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Christine Pedi, We Love You!

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If you can’t tell I love driving home from work because I get to listen to Seth Rudetsky on Sirius XM Radio.  I’m usually not in my car on weekends or during the day though, but since DC got hit with an ice storm I went into work a little bit late.  On the drive in I usually have to listen to pre recorded shows of really bad and some good showtunes.  However because I was going in late I got the chance to hear Christine Pedi’s show without Seth (The Dueling Divas) and she completely kicked ass.

We all remember Christine from her Off Broadway Forbidden Broadway shows and we loved watching her spoof famous Broadway Stars.  Now if you get to listen to her during the day, you don’t get to watch her make fun of Liza on a barstool, but you do get to hear her selection of great broadway hits.  I love Seth’s choice in music and insane knowledge of Broadway, but Christine gets me to sing a long with showtunes about 5 times more than Seth.  Her choices were mainly mainstream but at the same time they were all fun.

She sort of played hit after hit and it was really fun.  I love that Seth plays things people may not have heard before, but combined with the flow of hits that Christine plays when she gets the choice of music, I would probably take Christine for my drive home.  Sing a long showtunes are awesome for sitting in traffic.  Now I know why Sirius gave the two of them a show together and why its called Dueling Divas.  Christine Pedi completely kicks ass!  When you combine her with Seth Rudetsky it is a great mix of knowledge and fun classic showtunes as well as modern day hits and sing a longs.  If you get a chance to turn Christine Pedi’s show on during the day, it’ll help you get through your work and probably make you sing a long.

Thank you for making our drives a million times better in the mornings Christine and for Seth’s show on the drive home at night.


The Top Ten Broadway Sing A Long Songs

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There are certain shows on Broadway that everyone knows and loves. We watched them when we were kids like Mary Poppins and we grew up singing them in elementary school. When we are adults and we go to the theatre and one of these songs comes on, you might find yourself singing along with it and not even realizing it. Some songs are just fun to sing and when you hear them in a broadway show, it becomes a sing a long broadway song. Here is my top ten list of popular sing a long broadway songs. They are almost all songs that people end up humming or actually singing during the show. Feel free to add your favorite to this list in the comments section below.

Broadway Sing a long Songs

Do Re Me from The Sound Of Music.

Not only is Do Re Me from the Sound of Music one of the top sing a long broadway songs, but they even re-released the Sound of Music into a Rocky Horror styled Sing a Long Sound of Music version. The one song that almost everyone is guaranteed to know from this show is Do Re Me. It’s the song that our music teachers in elementary school used to teach us how to sing on key and the song that Julie Andrews used to teach the Von Trapp family kids what each note was. I dare you to listen and not want to sing a long with it. When you are at the Sing a Long Sound of Music it is almost impossible to not sing a long either.

Getting to know you from The King and I.

Getting To Know You from the King and I is another one of those songs that they drill into your head when you are a kid. I think almost everyone in the US and even the UK was forced to sing this song when they were growing up. Getting to know you is one of those songs that everyone also remembers and ends up teaching to their kids. Then when you go to see the King and I you end up singing along during the show.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from Mary Poppins.

I guess Julie Andrews is one of those voices and people that we all remember for a reason, her songs are impossibly to forget and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is one of those songs. The word looks scary and probably scared the crap out of her the first time she tried to read it, but Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious quickly became one of the most popular songs from Mary Poppins probably for the same reason. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is one of the most fun songs to sing and everyone usually ends up singing along when it comes on.

Don’t Stop Believing from Rock of Ages.

I think just about everyone loved Don’t Stop Believing when it came out. When Glee used it as their trailer it made everyone fall in love with it again and when it hit Broadway in the show audiences starting singing along with it as well. Don’t Stop Believing is one of the most popular songs in Rock of Ages and definitely gets everyone to want to sing along. You’ve probably ended up singing a long if you heard it in the car or even during Glee.

Grease Summer Nights.

I couldn’t figure out which song was more of a sing a long from Grease with Summer Nights or We Go Together, but with all of the people who sing Summer Nights at Karaoke, it definitely beats out We Go Together. Summer Nights is one of those songs that people can’t help but to sing a long with. We all remember watching it on tv with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John and when you see it in the theatre you usually end up singing a long as well.

