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South Park is Broadway Bound – The Book of Mormon

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I admit it, I am a huge fan of South Park.  Not only do I love the show but I actually have Eric Cartman Slippers in my bedroom.  The show is still funny after at least a decade of being on air and the episodes keep getting better.   I was bored when I woke up at 5am today…I hate when I fall asleep to early, and since there was nothing on tv I went to on demand and was watching south park.  Right before the first episode came on they played a quick commercial.  Usually the commercial is to promote another show or a series that is on sale.  This time it was a preview for South Park the musical on Broadway.  I know I was shocked too.

We all remember when South Park Bigger Longer Uncut came out and took the Movie Musical world by storm.  We even had a Canadian Robin Williams sing Blame Canada at a major awards show.  The songs were hilarious and some of them were even actually beautiful like Up There which was sang by Satan.  I think almost everyone in America went around singing Kyle’s Mom is a Big Fat B*tch as well for the next few weeks after the movie and episode ran; so I am only scared and excited to see what the South Park Musical on Broadway is about.

The South Park Broadway Musical is called The Book of Mormon.  The Book of Mormon Broadway Show has about a million different directions it could go in.  Think about the Mormons.  South Park The Book of Mormon could flip the word and become the Book of Morons (I am not saying Mormons are morons, just changing the letters to be a similar sounding word), it could be about polygamy, a ban on alcohol or in pure South Park fashion about nothing related to Mormons at all.  Instead it could be about giant monster Barbara Streisands and how Pink Alien Gophers who like Country Music created her and sent her here to start a Mormon religion while posing as a Jewish girl from NY.  I am completely excited about the show coming out and you can actually book South Park on broadway tickets now.  Pre show screenings and viewings are available and start on February 24th at the Eugene O’Neil theatre.  So I did lie about a couple of things.

I do know what the show is about a little bit from watching the preview that they released.  It is two Mormon people from Salt Lake City that go to Africa when they are on their Mission.  Once there, they see things that they have never seen before like AIDS, poverty and other plagues that are rampant in Africa, as well as many other places in the world.  When they see this for the first time they do what any good Mormon does best, preach about what they know and try to teach the Africans about being Mormon.  The Book of Mormon South Park musical may end up being like the King and I on Crack.  Getting to know you could take on a whole new meaning and with the insane minds of the creators of South Park with influences from the brains behind Avenue Q, this show could either really take off or fail miserably.  I cannot wait to go up to NY to see this show and will be booking my tickets asap.  If you go to see it or want to see it, feel free to leave a message below about the South Park Musical, The Book of Mormon on Broadway.

Unlikely Lovers from Falsettos.

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So I have been kind of depressed lately.  The holidays always sort of do that to me for some reason.  I know I shouldn’t be because I have my health, I have friends and I have a family who loves me.  I have a job and have a cat….which I am allergic to but do love as well.  I guess its that I still don’t want a relationship but at the same time don’t want to be alone.  I don’t know why I refuse to actually start dating when I really want to fall in love.  Its kind of funny how people do that.  For some reason I was singing and thought of a song that I heard the other night called Unlikely Lovers from Falsettos.

Unlikely Lovers from Falsettos is a song where you have a gay couple and the one is dying of AIDS.  They are on a bed together and playing cards and the one is trying to cope and deal, the other one who is dying of AIDS is reminding his lover that he is not dead yet and that his lover should go home and rest.  Falsettos took place when AIDS was new and no one knew what it was.  They knew that it was attacking people, mainly gay men, and so it was an even scarier disease.  The song Unlikely Lovers from Falsettos always ends up making me cry and getting teary so I wanted to play it tonight and share it with all of you.  I think the reason I had been thinking of the song Unlikely Lovers from Falsettos is because of a nasty thing I found out in the Huffington Post about the Susan G Komen foundation (I did one of their 60 mile 3 day walks and now regret that I did it when there are other more deserving charities out there).

According to the article the Susan G Komen foundation is using donors money to sue other organizations for using the term for the Cure or something in their messaging.  Not only is that a waste of money but also offensive to people like me who fundraised thousands of dollars for them and walked 60 miles in 3 days for breast cancer.  If any of my money went to the over paid employees and law firms who are suing everyone I think they should be shut down and all of their donations be made to what I consider legit breast cancer foundations that will dedicate it to finding a cure, not suing other people.  Not only was I disgusted by this, but if I would have known how irresponsibly the Susan G Komen foundation was squandering funds I would have continued to raise money for charities like Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS which is one that I believe in.

AIDS is still an issue and one that it seems like is getting pushed aside by horrible organizations like the Susan G Komen Foundation.  I highly encourage you to never donate to them again and instead find a breast cancer foundation that doesn’t go around suing everyone else.  Or you can donate to an organization like Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS.

Anyways, here is Unlikely Lovers from Falsettos.

Love Never Does, Sequel to The Phantom of the Opera

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One of the most well known and loved shows is The Phantom of the Opera.  Not only does it have amazing music, but it has one of the most memorable love stories.  I’ve seen The Phantom of the Opera at least 4 or 5 times and each time I fall in love with it again so when I heard that Andrew Lloyd Weber created a sequel to The Phantom of the Opera I couldn’t wait to hear about it.   I almost went to see it but got front row center stage seats for Les Miserables so I went to see that instead of Love Never Dies.

