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Rue McLanahan in Wicked

RIP Rue McLanahan. We’ll miss you

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Rue McLanahan in Wicked

Rue McLanahan in Wicked Photo via Wicked The Musical Fan Page on Facebook!/photo.php?pid=4726335&id=87996886052

Most of us remember Rue McLanahan as the woman who always found comfort in the company of men on the TV show the Golden Girls.  Her character Blanche Devereaux not only inspired many women to speak up and become more powerful, but also to have fun and enjoy life because you never know when it may end.   Rue had a very long and very amazing career which not only stemmed from her pure talent, but this Oklahoma native also graced us on the stage and in movies.

Although Rue is most commonly known for her role as Blanche, did you know she also played a role across from Bea Arthur in Maude?  They had already worked together for years on that hit show before they were reunited on the hit series the Golden Girls.   Rue had a “talent that could” (line stolen from a song from the show Wicked which she starred in) turn a regular character or even a somewhat dull character into a full of life, high energy and memorable best friend.  This was what separated her from other Actors.   She not only had a presence that you could feel and see in person but it radiated off of her through the TV screen and it remains with every character she ever played or created.  Rue had a talent that would leave her firmly in your mind and would make you want her role, even if it wasn’t a lead just because she could play any part better than anyone else.   Rue’s Broadway career was just as fruitful and successful as her TV career.

Rue Mclanahan’s broadway career took off in 1969 acting across from the leading male Actor Dustin Hoffman in the show Jimmy Shines.  From there her career went uphill and never really seemed to have a decline.  She toured in numerous broadway touring companies and movies and TV series and eventually landed the spot in the original cast of Wicked playing Madame Morrible (She was the second Madame Morrible but was in the first season when she replaced the first Actress who created the character).  Rue not only took on this role but she left it as her own after reinventing it and proving that there is and never will be another talent like hers.  She had a way of redefining roles and characters and making them her own.

Many people can play a role just as well if not better than Rue Mclanahan can but no one can make a role or character as memorable as Rue could.  Thank you for all of your dedication to the arts and all of your amazing performances.  The world owes you a huge thank you on your final bow.

Dance on Broadway for Nintendo Wii

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Somehow I managed to completely stay away from the entire Nintendo Wii game system even though it is something I would normally jump at owning since it is kind of cool.  It just never really interested me that much, until today when I saw something seriously cool on   Apparently Nintendo is about to release a brand new game that is called Dance on Broadway and it will be available on the Nintendo Wii.

Not only is this one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time but what Broadway fan hasn’t ever dreamed of performing on Broadway?  Not only have we all dreamed of getting to be able to perform and sing on stage in front of thousands of people but all of us have always wished we could dance like the stars we watch on Broadway in every show.   This is why I am in love with this new game for the Nintendo Wii.

Not only does Dance on Broadway for the Nintendo Wii give us all the chance to learn some of the coolest and most memorable dance routines from our favorite broadway shows, but it also lets you see what you look like on screen performing your favorite broadway show routines, not to mention it is seriously fun to sing along to as well.  It is kind of like taking karaoke to the next level and not only having you sing your favorite broadway showtune but you also get to learn and perform your favorite broadway dance routine as well.

Dance on Broadway for the Nintendo Wii features a ton of famous shows and songs and routines including songs from Fame, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Chicago, Hair, The Sound of Music and other classic shows but Dance on Broadway for Nintendo Wii also has modern songs from popular shows like You Can’t Stop the Beat from Hairspray or routines from Dreamgirls, Little Shop of Horrors and a lot more.

Normally if you’d think that Nintendo would be designing a game for broadway fans it would be a singing one or about a show like helping the character get through the plot with different themes like avoiding Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors or defending the Barricade in Les Miserables but because the Nintendo Wii is able to pick up on moves and movement it is awesome to see that they developed a game for hardcore Broadway fans that not only lets us sing and be interactive with our favorite songs but we can also get a workout by learning and performing our favorite broadway dance routines on the screen like we are in the show.

Although we don’t actually get to see ourselves on the screen, we do get to see an Avatar or our Nintendo Wii character perform the dance just like we are performing which is pretty cool still.

I cannot wait to buy the Nintendo Wii now because of this show and I think that if I end up drinking to much at showtunes night or showtunes karaoke my friends and I might end up performing while we sing.  Actually the scary thing about this game is that at showtunes nights like the one at Sidetracks in Chicago or EFN Lounge in DC or showtunes piano bars like Partners or Tavern on Camac people already try to do the dances and now since they will learn them I could easily see flash mobs of broadway dancers performing with the shows on the screen.

Ok I am completely excited for this game and am going to have to buy a Nintendo Wii so I can play it as well.  If you have or are going to buy Dance on Broadway for the Nintendo Wii feel free to leave a comment here and tell us how you like the game or what you think.  Thank you again for reading this post and feel free to share it with your friends by posting it on twitter with the green tweet button at the top of the post.