I Feel Pretty from West Side Story.

It was either this or one of the other famous songs. The reason I think I Feel Pretty from West Side Story should make the list is that the song gets parodied on numerous tv shows and everyone knows it. The thing that most people don’t know is that I Feel Pretty is from the show West Side Story. It isn’t much of a sing along, but it is definitely a hum along and know the chorus song.

MatchMaker from Fiddler on the Roof.

Who doesn’t know the tune from Matchmaker? I think everyone sings along in the theatre when Tevya’s girls start singing MatchMaker MatchMaker make me a match. Find me a find. Catch me a catch. MatchMaker is a song that tons of kids learn when they are younger because it is easy to sing, easy to remember and fun to perform because everything is a rhyme.

The Time Warp from Rocky Horror.

If there was one show that the audience loves to participate in it has to be The Rocky Horror Show. Not only is this one of the original audience participation broadway shows, but everyone knows and loves to get to do the Time Warp. The version from the movie and the show are a bit different but the dance is still the same and the audience loves to get up and sing a long.

The Internet is for Porn from Avenue Q.

I couldn’t decide if Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist or The Internet is for Porn from Avenue Q was more catchy. I think that the audience reacts and sings along with Trekkie Monster a bit more though in the Internet is for Porn song. There are a ton of great sing a long songs from Avenue Q, but The Internet is for Porn is probably the one that gets more of the audience singing the word Porn. The show is amazing and the songs are also a lot of fun to sing a long to.

Jersey Boys – You choose the song!

I don’t think there is a person in the theatre that doesn’t start cheering and singing along to these amazing and classic songs. Jersey Boys was made for the audience to sing a long and have an amazing time. When I saw it in Chicago there wasn’t a single person not singing a long. Jersey Boys is a show that won’t leave you in your seat. You choose whichever song is your favorite because each one is a sing a long broadway song.

Those are ten of the top sing a long broadway songs. There are a ton more to add like Popular from Wicked and Together Wherever We Go from Gypsy or even Suddenly Semour from Little Shop of Horrors. Regardless of which one is your favorite, each one is fun to sing a long to. Feel free to comment below and leave your favorite broadway sing a long song.

Goodbye Scottsboro Boys, and good riddance

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So I was sort of upset to see that the show The Scottsboro Boys was leaving Broadway.  There was soo much hype about it and it did sound amazing.  I also heard a few of the songs and actually thought they were very well done.  The whole show is about telling the story of a group of African Americans who were accused of something back in the days when Black people didn’t have the same rights and freedoms as White people.  The show is a satyrical spoof on that to raise awareness of racism and prejudice.  Apparently not everyone in America gets that because apparently a lot of people had left the theatre offended and eventually people stopped wanting to go to the show which is why it closed.  The thing is that they may not have clearly shown the satirical part or made it clear that it was to bring awareness.  Yesterday i head the song Financial Aid from The Scottsboro Boys.  It was extremely offensive.

You can help to bring The Scottsboro Boys back for a limited run by clicking here and entering your email address.

Not only is the show about the way that Black people were treated, but this song crosses the line.  It is the Black people who were being prosecuted being racist and talking about stealing money from the Jews, then doing away with them.  There are two ways to look at the song Financial Aid from The Scottsboro Boys.  You can hear it and be offended like I was, or you can hear it, be offended and then think about it trying to make the point that even though the characters were being discriminated against, they were also racist and didn’t even necessarily realize it.

