rose because she not only has an amazing presence, but she can belt a tune and also has amazing voice control.

Barbara knows how to take over a role, can throw her voice and definitely take the role to a new level by making us all remember our own moms.  Barbara knows what it was like breaking into theatre and I think that she can tie in her own life and memories to be able to bring out the most believable stage mom with the most drive and pull off this role easily.  The dancing is perfect for her and the singing about Chinese food is something we Jews do every Christmas anyways so the role is absolutely perfect for her.  When I heard that they not only canceled the remake of the movie, but Barbara Streisand was supposed to star in Gypsy, I think that all of theatre died a little bit today.  Unfortunately they canceled the remake of Gypsy starring Barbara Streisand but that also means that Barbara will have to find a new movie or show to leave the theatre with.  Hopefully that won’t come for another couple of decades.

Anyways, here’s Bette in Gypsy.