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Big Gay Al I’m Super – South Park Movie

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So when thinking about how to top the other gay moments and gay videos from Broadway and Showtunes for this big gay week on, I originally thought to make a tribute to Julie Andrews in Victor Victoria but that isn’t gay enough, just fabulous and a supporter of the theatre and I believe of the gay community.

I then thought why not show the gay couple from Rent, but then again even though Rent did bring gay couples kissing to life and gay sex to life on the main stream broadway screen, it was more known for AIDS and AIDS awareness and although I am a huge supporter of Broadway Cares, this week is about gay on broadway so I decided Rent just wasn’t good enough.

I had already talked about Harvey Fierstein and the Liza Minelli Scene from Cabaret when she finds out her boyfriend and lover is bi is already over done.  We could have done Sean Hayes, Neil Patrick Harris or tons of other Actors and Actresses who are gay or support the gay community and theatre, but when I really thought about what could top The Gay Bears performing I say a little prayer from Glee or Tap Dancing Drag Queens there is only one big gay celebrity with one big gay song in a huge big gay anthem and that diva of the stage and screen is none other than Big Gay Al from South Park’s Movie Musical Bigger, Longer Uncut. Heck even the name is gay.

Not only does Big Gay Al take being big and being gay to a new level, but he does it in front over thousands of military men, I know, every gay man’s dream come true.  Anyways, Big Gay Al takes his big gay show and makes a big gay splash in the movie South Park Musical Movie Bigger Longer Uncut and his performance is amazing.  He has flash flair, piano, dancers and everything else you would expect from a spoof performance and a diva.  To finish off my big gay week on Broadway the only possible thing that tops some of our other clips could be Big Gay Al and his big gay song I’m Super from the South Park Movie Musical Bigger, Longer, Uncut.

Thank you all for reading and enjoy the clip below.   If you like it feel free to comment below as well.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical

Priscilla Queen of The Desert The Musical

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Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical

Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical

Since Friday is coming up in a couple of minutes and we are closing out on gay week and drag week I was thinking of what gets gayer than the three bears performing Say a Little Prayer from Glee.  The only thing that is going to top that which we used to top A Little More Mascara and I am What I am from La Cage Au Follies is Priscilla Queen of the Desert and instead of just showing you a fabulous video and clip from this fabulous new hit Musical in London I would also review the show and the basic main story line.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert was one of the original Drag Queen and Gay Movies to ever hit the main stream media.  Much like Hairspray it dealt with taboo issues and also went from a cult movie to a musical production.  Now we’ll have to see if they end up doing another version of the movie and changing it again to be more appropriate for even more audiences in a new movie form with new music like the Musical version of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert is the story of three drag queens who are doing what every Drag Queen wants to do.  Put on a show and perform for a fabulous audience and crowd, not to mention star in Austrailia’s version of a Las Vegas (The goal stage of every Drag Queen in the USA) casino which turns out to be owned and operated by one of the Queen’s exs who also turns out to be an actual female.  They sort of traded each other in for a new pair of shoes and an argument over whose gown looked better.  I vote for the chandelier gown worn by the more feminine of the two, the Guy.

The story progresses as the three queens work their way through the desert and get stranded.  While they are stuck in the middle of the Austrailian outback they begin to talk about their past and different things they have overcome.  After you get through all of the boring emotional stuff they begin to give you what you actually came to see in the show. a bunch of Drag Divas in ridiculous costumes lipsinking the lyrics to other people’s songs.

The not only perform for a group of Australian Aborigines but they also end up in a small town and the one almost gets gay

Priscilla Queen of the Desert Queens Theatre

Priscilla Queen of the Desert Queens Theatre

bashed, they get to perform in another small town but get shown up by an ex Asian prostitute (who then loses her husband to one of the queens) in one of the movies most memorable moments, the ping pong ball trick which you see referenced to this day in spoofs.

Eventually the queens make it to Alice Springs to put on their final show and during the trip you will not only want to get up and sing to some of the most fun disco music but the bright costumes, the lively acting, the high energy of everything and the LED tour bus will not only leave a positive memory and leave you singing for days but you will walk out in an amazing mood.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert isn’t one of those shows that is deep or makes you want to cry but it is like Jersey Boys where it is a fun loving funny and feel good musical.  It is currently playing at the Queen’s Theatre (Ironic isn’t it) in London England’s West End and tickets are definitely worth the price if you want something fun and different to do than the normal hum drum or classic theatre show.  It may not be the best show for kids but is definitely one that you will be able to take almost anyone to for a fun and feel good time out.  I actually loved Priscilla Queen of the Desert even though this normally isn’t my type of show and because I left singing the songs and loving the show I have to give it a 4 out of 5 stars rating.

If you have seen Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical please feel free to share your pictures and leave a message below in the comments section.

Here is a clip from the shows trailer that I found to share with you all. You’ll see the insane costumes, the amazing set and see how fabulous the show actually is.