The song brings out a huge realization that even people who are being discriminated against, and hate that they are being treated as second class citizens, can end up being just as racist.  It becomes extremely hard for a Jewish person to feel even the slightest sympathy for the characters after hearing them talk about stealing from and then getting rid of the Jews.  If I didn’t know the show was supposed to be about the case from a satirical point of view, I would probably not have realized they were making a point to the people sympathizing with the characters that they are just as at fault for discriminating against people by having an entire song about stealing from and doing away with another group of people.  (As a quick side note, DRWilliams had filled me in in the comments below about the fact that it is a White Attorney who made the comments and not one of the Scottsboro Boys in the actual case.) Financial Advice from The Scottsboro Boys is probably the most offensive song on Broadway.  In Cabaret there was an anti Jew song, but it was clear that it was supposed to make you think.  (Certain Jewish groups disagreed when the show launched so it wasn’t so clear back then.).   This song however doesn’t really get that message across.  Maybe in another few years it will become more obvious, but Financial Aid from the Scottsboro Boys is an extremely racist and offensive song.

Although broadway has produced a million edgy shows like Spring Awakening, Rent or even Showboat, The Scottsboro Boys was just purely offensive.  I don’t think it is ahead of its time, I think it ended up crossing the line of what is there to make a point and what is going to far.  Unfortunately I did not get to see the show so I don’t know the full context of how they used the song.  However the producers of The Scottsboro Boys are willing to do a limited time run of the show if enough people promise to buy a ticket by signing up with their email on their website.  I am curious to see the show and see how they tie in the song Financial Aid, but at the same time if you do decide to go, be ready to be offended.

You can sign up to bring The Scottsboro Boys back by clicking here and submitting your email address.  If you did get to see the Scottsboro Boys, feel free to leave a comment below.  I think I might have to go to NYC to see it if it comes back.  I’m going to sign the list to bring the show back because I am curious to see how they tie that song in.

How to succeed in business revival.

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So today I learned of probably one revival that could definitely be unique in that it has the talent, but does it have what it takes to “succeed”?  It is Daniel Radcliffe in How to succeed in business without ever really trying.  I absolutely loved this show with Robert Morse and have quoted it and shown songs like “I Believe In You” in different posts in this blog.  When I heard that Anderson Cooper would be playing the voice over for the narrator I was a bit excited, but when they told me Daniel Radcliffe “Harry Potter” would be playing the lead I sort of became curious about the show and if I still wanted to see it. It isn’t because of Daniel, he is amazingly talented, it is just his thick accent performing the part of the main character in the show and if it could actually work.

Sure he was great in the Harry Potter movies and everyone went crazy when he did a show that was slightly off color, but singing in a main stream broadway musical?  Do you honestly think this is good?  Daniel Radcliffe has done a lot for the theatre community and he has always been supportive of the gay community with his video for the trevor project.  I really appreciate everything he has done, but I really don’t think I could get myself to pay to actually have to sit through him singing in How to succeed in business without every really trying.  I also thought that bringing Anderson Cooper in to do the narrator’s voice would have been good, especially because of his presence on the news and knowing how to work a mic. Unfortunately when I watched the recording on Daniel’s site it was not exactly the caliber I was hoping for from Anderson.  There was no life or inflection or tone in his voice.  It was bland and sort of boring at best.  Take away the looks of Anderson and his facial expressions and you lose the effect of his voice.  Thank god they have access to professional recording studio equipment and they can add the tones and inflections back into his voice.

I really hate being negative, especially when I have never even seen them in the show but I don’t think I could actually convince myself to spend money and see Daniel Radcliffe in How to succeed in business without ever really trying.  I am curious enough to see it, but at the same time there are a lot of other new shows and revivals that I would want to see first. It is a good show and I know a bunch of people who are excited to see Daniel Radcliffe in how to succeed in business without ever really trying, but unfortunately I won’t be one of the people spending money on a ticket to this show.

If you do end up going and seeing Daniel Radcliffe in how to succeed in business without every really trying, feel free to come back here, comment and let us know how it is.  It could have just been a really bad recording of Anderson trying to act and Daniel is an extremely talented actor so maybe they will pull it off.  For now though, I have no desire to spend the money on a broadway ticket to see Daniel Radcliffe in how to succeed in business without ever really trying. My friends are going to see it though so hopefully they will love it and tell me it is worth giving up a better show for this one.  Unless that happens and they convince me to buy a ticket and miss a different show, I wish Daniel Radcliffe the best of luck in his new show, the revival of How to succeed in business without ever really trying. It actually should be a good one to see.

