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Drag Queens, Prostitutes and Cowboys Ohh My!

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Drag Queens, Prostitutes and Cowboys, Ohh My! It can only mean one thing, the Washington DC Gay Men’s Chorus is doing an all male version of the hit show The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. The Washington Dc Gay Men’s Chorus does a broadway production each year. Not only are they amazingly talented, but they always put a few fun twists on their shows. I absolutely cannot wait to get to see them perform The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas next month. Last year the did Grease, only gayer. This year should be fun, as long as they have cleaned up the songs.

At their Christmas show they sang Hard Candy Christmas which is one of my favorite Christmas Showtunes and unfortunately probably shouldn’t have. It wasn’t that they were bad, it was that they couldn’t hit the harmonies and the solos were not acted and lacked any form of personality which is key to that song. Then again they probably didn’t really have enough time to rehearse it. I am certain that with the amount of talent they have and how well they put on their productions, they will have completely found a way to get everyone to act out the songs, use proper voice inflections and completely knock it out of the park.

The Washington DC Gay Men’s Chorus always gets 5 stars from me and I love watching them perform. I cannot wait until they do The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas this March and you can find the details and come see them yourself at:

Gay Men’s Chorus Perform The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas:
Lisner Auditorium – George Washington University
730 21st Street NW
Washington, DC

Friday, March 18 at 8 pm
Saturday, March 19 at 8 pm
Sunday, March 20 at 3 pm

This is a show that you definitely will not want to miss. The guys are hilarious and extremely talented and as their ad says, it gives a whole new meaning to The Chicken Ranch. I can only imagine the puns that they will add in for Miss Mona and the prostitutes. If you are going to see The Washington DC Gay Men’s Chorus perform The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, feel free to comment below or share this post with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Why God from Miss Saigon

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Why God from Miss Saigon has to be one of my favorite songs of all time. Not only is it an absolutely amazing and gorgeous song, but when you add in a hot guy with an amazing voice,,,and no shirt you have an amazing winning combination. The song is the guy singing about his love, why he can’t have it, what it means and a million other interpretations if you want to pretend to be a deep person. The reality is that he is in love and is asking god for advice and an answer as to why things can’t just be easy. It’s sort of like another one of my other favorite showtunes of all time which is last night on earth from Miss Saigon.

In the video below, the guy has a great voice and is an ok actor, but he isn’t as cute as some of the other characters you can find on youtube. He is definitely way above attractive and his body is incredible, but he is not as cute as the other guys you can find singing Why God from Miss Saigon. The problem with a million guys that are hot, can act and can sing their ass off is how to do you choose which one to put on your blog? I went with hot and has a great voice over seriously hot but can’t act and a great voice. Either way it is a win win show and performance, except for the end because the guy puts his shirt back on. They should have kept him topless for the show, except in last night on earth. The costuming is always perfect for that song.

Why God from Miss Saigon is an amazing song and if you haven’t heard it you have to watch the video below. Miss Saigon has some of the most amazing and beautiful music in theatre and is also one of the most wonderful love stories. It is a definite show to take your partner to if you want him or her to cry and get emotional. It’s a guaranteed your getting lucky tonight type of chick flick show. Why God is one of the most well known and loved songs from Miss Saigon. Feel free to leave a comment below or share this post with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Take a Glass Together from Grand Hotel

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If there is one song that I love about drinking, in a happy way, on Broadway it has to be Let’s Take a Glass Together from the musical Grand Hotel Brett Barrett starred in this song and did an amazing job. You’ll hear him bash other people for not being able to dance, but when you see his amazing dancing in this song and how he can not only tap, but also act with his body and his voice, he is amazing.

Normally when people thinking of broadway songs about drinking, they think of Elaine Stritch singing the Ladies Who Lunch from Stephen Sondheim’s Company. Even though I love that song, it isn’t a happy, cheerful drinking showtune that you leave happy and wanting to drink to. Instead you laugh but don’t really react when its over. When Take a Glass Together from Grand Hotel is over, you’re left clapping, cheering and ready to have a cocktail. I love this song and love watching it whenever they play it at showtunes night.

Although the rest of the songs from the musical Grand Hotel are ok, Let’s Take a Glass Together is by far my favorite song from the show. Whether or not you drink, you have to admit that the two guys in this song are absolutely amazing dancers and performers. Not only do they do amazing things with their bodies, but they also sing and act like two amazingly drunker performers.

