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The Top Ten Broadway Shows or Musicals for Halloween

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So one thing that people don’t realize is that Broadway and Musical Theatre offers a huge selection of shows for you to enjoy for each holiday.  When you go to a show you normally get taken to a new place where the show takes place and just like Halloween, there are costumes, there can be death, there can be parties and there can be tons of tricks and treats for the audiences.   You can find princesses and fairies, witches and phantoms.  There are devils and demons and even Biblical characters.  If you are stuck with looking for something to do for Halloween, you may want to think about going to a broadway show or renting one to watch with friends at home and decorating your house like the stage or theatre.  Here are my top ten broadway shows or musicals for Halloween.

1.  The Rocky Horror Show.

Not only is The Rocky Horror Show perfect for Halloween, but they actually expect you to show up in character.  You have costumes, aliens, romance and tons of singing and dancing.  Get your Time Warp on with this cult classic and enjoy Halloween Transyvanian style with the cast of the Rocky Horror Show.

2.  Sweeny Todd.

Sweeny Todd starts out in a dungeon and with an eerie and gruesome song.  It then leads you through the life of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  As you watch how he becomes a murderer and turns the local people in the town into meat pies then serves them to their friends you laugh and be grossed out as you watch and enjoy some fun songs and fabulous characters.  Perfect for Halloween or just an odd night out on Broadway.

3.  The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Although this show had never made it to Broadway, it is a musical that is all about the world and land of Halloween.  Watch as Jack Skellington tries to bring together the worlds of Christmas and Halloween while the Boogey Man tries to kill Santa Claus.  You’ll laugh and be amazed with the imagination of Tim Burton and the amazing music of Tim Rice while you journey into a land of Halloween and Terror through the lives of a love stricken rag doll and a Skeleton who wants to find out if there is more to life than just Halloween.

4.  The Wizard of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz is a classic musical movie that has delighted and amazed families for generations.  You can sing a long with Dorothy, The Tinman, The Cowardly Lion, The Scarecrow, the Munchkins and even the Wizard.  You get to watch the Wicked Witch of the West fight with Dorothy and you can watch as Glinda the good witch helps to save the day.  Enjoy Halloween night with some of the most loved characters in Movie Musical History and visit the land of Oz with all of your friends and family.

5.  Wicked.

If the Wizard of Oz doesn’t do it for you, try the other side of the story and go to see Wicked on Broadway.  Learn the real reason why Elphaba became the Wicked Witch of the West and how she and Glinda got to know each other and became the people they became.  Learn about what happened in Oz before Dorothy blew and in and even find out how Dorothy had arrived in Oz.  Perfect for Halloween, you can dress up as your favorite characters and enjoy this breathtaking show with amazing music and incredible special effects and dancing.

6.  The Phantom of the Opera.

The Phantom of the Opera is the perfect spooky and romantic Broadway Show for Halloween.  Cuddle up with the person you love or throw your own Mascaraed Ball and enjoy the classic love story from Andrew Lloyd Weber.  Watch as Christine becomes the lead in her Ballet and Theatre and as the Phantom helps to train her to become the star she was meant to be.  This love story is not only one of the most well known and well loved stories and shows in Broadway history but it is perfect for Halloween and for just you and your partner or even to share with a group of friends.

7.  Moulin Rouge.

Moulin Rouge is one of the most popular Movie Musicals from the 90’s.  Nicole Kidman takes you back to France for a magical and Absinthe filled adventure through the life of a performer in a burlesque theatre and with a man who falls in love.  Watch the cast perform amazing musical numbers in over the top costumes to some of the most fun and familiar rock and pop songs from the 90’s.

8.  Into the Woods.

No other show takes you into another land like Into the Woods.  Watch as your favorite storybook characters come to life and interact with each other.  Watch birds peck out people’s eyes, dresses fall from trees and even wicked witches turn out to be good.  Watch bakers fight Giants and princes and princesses fall in love.  This classic show is perfect for people who are looking for a fun show to watch on Halloween.

9.  Young Frankenstein.

This story of Dr. Frankenstein’s family coming back to Transylvania is not only one of the most brilliant shows produced by Mel Brooks but one that one of my favorite Actors, Megan Mullally (Karen from Will and Grace), helped make famous on broadway.  Roll in the hay with the locals in their old town and watch as the new Dr. Frankenstein brings a new monster to life.  This classic show is a perfect one to watch as you get to enjoy seeing one of the most famous and classic Halloween Monsters come to life on stage.

10.  The Addams Family.

The Addams Family is one of the most well known families from TV and is also now one of the most popular shows on Broadway.  Watch as they interact and share their love of death and life with their audiences.  The Addams Family Musical is the perfect show to go to on Halloween if you can get a ticket.  Watch as Gomez, Morticia and everyone else from the Addams Family come to life and enjoy Halloween with an entirely new show to watch and tons of fun songs to enjoy as The Addams Family comes to life to help you enjoy Halloween.

There are a ton of other shows for you to enjoy on Halloween and if you have another personal favorite, please feel free to leave a comment below.