Glee Bears Say a Little Prayer

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Ok so the name of this post sounds hilarious or at least a little odd.  If you are a Gleek and have been watching all the Gleeky Videos in the Gleekdom and on then you have to have come across the Glee Bears performing Quinn’s I Say a Little Prayer tryout routine for Glee.

In keeping with the Gay Theme this week starting with my depressed post and the song I put a little more mascara on from La Cage Au Follies to the post last night of I am What I am from La Cage Au Follies because of Kurt’s Dad’s speech to Fin on Glee I figured lets take the gay up a notch even further and share the Say a Little Prayer for You Bear Glee Routine.

Not only did Julia Roberts take this song to new heights with her movie My Best Friend’s Wedding, but people have fallen in love with it over and over again since then.  Not only did it become an instant gay icon song after Julia had it in her film but after Quinn did it in Glee with the Cheerios and the Bears redid it they brought it back to fame and even added some serious comedy to it.  There is nothing funny about being gay but there are funny and fabulous spoofs and these grrls know how to spoof a show.

Here is the actual version from the show Glee with Quinn and the Cheerios and then after you’ll find the Bears perform Say a Little Prayer Video from the TV show Glee.  I hope you get as many laughs as I got and as the Bears got from doing this and the cast of Glee, especially Quinn and the Cheerios have to have seen this by now since they are new celebrities and probably scour the web looking for reviews and spoofs.  Lets face it, you aren’t a real diva or celebrity until you have Drag Queen impersonating you and what is the next best thing to a drag queen, a bunch of queeny bears with a video camera and access to Youtube.  Enjoy this video and leave a comment if you liked it.

Here is Quinn and the Cheerios singing and performing I Say a Little Prayer.

Here are the bears performing I Say a Little Prayer from Glee.

La Cage Au Follies I am What I am

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So after tonight’s amazing speech by Kurts Dad on Glee about his son being gay and why it is absolutely not ok for people to call things “faggy” or a “fag” or say things like “that’s gay” I figured there is only one thing I could post tonight and that is the video for the song I am what I am from Harvey Fierstein‘s La Cage Au Follies.

This song shocked audiences at the end when they watched a cast of gorgeous dancing women closing a show with amazing costumes and make up and fabulous choreography.  It is about being proud of who you are and what you and just expressing yourself.  Although Kurt did go above and beyond and was pretty ridiculous with Fin on the show, he still just did what he felt was right and his heart was in the right place.  For Fin to go off was expected and although Kurt’s Dad’s reaction was a bit over the top it really got the point across and was absolutely necessary.

He pointed out that you don’t use the N word with Black people or in General or call the girl on the Cheerios a Retard.  He made Fin realize that by calling things faggy or saying something is gay it is the exact same as calling that girl a retard or a black person the N word.  You just cannot call people gay or make comments like that without it being offensive.  With Kristen Chenoweth’s comments back to Newsweek and this recent episode of Glee, I could only think of playing one video and showtune tonight and that showtune is I am what I am from La Cage Au Follies.

It is not ok to call people gay or discriminate and it is even worse to try and hide who you are.  This song is an anthem for many people and I know you are going to love it as much as I do.

Put a Little More Mascara On – La Cage Au Follies

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Sorry for not posting recently but I have just been really down lately.  Sometimes things in life just suck.  You may not be happy with the way you look, you wonder why certain people are allowed to keep their jobs when all they do is cause problems at work and add no serious value, when you lose a friend or fight with your partner or just have a break up.  Tons of things can cause you to feel like crap.

I had a pretty rough week and although I shouldn’t let it get to me I am for some reason.  To be honest I am not completely happy with a few things in life and I started making the horrible decision of feeling bad for myself.  Tonight I came across one of my good friends who is insisting I leave my apartment and come hang out with him and his friends.  Sometimes the best wisdom can come from the least likely sources.

My friend that has invited me out and that I am going to go meet up with is a Drag Queen from Washington DC, there is no show like a drag show or broadway show, and although normally people wouldn’t take their advice as serious as others, there is wisdom in almost everyone and sometimes it takes a queen to talk some sense into everyone.  It also got me to think of a song from one of my favorite shows written by Harvey Fierstein.  Put a little more mascara on from La Cage Au Follies.

Not only is the song about being able to lift yourself up and pull yourself out of a slump when you’re depressed, but it is about being able to transform your mood with just a couple small changes.

It isn’t about everyone should do drag but mascara can be anything from a trip to the gym to a new outfit or even just a new movie or book.  Basically mascara can be anything about what makes you happy and can help bring your spirits up.   For me my mascara tonight is going to be going to a retro night with my friends and just forgetting about all of the crap that upset me this week and actually enjoy myself.   If you need a little mascara watch the video for Put a little more mascara on from La Cage Au Follies and then come back and share what your mascara is.  My Mascara is being with my friends and knowing that they love me and would like to thank Broadway Legend Harvey Fierstein for creating the song I put a little more mascara on from La Cage Au Follies.