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Kristin Chenoweth Kidnapped by Andrew Lloyd Webber

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Ok, so Kristen Chenoweth wasn’t actually kidnapped by Andrew Lloyd Webber, but I did hear a song she sung which completely reminded me of an Andrew Lloyd Webber styled song.  Taylor the Latte Boy by Kristin Chenoweth is probably one of my least favorite Kristin Chenoweth songs and if anyone else was singing it it would have absolutely sucked.  Kristin has this amazing ability to take even the worst songs on earth and turn them bubbly, happy and absolutely adorable.

Taylor the Latte Boy by Kristin Chenoweth wasn’t her normal broadway styled song, instead it is more mellow and folk or alternative music styled.  It also follows a format that is very similar to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music.  It talks about a topic or subject, then the next few lines actually explain what that is.

In the song it says Taylor the Latte Boy then explains he works at a coffee shop.  Then she talks about a Latte and the song talks about espresso shots, milk, etc…  Andrew Lloyd Webber is famous for saying something then using the new few verses to explain or define what that is.  Look at almost all of the songs in Cats.  He names the cat then goes on about it.  In Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat he says my Coat of many colors then defines it.  In Phantom he says Masquarade then describes it as many colors different shades and goes on about the costumes.  No matter what show it is, Andrew Lloyd Webber mentions an object at least once then describes it in the next few verses.  It is a great way to make a song fun to sing and memorable and Kristin Chenoweth’s Taylor the Latte Boy followed this model.

Kristin wasn’t kidnapped by Andrew Lloyd Webber and forced to sing an Andrew Lloyd Webber styled song, but she did turn this song which would have probably flopped into one that is actually kind of fun and adorable.  Kristin Chenoweth is probably the only person on earth who could do this so thank you Kristin for saving another song and turning a flop into a hit.

Top Ten Broadway Songs for GLBT Youth Bullying

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So I am not going to be able to make it to the You Are Not Alone Benefit in NYC tomorrow night which sucks because the line up and the cause is amazing.  Luckily my friend is probably going to go which also means that she can do a review for us.  Betty Buckley will be performing there and she is one of the only Broadway Stars I haven’t been able to see yet which is why it is a double disappointment that I cannot make it to the show.  At the same time I’ll hopefully be able to get to see her at some point at another show as she is still performing and has not retired.

I highly recommend this show as it is a once in a lifetime event and for a good cause.   You also get to see a ton of amazing performers for only $25.  You cannot beat the price of the event and at the same time when else are you going to find that much talent in one place and for that price?  Anyways, even though I can’t make it to the show, I wanted to share the top ten broadway showtunes that I think would be perfect for the You Are Not Alone Benefit in NYC.

broadway songs about bullying and self esteem

1.  No One Is Alone from Into The Woods.  There is a rumor that this is the song that Betty Buckley will be singing.  Not only is it amazing and may make you cry, but it is perfect for reminding gay teens that life does get better and that they actually are not alone.

2. This next song is called I believe in you from How To Succeed in Business without Ever really trying. Although it sounds funny that this song and show would be on a list for Gay Teens and gay teen suicide, it is a song that teaches you to believe in yourself and to be confident, even when there is a group of bullies out to stop you. Knowing that it gets better and that you are doing your best and being confident in yourself is what can help to make you survive and push through being bullied because you are gay.   That is why this song made it onto this list.

3. Hold On from the Secret Garden. This song always makes me tear up when I hear it. It is a gorgeous song about holding on when things get bad and reminds you to be strong. Being bullied and being gay can be lonely and scary and this song is about holding on and surviving through it. It is not only a gorgeous song but one that you can listen to and understand why it is perfect for this list of the top ten broadway songs for gay teens who are being bullied or thinking about suicide.

4. Not While I’m Around from Sweeny Todd. One of Stephen Sondheim’s greatest shows is Sweeny Todd. We all know it is about killing people but when the young guy finds out that Benjamin is murdering people, he wants to protect his adopted mom. Some gay teens are lucky enough to have a friend or a family member who is there to protect them and because of the security that that adds to their lives, this song made it on the list of the top ten broadway songs for GLBT youth and gay teen suicide.