The Addams Family Musical – Happy Halloween

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I can’t believe that Halloween is next week.  Tonight is the Rocky Horror Picture Show Episode of Glee and the annual Washington DC High Heel Drag Race.  This weekend is the Miss Adams Morgan Drag Queen Beauty Pageant and with halloween comes halloween movies, tv shows and more importantly theatre.  I already reviewed the Rocky Horror Picture Show but another show that has taken roots on Broadway which not only screams Halloween but is Halloween year round is The Addams Family Musical starring three of my very favorite Broadway Stars, Nathan Lane, Jackie Hoffman and Bebe Neuwirth.

The Addams Family Musical is a show that not only perfectly represents one of the most loved and memorable families in TV history, but when you combine some amazing set designs, costuming and some incredible talents, you get a show that no one on earth can possibly resist.  You have Gomez who loves to romance his wife Morticia.  You have Fester Addams who is a ladies man, the only problem is that regular non Addams Family Musical ladies haven’t realized it yet.  You have the kids Wednesday and Pugsly and one of my favorites Granny Addams.  They even remembered to include Lurch and other secondary Addams Family characters in the cast.

The Addams Family Musical takes you on a journey into a new world with a love of death and everything dark where graveyards become playgrounds and poison becomes a seasoning for food like salt or pepper.  Electric chairs can double as recliners and torture devices become play toys.  The Addams Family Musical brings you into the world of the Addams Family and helps you to rediscover why so many generations have fallen in love with this strange and fabulous family of fun loving friends.  The Addams Family Musical is perfect for Halloween but even if you are in NYC for the spring, the Addams Family Musical is still a perfect show for you to see.

You’ll discover an entirely new selection of music, singing and dancing and you’ll also get to watch your favorite Addams Family members come to life on stage.  The Addams Family Musical is one of the top selling shows on Broadway right now and one that I highly recommend.  I am hoping to get to see it on my next trip to New York since I have only seen small bits and pieces when they did a mini performance at Sidetracks in Chicago for Showtunes Night when the cast was there.  If you have seen the Addams Family Musical in New York City, feel free to leave a comment below with how you loved it or hated it.

Tick Tick Boom – Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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So I was watching a video clip on gay bullying last night and it actually got me to start to cry.   Not only has there been a huge uprising in gay bullying, but there are people out there making it seem like gay  bullying and gay teen suicide which is also on a huge rise is a good thing.  They are saying toughen up and that mainstream media shouldn’t be making a big deal out of it which is something that I 100% disagree with.  I was reading this article on gay teen bullying and gay teen suicide and thought that it is something that is not only worth mentioning but also including in a post here on  It also got me to remember one of my favorite showtunes, Louder Than Words from Tick Tick Boom.

Broadway is the home to many gay people and a ton of talented young men and women who aspire to share their talents with the world.  They can sing, write, dance, act, play a character and take audiences to another time or even another world and to lose even one straight or gay person to bullying is absolutely unacceptable.  Think of all the talented people we lose every year to diseases like Breast Cancer, AIDS, Drugs and everything else.  For someone who could grow up to entertain millions of people, who could be the person who cures any of the diseases above or even someone who can make one person smile when they are down to take their own life because they were being bullied for being gay.

There was this absolutely horrible person I got into a fight on facebook with because in my opinion he was supporting gay teen bullying and justifying gay teen suicide and saying that people shouldn’t be making a big deal about it because they want to push their beliefs on others, I almost lost it.  Instead I said that I’ll be watching him from heaven, and yes Cher will be there when he goes to hell because in reality Christianity is about loving one another and not spreading hate and hurting others.  Anyways, that whole back and forth fight made me remember a song from the Broadway Musical Tick Tick Boom by Jonathan Larson.

Louder Than Words from Tick Tick Boom is not only an amazing song but I think it is the perfect song for people who have grown up and gone through wanting to commit suicide because of being gay bullied or because they know what these kids are going through.  In the article I linked from above, these kids have it much worse than we did when we were in high school trying to make it through the day and the reason I think that Louder Than Words from Tick Tick Boom is the perfect song for these kids is because it makes anyone who grew up and was bullied for being gay would be inspired to help prevent gay teen bullying and help to actually make a difference.  The post goes through some things that you can do and what I like most about it is that it actually brings out a good point, this is one cause where one person can actually make a difference.  Louder Than Words from Tick Tick Boom is not only an amazing song but it is also inspirational.  I highly encourage you to listen to it and play it for other people and then find a way to help your community develop a safe haven or a safety program not only for gay teen youth, but to help stop bullying for all teens and kids in school.