Love Never Dies takes place about 10 years after Christine leaves for America with her lover to escape from the Phantom and from France.  She gets to America and begins her new life but can’t help to remember that she had also loved the Phantom.  Just like the title Love Never Dies, the love between Christine and the Phantom doesn’t die so when the Phantom comes out of hiding in the theatre, he approaches the old instructor and convinces her to bring him to America to find Christine.

When he gets to America he discovers Coney Island and the freak show there.  Not only does he immediately fit in but he also takes over and ends up running it.  With his new theatre and new home it is time for him to find Christine and see if they can fall in love again.

Love Never Dies is an amazing show that adds in cirque de soliel styled acts and just like other Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals, amazing music.  When you combine the love story of The Phantom of the Opera with amazing effects and really cool circus acts you end up with an incredible show.  The plot twists and changes and the music is absolutely amazing.  I don’t think anything can top the music from the original Phantom of the Opera but the music in the sequel Love Never Dies is just as beautiful. I haven’t actually seen Love Never Dies yet but I absolutely love the new story line for the characters of The Phantom of the Opera and cannot wait for it to either tour or come to the USA.  Love Never Dies looks like an amazing show and if you have seen it, feel free to leave a comment below.

What happens when the cast of Spring Awakening Auditions for Grease?

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When new shows hit broadway and take off they like to do cross promotions and charity events where the show combines with an older show.  Avenue Q and Fiddler on the Roof made a perfect match with Avenue Jew.  Unfortunately you don’t always get a good combination for shows by combining them, even when they have similar topics.   Take Spring Awakening and Grease.

In the intro to the video where the original cast of Spring Awakening auditions for Grease, they even mention a few of the similarities, they try to show why they are similar but the producers are in for a bit of a shock by today’s youth.  Both shows are about teen problems.  They go into pregnancy, abuse, sex, parents who ignore their kids or don’t pay attention, dropping out of school and bullying by teachers as well as drugs and real life issues.  The biggest difference though is that today’s kids seem to be a lot more dramatic (even if it takes place almost a hundred years ago and in another country).  Spring Awakening for examples gets pretty graphic while in Grease they keep their clothes on.

Today’s kids go for the drama while the kids in Grease never actually fight or address an issue.  In Grease they make fun of each other but they also stick together like a team.  In Spring Awakening they try but end up not being able to help each other out as they are to afraid to do anything or stand up to their parents, with the exception of one character.  Even though the shows have similarities in that they are about teenage issues and drama, they are completely different in that one is for fun and one is about serious issues and leaves you in shock.

You have the hand jive in both, but they mean different things.  You have pregnancy in both but one of them results in death.  You have a school dropout in one and she goes back to high school.  You have someone who didn’t drop out but was forced into failing without knowing it and ended up killing himself.  You have gays making out and falling in love in one.  You have a bunch of guys fixing each other’s hair and showing off their asses to the other in the other.  They both have the same issues but when you try to mix today’s shows and youth with the teens from a few decades ago there is a huge difference.

Although the two shows probably shouldn’t be combined, it does make for a funny video.  Here is the cast of Spring Awakening auditioning for Grease.

The Cast of Hairspray Sing Dreidel Driedel Driedel

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So I was driving home listening to Seth Rudetsky on Sirius XM as always when he played the Cast of Hairspray singing the Dreidel song.  Not only did the Cast of Hairspray singing the dreidel song sound really familiar, but I could have sworn I had heard it somewhere else before.  When I got home I went onto Youtube and sure enough I found out where I had heard it before, on South Park!

The difference between the South Park characters singing the dreidel song and the cast of Hairspray singing the driedel song is that the cast of Hairspray sounds amazing singing the South Park version.  Not only do they break out into perfect harmony, but when you combine people like Harvey Fierstein into the song it just becomes even more amazing.  I still don’t know who I prefer singing the offensive part, Harvey Fierstein or Eric Cartmen, but from a fellow Jew it is much less offensive since Cartmen is actually being serious with the negative comments.

Before you leave any negative comments or say that I am anti Judaism, I am a Jew and I love being Jewish.  This song is hilarious and for some reason the person who put it on youtube actually tried to match it to disney movies.  Certain parts match up well but most of it doesn’t.  Regardless, the Cast of Hairspray singing the Dreidel Song to Disney Movies is absolutely hilarious and perfect for Hanukah.  There are other versions of the song to other Disney clips available on Youtube and if you’d like to buy the cd with this song and others, I highly recommend visiting Broadway Cares which is the Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS website.  They are a great organization and have a million fabulous broadway gifts for Christmas and Hanukah.  BTW, if anyone is reading this and wants to buy me a gift, the Broadway Cares Christmas CD with the Cast of Hairspray sing the Dreidel song would make a perfect gift.  Here is the video of the Cast of Hairspray sings the Dreidel song.  Feel free to leave a comment below and visit the Broadway Cares website for your holiday shopping and to help donate to a charity that helps to find a cure for AIDS.