5. Whose Got Extra Love from Zanna Don’t. So this show never really took off but I didn’t want to have only sappy and sad songs on this list. Zanna Don’t is a show about an alternate reality where everyone is gay and there are two straight people that want to be in love with each other. In their world they aren’t able to be in love or they’ll be made fun of and picked on. It is basically the exact opposite of the real world or the one we live in and it is kind of funny to watch everything in reverse. Although this isn’t one of the songs that would be relevant to gay teen suicide and bullying, it is upbeat and fun. Here is whose got extra love from Zanna Don’t.

6. Three Bedroom House from Bat Boy. The reason I chose this song from Bat Boy the Musical is because it is about Bat Boy finding a way out of being picked on and made fun of. The Mom and Daughter decide to take him and move out of town where they can get a three bedroom house in the country, plastic surgery and live a normal life away from all of the bullies in the city. This seems like a great plan until the mom finds out her daughter is in love with Edgar (Bat Boy). All of the sudden things change but the Mom does start to accept them and still loves Bat Boy because she knows it isn’t his fault.

7. If You Were Gay from Avenue Q.  This song made the list not only because the amazingly talented and very cute John Tartaglia will be performing at the show, but because I wanted to have a few more non sappy and fun songs on the list of the top ten broadway songs for GLBT youth.  I thought that If You Were Gay from Avenue Q is the perfect song to remind gay teens that it is ok to be gay and that there are people out there who don’t care and will love you regardless.

8. Maybe from Annie. How could you not have a song from Annie on this list? Not only were they stuck in an orphanage with Miss Hanagen, but they all wanted something better.  Annie not only toughed it out but she never gave up.  Maybe from Annie is a great song for gay teens to think about when things get tough and to help them remember that if Annie and all of the rest of us can make it through being a gay teen, they can to.

9. On My Own from Les Miserables.  There are a million songs from Les Miserables that are perfect for this list.  I dreamed a dream to Bring him home and Castle on a Cloud and even One Day More are all perfect, but the one that most people would know and that many gay teens can relate to has to be On My Own. Not only do some gay teens feel alone but they can picture themselves walking through the streets alone at night and knowing that other people may not get them or get what they are trying to say.  They just sometimes feel invisible to their families and everyone else thinks less of them or like they are on the outside looking in.  This song not only relates to them but can also let them get some tears out.  Although the character does not survive the show, she never gave up and she fought for what was right and what she believed in.  The point of On My Own being on this list of the top ten broadway songs for gay teens and youth is to show you that just because you feel alone it doesn’t mean you are.  This is one of the most beautiful songs on broadway and one that almost everyone knows and loves.

10. Up There from South Park. This is actually a beautiful song, even though it is from South Park. The whole point of it is to remember that there are better things for you out there and that you just have to be patient.  High school is only 4 years long and not your entire life.  Just be patient and when it is over you can get out and move to a city with more gay people and more people that you can fall in love with or who get and accept you for who you are.  Although it isn’t a show that most people wouldn’t think would be a good fit for this list, Up There from the South Park movie is perfect for the top ten broadway songs for gay teens and gay teen suicide.

There are a million more songs I would have loved to include on this list but I needed to narrow it down to top the top ten broadway songs for gay teens and GLBT youth bullying.  There are songs from Little Shop of Horrors, Hairspray, Showboat and many more with perfect fits for this list.  If you have one you want to share or that you think would be a good fit, feel free to leave a comment below and I may add it into this list.  Also, if you get a chance to go to the You Are Not Alone Benefit in NYC starring Betty Buckley, Seth Rudetsky, John Tartaglia and many more, go because it is not only for an amazing cause but you will also get to see a ton of amazing performers and Actors.

Seth Rudetsky’s You Are Not Alone Benefit NYC

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This coming week, XM Sirius superhost Seth Rudetsky is hosting a charity even with an incredible all star line up to help bring awareness to gay teen bullying and gay teen suidice called the You Are Not Alone Benefit.   There has been a large rise in gay teen suicide in the last few months, if you remember I did this post on gay teen bullying and gay teen suicide and thought that Louder Than Words from Tick Tick Boom was the perfect song for it, and unfortunately many of these kids have nowhere to turn to and no where to go.  Not only does it feel horrible to be alone, but celebrities left and right have been pitching in their voices and support to help stop gay teen suicide and Seth Rudetsky is doing the same with the You Are Not Alone Benefit.  Here is a brief background from what I can gather about the event from the site, some of the performers and of course where you can buy tickets, etc…

The You Are Not Alone Benefit in NYC to support The Trevor Project.  Buy Tickets Here!