And Women Wonder Why Men On Broadway Are Gay.

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(Before you read this post, I just really wanted a reason to play man hating songs before Valentine’s day, bitter much?) Tons of gay men on broadway always hear women asking why all the good guys have to be gay.  I’m not saying every guy on broadway is gay, but there are definitely a lot of gay guys in theatre.  The funny thing is that maybe it isn’t the guys on broadway that are gay, maybe we are gay just because the women of broadway are a bit crazy.  (Ok I am setting this up and probably offending a few people but not meaning to).

If you have ever wondered why so many men on broadway are gay, I blame it on the female counterparts in the actual shows.  Seriously, some of them are crazy enough to drive men away, make them not want to date or even feel intimidated enough to want to run away.  Women in shows can be some of the most powerful and scary around which may be the cause of some men turning to other men.  Here are the top anti men songs sung by women in broadway shows.  They could be enough to make any guy want to go gay…and if they are 5’8 to 6’0 with brown hair and blue or green eyes, send them to my house lol.

I hate men from Kiss Me Kate.  Hunny I do to!  I was going to save this for a valentine’s day post but after hearing it on XM radio today.  Hey if you flat out say I hate men and then create an entire song about it, do you really expect men to want to flock to you.  Unfortunately in her case that is exactly what is happening.  It’s a fun song and one that I think every single lady and gay grrl on broadway loves to sing for Valentine’s Day.

Carol Channing singing Men from Lorelei.  So this video isn’t actually Carol Channing on stage but it is her singing her version of Men.  This character is enough to drive any man away.  Someone who hates men so much but thinks that she did everything right by letting him buy her nice things obviously doesn’t understand what most men consider a relationship.  Running into this character is enough to drive any straight man gay, unless you are used to the NY dating scene lol.  Here is a drag queen performing Carol Channing’s Men from Lorelei.

Annie Get Your Gun, Anything you can do I can do better.  I’m all for Women’s Lib and women in power.  Hey, women can do just as good of a job as men at many things.  They are also much better than men at others.  The only problem is that some men aren’t attracted to women that can overpower them.  They could feel intimidated by them and sometimes it could cause them to not want to date or marry them.  Look at the stepford wives for a prime example.  Although you can’t always get a man with a gun is a great option, Anything you can do I can do better from Annie Get Your Gun is the perfect way to show how to chase a weaker guy away.  It doesn’t mean that you should try to be any less, it just means you have scared away the weaker part of the male race.  Then again I don’t think anyone as amazing as Annie Oakley could settle for a weaker guy. BTW, look at the guy queen out on stage…then again I would to if I had to compete against someone with such an amazing voice!

Chicago Cell Block Tango (They Had It Coming).  Hey, if you have a death wish then these lovely ladies are the perfect ones for you.  If watching gorgeous girls run around in lingerie on stage isn’t enough, when you see how they rope in their men and finish them off, its no wonder why so many men push away from their girlfriends during this song.  One of my favorite songs from Chicago, Cell Block Tango (They Had It Coming) is a crowd pleaser with amazing choreography and funny lyrics.  This song is a sure fire way to chase a man away if its what you sing on your first date.

Thoroughly Modern Millie Gimme Gimme.  Listen here Sutton, it’s not all about you!  Relationships are about a two way street and if Millie doesn’t realize that it is about giving to the guy to, she may end up scaring all of the good ones away.  This is one of my favorite songs on Broadway and Sutton does an amazing job singing it.  I love the part about fat boy’s famous arrow.  Here is Gimme Gimme from Thoroughly Modern Millie.

South Pacific, Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair.  Singing Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair is not a good way to pick up a guy.  It makes you sound vengeful and bitter.   You are also probably attracting the wrong type of guy if he is hearing or watching you while you are singing it with a ton of different women while in the shower.  This is one of my favorite songs from the show and the show is currently on tour.  You can find out when it is in your city by checking out the cast website for South Pacific.

I just really wanted a reason to get to post about hating men, not bitter at all, before Valentine’s day. If you have a favorite man hating song or one that could turn a straight man gay, feel free to leave a comment with it below.