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Please Don’t Touch Me – Megan Mullaly – Young Frankenstein

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One thing that not many people who watched Will and Grace realized is that Megan Mullaly who played Karen Walker is actually an amazing singer. Until her M&Ms commercial came out, people thought she had a super high pitched annoying voice and could only play a drunken socialite mess. The reality is that Megan Mullaly is an amazing actress who has a talent for playing comedic roles on tv and on Broadway. At least that’s what the producers of the Mel Brooks musical Young Frankenstein thought when they gave Megan Mullaly a role that she was born to play, well Karen was born to play.

The song Please Don’t Touch Me is 100% Karen. It is about a woman refusing to put out but constantly teasing a guy. She even has an entire verse about “Tits” and keeping your hands of “these”. The role and song is sort of like if Karen sobered up but kept her drunken personality. Megan Mullaly did an amazing job in the show Young Frankenstein and proved to everyone that she could not only be funny on tv, but she could make audiences fall in love with her with live theatre as well. Thanks to the internet and, everyone can get to enjoy Megan Mullaly singing Please Don’t Touch Me from Young Frankenstein and get to laugh like all of the audiences who got to see her live.

Megan is now starring in a comedy show on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim where she plays Chief, the head of a hospital. It may sound like a serious role but it is anything but serious. Megan takes an already funny role and created an elderly and crippled chief at a hospital and makes it her own. Not only does she bring Karen’s personality in, but she uses all of her talents and comedy to make you laugh your ass off. Megan is an amazing actress and being able to entertain on both tv and on Broadway shows how much talent she actually has. It seems like just about anything she does turns into a hit and she easily steals the show. Here is Megan Mullaly singing Please Don’t Touch Me from Young Frankenstein.

4 Jews In a Room Bitching from Falesettos.

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So I was thinking about what the perfect song to start the new year off with is and I could only think of one song, 4 jews in a room bitching from falsettos.  To be honest I completely forgot about this song until I heard it on XM radio today on my way home from work and it got me laughing.  4 Jews in a Room Bitching not only made me laugh but it was exactly like my holidays this year.  Imagine 4 jews in a room bitching, literally, but also drunk and going to karaoke.  Ya, probably better not to think about it lol.

The song 4 jews in a room bitching is one of those songs that everyone loves when they see the show but noone ever really remembers after.  It is a crowd pleasing song from the show and always gets people to laugh.  4 Jews in a room Bitching is also light hearted enough to keep you thinking about how funny the song is instead of it being a little bit racist and slightly offensive towards jewish people.  I think it also depends on the cast who is performing the song.

If the cast isn’t good or can’t get the audience going then they’ll lose them and may come off as offensive instead of funny.  They also have to be able to hit a four person harmony and be able to run around pretty fast and act in sync with each other.    It sounds and looks like an easy song to do and it really isn’t that complicated, but to get it perfect and to get the audience to fall in love with it is where the real talent comes in.  You have to have 4 people who can match each other talent wise and none of them trying to be a star.

If one tried to hard or can outperform the group then all of the sudden the song is thrown and the whole fun part of it can be gone.  There is one character that has a few funny one liners, but besides those everyone needs to feed off each other and everyone has to remain about equal or you’ll lose the effect of the song.  4 Jews in a Room Bitching is a funny song from the show Falsettos and one that I love.  Feel free to comment on it below or share it with your friends on twitter and facebook by clicking on the tweet or facebook share buttons at the top of this post.