The You Are Not Alone charity benefit for The Trevor Project is a first time event hosted by Seth Rudetsky and some of his amazingly talented friends.  It is a way to help bring awareness for gay teen suicide and to help raise money for the new leading gay teen suicide resource, The Trevor Project.  Seth Rudetsky and other Broadway Stars like Betty Buckley, Aaron Lazar, John Tartaglia and many more are all coming together for a one night for an extremely affordable performance on Monday, November 22 at 8pm sharp.

The address for the Seth Rudetsky You Are Not Alone Benefit is:

St. Paul the Apostle Church

Columbus Avenue @ W. 60 St. in New York City.

The performance starts at 8pm sharp, but cocktails start at 7pm so don’t be late.  Tickets range from $25 to $100 and are more than worth it.  There is also a silent auction with a ton of amazing designer gifts including Tom Ford, Hermes and others.  The Seth Rudetsky You Are Not Alone Benefit is going to be one of the most amazing Broadway charity benefit shows and it is a definite event that you cannot miss.

The performers.

Seth Rudetsky. @SethRudetsky on twitter.

Seth is one of my favorite hosts on Sirius XM radio.  Besides being a broadway host 7 days a week, Seth Rudetsky is an extremely talented piano player who has played for shows including Ragtime, Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera.  Seth was not only the music producer and director for the first five annual Actors Fund Fall Concerts, but he is also an accomplished Actor both on and off Broadway.  He is a definite amahhhzing performer.

The talented, Ms. Betty Buckley.  @BettyBuckley on Twitter.

If you don’t know who Betty Buckley is then you need to go back to broadway 101.  Betty Buckley is a Broadway Legend who not only helped to make shows like Cats famous, but she has also appeared in Carrie, Song & Dance and one of my favorite roles ever, Norma Desmond in the incredible Andrew Lloyd Weber show Sunset Boulevard.  She has also played iconic characters like the mom in Gypsy Rose Lee.  Seeing Betty Buckley alone is worth 5 or ten or even a hundred times worth the price of admission to this event.  To see her combined with all of the other performers is priceless.  I don’t know if I heard correctly so I am going to say that it is a rumor that one of the songs you may hear from Betty Buckley at the You Are Not Alone charity event is one of my favorites, No One Is Alone from the Stephen Sondheim show Into The Woods.  Here is Bernadette Peters singing No One Is Alone from Into the Woods.

Mr. Aaron Lazar.

You may remember me mentioning Aaron Lazar in my post about when I went to the Kennedy Center to see Liza Minnelli perform.  Aaron blew us away that night by singing classic showtunes but with an Opera sound.    Not only has he starred in revivals of shows like Les Miserables, but he has also appeared on TV shows like Ugly Betty and The Today Show.  Aaron is an incredible talent and to get to see him with some of the other performers is an added bonus that you will all go crazy for.

John Tartaglia.

Have you ever heard of a small show called Avenue Q.  Enough said.  Tons of talent and an amazing ability to entertain, John Tartaglia is an incredible actor that you will instantly fall in love with.

Seth Rudetsky’s You Are Not Alone charity benefit for The Trevor Project is a must attend event that I highly recommend going to.  You cannot beat the price for the tickets with the talent that will be there, but more importantly it is going to support an incredible cause.

Alto’s Lament – For those of you who complain.

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So tons of people get upset when coworkers get promotions or are given offices when they feel that they deserved them.  Other times they get upset when a boss gives someone else a project or reward and the person felt they earned it above the person who got it.  Other times they may be the only person who can do something so even though they should have been given something that they earned, because no one else can do what they do they are trapped and stuck doing the same thing while others get the advantages of not having any unique skills.  The same thing happens on Broadway.