Bullying isn’t just calling people names anymore.  It is posting pictures and videos of them on the internet that can last forever and it is about harassing them 24 hours a day instead of just during school hours.  Gay teen bullying and gay teen suicide from gay teen bullying needs to stop and people need to start taking action to help prevent it.  Below is Louder Than Words from Tick Tick Boom as well as the video that actually got me to cry and also a great clip of Martin Sheen ripping the Christianity argument to shreds.  The article I linked to has the Ellen Video, the Fox news video and I highly recommend the Tim Gunn one as well.  Being gay is not a sin and there is so much more to life than the assholes you may have to deal with when you are younger.  Life gets better and you have to tough it through it.  Being bullied is not fun and eventually you will be able to get away from it.  If you are a gay teen, trust me, life gets better.  You don’t have to stay in your town for your entire life and you will meet thousands of people just like you.  You will have rights and the bullying will end.  Tough it out and remember that life does get better.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Reviewed

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With Halloween around the corner I thought the only appropriate show to review, well not the show but the movie version of the Rocky Horror Show (which is in musical form again), would be to review the Rocky Horror Picture Show and why it has lasted for such a long time.  The funny thing about the Rocky Horror Picture Show is that it actually isn’t supposed to really have to much of a plot and is just an insane running around of nothing in particular, but then again it can actually be seen as a love story and a story about helping to stop a mad scientist from taking over the world.  So what is the Rocky Horror Picture Show and why did it become so famous and why is it still running.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a movie musical created in the 70’s I believe.  It is the story of a young couple who decides to get married and because they get engaged at their friends wedding they get the idea to visit their old professor whose class they had met in.  On their way to visit their old professor, who is also a friend, they get a flat tire and need to go for help.

The couple comes across a castle which is the home of Dr. Frank N Furter and also ends up being a spaceship and that is when they meet a cast of characters that includes aliens, groupies and even rock n roll star Meatloaf.  Brad and Janet, the happy couple, go through a crazy night of sex, watching a man be brought to life and watching servants take over and murder their master.  They get sat to dinner and end up eating a human and also experience lesbian and gay sex.  The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a movie ahead of its time and became one of the very first cult films (films with a large following like Star Wars, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, The Wizard of Oz, Napoleon Dynamite, Night of the Living Dead or A Clockwork Orange).  Featuring an all star cast with Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon and Meatloaf as well as an excellent soundtrack with the Halloween classic the Time Warp, the Rocky Horror Picture Show flopped as a mainstream movie but became an overnight (literally) hit with midnight showings.  What really made it famous though was when the same groups of people starting coming back week after week for midnight showings and eventually actually started showing up in Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes as well.

If the costumes weren’t enough, they eventually started to communicate with the screen.  Not only did The Rocky Horror Picture Show become one of the first audience participation movies, but eventually people started to bring in props and throw things in the theatre.  They brought playing cards to toss when Dr. Frank N Furter says “Cards for sorrow, cards for pain” and acts like he is dealing a deck or cards or toast to throw when the character on screen yells a toast but the people who would show up in costume started to form a cast and act out the film in front of the screen and in sync with it. Because of the obsession and making the Rocky Horror Picture Show an audience participation phenomenon, it picked up into the main stream movies and society by bringing in acting students, college students, high school students and audiences of all ages for halloween shows.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a classic example of how a cult film or a random film about nothing can become a success and still sells out in many cities to do this day for midnight showings on Halloween and most other weekends in many major cities.  Do a Google search for Rocky Horror Picture Show and type your city’s name after it to see if there is a showing or local cast page for the city you live.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Here is the live show version

Falling in Love with Love from Cinderella

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So fall is here and everyone is getting the urge to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend to cuddle up with when the nights get chilly and winter starts to set in.  I can see in chat rooms people wanting dates instead of hookups or one night stands and everyone is back into romance and not caring as much about their diets since summer is over.  The fun thing about fall is that since you have Summer behind you and everyone wants someone to spend the winter with you can bring out the popcorn and pop in a movie instead of having cocktails on the beach and snuggle up with someone you hope to fall in love with.

You have halloween and horror movies that give you the excuse to not only wear extremely fun halloween pajamas, but also to spend that first night cuddled up together because you are scared from the movie…or at least can use that as the excuse.  After you have those first couple nights together you begin to fall in love and soon enough Thanksgiving is here and it is time to start dating seriously and meet the other person’s family.  Soon after you have your first Christmas together as a couple and may even get to say your very first I love you.  A week later you are toasting your new relationship with a glass of champagne and welcoming in the new years and it all began because people want to fall in love in the fall.   With everyone looking for love and falling in love with the fall it made me remember one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite broadway stars Bernadette Peters.  Bernadette Peters sang a song from the show Cinderella called Falling in love with love.

The song is a satire of people falling in love because they are in love.  Instead they should fall in love with the idea of marriage and moving forward in society.  Back when Cinderella would have been alive arranged marriages were common and just like in Fiddler on the Roof people would marry based on wealth and how they can move forward in society.  Although that is not very common in the USA now a days, people actually thought and believed it was the right thing to do and Bernadette Peters makes an excellent person to sing this satirical song.  I was asked to go on a date and am not sure if I am going to because for me, I don’t think I will be falling in love anytime soon, then again you never know when love will find you.

Here is Falling in Love with Love from Cinderella and sung by Bernadette Peters.