Oddly enough, tonight’s episode of Glee is all about drinking and the harm of it and how fun it can be. Even before the episode came on, I was planning on writing this post, except it was about people pissing me off and me just wanting to go have a drink with a friend to vent. I was going to dedicate this song to drinking and venting with friends, but now that Glee has the drunk episode on, I’m not sure who I should dedicate it to. Either way, Let’s Take a Glass Together from Grand Hotel is an awesome song and one of my favorite broadway songs about drinking.

Catch Me If You Can the Musical Reviewed

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One of the newest shows on broadway in 2011 is Catch Me If You Can the Musical. If you remember, Catch me if you can was a movie that I think had starred Matt Damon and Christopher Walken. I’m to lazy to check so we are going with what I think I remember lol. Either way both of them are amazing Actors so if it wasn’t them then they should have been cast. Anyways, Catch Me If You Can the Musical is one of the newest shows coming to broadway this season. I am personally sort of excited to see it because I am absolutely obsesses with some of the songs from the show. Especially the song in this post Goodbye from Catch Me If You Can the Musical.

Catch Me If You Can the musical is about a kid that pretends to be people he is not and has a Government Agent trying to track him down. He pretends to be everything from a Doctor to a Pilot and everything else. The funny part is that people believe him and he is still under 21 I think. The show has a ton of heartfelt moments like when the dad is singing to his son about having a checkbook but not having much money in his account. His dad is happy to have is son growing up, but the son sort of wants more. Catch Me If You Can the musical is one that I sort of do want to see.

It is definitely on my list of shows to get tickets for when I am in NYC, but there are also a ton of other shows that are coming back like How To Succeed In Business Without Ever Really Trying starring Daniel Radcliff and the fabulous Mr. Harvey Fierstein has decided to do La Cage Au Folles. There are a ton of amazing shows on broadway right now so if Catch Me If You Can has a matinee or has a sale at the TCKTs counter it will definitely outrank some of the other shows that i’d want to see at night. I haven’t seen it yet so I cannot give Catch Me If You Can the musical a star rating, but I can say that it is one I would probably go see if it is on a discount or there are seats at the Matinee. If you’ve seen Catch Me If You Can the Musical, feel free to leave a comment below.

What Makes a Broadway Diva a Diva?

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Everyone knows the term Diva, but not many people realized that Divas came from theatre. They were the singers that could belt the most, give the attitude and know they were amazing. Sort of like Prima Donnas with a ton of attitude. Although the term Diva is way over used now a days, there are a few Divas left on Broadway. The difference is that a Broadway Diva will not only stop a show to call someone out, but the audience won’t care either way. They know better than to get in the way of a true Diva.

You may call Liza, Madonna, Bette, Cher or even Kristin Chenoweth (from the Newsweek thing) a Diva, but this post is going to focus on two ladies that have an off my stage, it’s my crowd this is how it goes attitude and nobody is able to say any different. It is their way or no way and they get their way. They are the amazing Barbara Streisand on her 2006 tour and Patti Lupone playing Rose in Gypsy. Here are my two favorite broadway diva clips of these two leading ladies.

Barbara Streisand
telling someone in the audience to Shut the f*ck up. This was during her 2006 tour, which I got to go to in DC, and she did a skit about George W. Bush. There was a fan there who got offended by her skit, which really wasn’t poorly done or in bad taste, so when he wouldn’t stop talking she simply said, Will You Shut The F*ck Up. Not only can Barbara get away with saying the F word in a crowd of normally conservative people, but she can also get them to cheer her on for it. That is the mark of a true Diva. She then went on and finished her show like nothing happened.

Patti Lupone giving a real showstopping performance,,,,literally. This video is freaking amazing!

Patti made a great Rose in the show Gypsy. On one night in particular she took a show stopping performance and literally stopped the show. Any other Actress would be fired for something like this, but there is no firing Patti. Being able to stop a show mid song or mid show and then have it start back up again is something that only Patti could get away with. Here is one of my favorite Patti Lupone moments.

It takes more than talent to be a Diva. You have to not only have talent but the attitude and be able to work it so that you can stop a show and make it work. Barbara and Patti are two women that have more than exceeded Diva status and are my favorite Broadway Divas.