You could have all of the talent in the world and sing every note and pitch and tone, but if you are a girl and can sing alto, chances are you’ll get a job, but you’ll also get stuck playing an alto and have to work twice as hard to get a role that you love.  I heard this song this morning and completely thought it was perfect for everyone who has ever wanted something but someone less deserving got it or for those people who can do something but never get the chance to show off how good they are.  It could be being on a sports team and never getting to play in the position you want to try.  It could be cooking in a restaurant but being stuck on desserts because no one else can do them.  You may have all the talent in the world but sometimes you may think you’ll never get a shot at showing off how talented and versatile you really are so that is why I thought this song would be perfect for you.

Alto’s Lament is an female alto singer who wants to play a lead or sing a role with harmony but is always stuck singing alto.  It is a great song for anyone who has ever wanted to try to be a star but never gets a break.  Sort of like the always a brides maid never a bride.  Alto’s Lament is an awesome song and next time you don’t get your lucky break or your coach doesn’t let you play or you don’t get to work on a project that you want, go back to this post and listen to Alto’s Lament and maybe it’ll cheer you back up.

What happens when you get old on Broadway

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One of the things that I love the most about theatre is that no matter what the problem is or who the person is or what they are doing, there is always a way to not only satire their issues but to do it in a way that is also non offensive and absolutely funny.  Take Enron the Musical (ok that one was a flop but it did take something boring and turn it into a show) or even shows like Forbidden Broadway which parodies everything from the Actors to the shows and the composers.  Broadway loves to make fun of things and getting old is no difference.

Sure, you have a lot of people that when Hollywood doesn’t want them they come to the theatre because there are many roles for people who may not be younger anymore like Dolly Levi (can be played by both younger and older Actresses) or Mame or even the Wizard in Wicked.   Broadway makes fun of age or uses being around forever as a perfect way to satire someone regularly and a great example is the Jackie Hoffman Old Lady Gaga video.  What’s even better is when you take a role where the character who plays an old person satires an older person and brings awareness to things like forgetfulness but in a way that isn’t offensive and makes you smile and laugh.  I was driving home yesterday and listening to Seth Rudetsky on Sirius Satellite radio on the Broadway station and he played I Remember It Well from Gigi and it completely inspired this post.

I remember it well from Gigi is a song about an older couple where the guy is showing his wife that he still loves her and remembers everything about their relationship from the day of the week they met to the music playing.  The problem is that he gets them all wrong but he doesn’t have to worry because his wife is right there to remind him of how it had actually happened.  The song would normally be one that annoys me but when I heard it yesterday I couldn’t help it and I ended up starting to sing a long and smile.  It not only made me laugh a little bit but also made me want to post about it because it also reminded me of another song from a broadway show about old age and forgetfulness.

The other song that I thought of instantly when thinking about Broadway and roles for older people that can also satire an older person that has become forgetful would have to be the Chaperone and the song As We Stumble Along from the show The Drowsey Chaperone.  The Drowsey Chaperone is unfortunately no longer on Broadway but it was a great show.  I love the song I don’t want to show off no more and my second favorite song from The Drowsey Chaperone is As We Stumble Along.

Drowsey back in the time when The Drowsey Chaperone took place didn’t always mean tired.  Instead it could have meant that you drank alot or you just got forgetful.  In this case it is a bit of both because the elderly character is not only drunk, but she cannot remember a thing which is why she is the perfect Chaperone for a bride who wants to have fun.  This is not only the perfect role for an elderly person on broadway but one that is also fun to play and sing a long to.  Everyone in the audience loves the Chaperone and you will have a ton of fun playing it if you ever try out for her role.

The thing that I love about broadway and showtunes are that it can take something that isn’t funny like getting older and becoming forgetful and make it so that it brings awareness to the problem but in a way that is funny but non offensive.  This is normally an almost impossible thing to do but because of the people that write the shows and the amazing talent of the Actors, Broadway constantly finds ways to take an issue or a problem and make sure that people become aware of it while also getting them to laugh.  A lot of people watch the elderly characters like the Chaperone or the older couple in Gigi and instantly think of people in their own lives and then remember to visit or call them after the show to tell them about it or just to talk.  That phone call means more to an elderly person, especially if they are in a home, than anything because being in a nursing home can be lonely and they miss their family.  Broadway is an amazing thing and the way that they help make people aware of old age and forgetfulness is absolutely incredible.  Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have a favorite song about getting old or becoming forgetful from your favorite broadway shows.