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Avenue Q

Avenue Q in Chicago

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Avenue Q

Avenue Q

So I got an invite to see Avenue Q in Chicago Illinois this week.  Not only was I absolutely thrilled to see that Avenue Q was going to be going to the Bank of America Theatre in Chicago Illinois starting in early May, but that is also the theatre that had hosted one of Chicago’s longest running musicals Wicked.   Not only do I love the show and will get into why it will be a must see Broadway show in Chicago, but I love the theatre it will be in.  Lately I have been disappointed with theatres like the national theatre in Washington DC, but this is one of the classic goddy theatres in America.

The Bank of America Theatre or also known as the Oriental Theatre in downtown Chicago is one of those old theatres that you never forget.  It is completely over decorated in everything asian from India to Tibet to Thailand and more.  Everything is overadorned and you’ll find details on just about everything.  It gives you that classy, glamorous feeling that you would expect when you go to a theatre and that is one of the reasons I love these old fashioned theatres.  They really bring the class back into a show.  The only thing missing is one of the giant chandeliers that you always except to fall and sort of hope they do so you can see them up close.  Anyways onto why Avenue Q is a must see show in Chicago at the Bank of America Oriental Theatre.

Avenue is one of those funny shows that combines a couple of different shows and appeals to just about everyone.  I already did a review of it in this post about Avenue Q so I’m not going to re review it but because that would be overkill, however this is one of those shows that is almost impossible to have a bad performance with.

Avenue Q

Avenue Q

The Actors lucked out that get to do this show because besides the Gary Coleman character everyone is pretty much a muppet and has the ability to make a vocal mistake because they can move the muppet into a funny or embarrassed position or even just play it off like that is how it was supposed to sound.   They have a lot of room to mess around with the show, even though the producer would be pissed but in reality, the script is hilarious and because of the fact that they are muppets and singing about porn, a couple mistakes played off well can actually be even funnier.

I might actually make a trip to Chicago specifically just to see Avenue Q at the Bank of America Theatre because this really is a show that is worth seeing.  It is one that will almost always make you laugh and after you have heard the soundtrack you will definitely sing along.  Avenue Q always gets 4 out of 5 stars for me because you remember it, you love the songs and it makes you laugh or brings out emotions.  Avenue Q is a must see show and because it is in one of Chicago’s most fabulous theatres, it is even more of a must see.

Harvey Fierstein

Harvey Fierstein – Diva or Dud

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Harvey Fierstein

Harvey Fierstein

So Harvey Fierstein.  One of the greatest talents acting has seen in years and possibly lifetimes.  Not only is his voice so unmistakable, but his skills, his smile and his overall performance and presence cannot be missed.  He just has that special glow in his smile that makes a crowd fall in love with him and the stage personality to match.  I had the very fortunate experience and unfortunate experience of meeting this Broadway Legend last night and let me tell you, I was blown away with him.

He was attending a fundraiser for Broadway’s charity which he actively promotes called Broadway Cares Equity for AIDS which was being put on by one of the Fiddler on the Roof Cast members at a nightclub in Washington DC called Town Danceboutique.  Now saying Harvey was attending is sort of a lie, Harvey was the host and MC in reality.  He completely stole the show and kept everyone going while we were waiting for the next performances.  (I’m not going to go into the performances since this is about Harvey and not the show).  Not only was he personable on the stage and everyone felt like they knew him, but he was funny, he was loveable and even though he wasn’t performing, he still stole the show.  You can easily tell why he made it on Broadway and became a Broadway Legend.  He has so much stage presence and such a welcoming smile that everyone in the crowd felt at home and everyone instantly liked him.  But who is Harvey Fierstein and how did he get so famous?

I’m going to start with my unofficial view of this and then source some things about Harvey Fiersteins career to give this post and review of one of Broadway’s most beloved Actors of all time.

Harvey Fierstein was just born with talent.  He was given a unique voice, a fun figure and instead of hiding from it he used it to get a head and get a few fabulous roles.  Being a gay man and growing up in the 1950’s had to have been hard, but to go into a Country that doesn’t always accept or didn’t accept gays during that time period and creating the off off broadway show, The Torch Song Trilogy.  After this extremely long but absolutely fabulous series of plays was over Harvey then took on another big gay musical that not only took off but also brought him to more of a main stream fame.  Harvey brought us his new drag queen diva show called La Cage Aux Follies.

This is the show that brought us the hit song I am what I am and gave the audiences a shock and made them do a double take when in the end scene the drag queens and real woman tap danced and then pulled off their wigs and Men and Women were shocked when they realized who were actual men and who were real women.  It was an amazing shock to audiences and a huge step forward for Gays and Drag Queens.

After La Cage Aux Follies, Harvey went on to film countless TV shows, voice overs and movies.  He has appeared everywhere from day time TV to cartoons to commercials and of course amazing broadway shows like HairSpray where he recreated the role of Edna Turnblad and recreated Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof.

Harvey has not only had an amazing career but he has countless fans and has raised a ton of money for his charity Broadway Cares.  Harvey not only loves his profession, or at least can easily convince us that he does by watching him watch his fellow Actors on stage, and his love, passion, talent and devotion to his trade makes him not only a memorable person in Broadway history, but a true star in every way possible.

Harvey Fierstein at Town

Harvey Fierstein at Town

Born in Brooklyn in 1952 (according to IMDB), Harvey probably got a ton of exposure to theatre and acting.  Overcoming a unique voice and making it his greatest talent as well as working his way to fame Harvey clearly earned his space in Broadway and Celebrity history for all of his hard work, amazing performances and overall pure talent.  Harvey Fierstein is one of the true Divas and talents and if you ever get the chance to see him in a show, he is definitely worth the price of a ticket.  Thank you for the wonderful show last night Harvey and for allowing me to take a picture for this blog.

Glee Dictionary for you non Gleeks in your non Gleekdom

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In my serious need for Gleehab I noticed that there is a very unfortunate thing out there for non Gleeks right now and that is that they have no clue about Gleeshays and they do not know how to properly use their Gleecabulary when speaking in a Gleeky setting.  Unfortunately you may not be cool enough yet to understand and appreciate all that is Glee, but to help you learn faster and get up to date with your Gleecabulary, has decided to help you keep up to date with current Glee Terminology and keep you speaking Gleek and understanding Gleek so you don’t have to feel left out on Glee night at Glee parties.

If you can think of terms, phrases and other things that are missing from this dictionary, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll add your terms to the Glee Dictionary for the non Gleeks out there that need some help following the show.

  • Adultry – When you are A Dolt or stupid.  Not cheating on your husband or Wife.
  • Baking – To confusing, move on and add some pot to those brownies.
  • Broccoli – A small tree that Gummy Bears live in.
  • Cheerios – Cheerleaders
  • Dentist – Someone who is not a real Doctor since they only work on teeth.
  • Dolphin – A gay shark.
  • Gladar – our 6th sense that picks up all news, updates and Glossip on the show and it’s stars
  • Gleecabulary – Terms and Phrases from the hit tv show Glee.
  • Gleehab – Where you need to go if you cannot live without the show.  Gleehab also includes posting about Glee on Twitter, watching Glee with friends, alone or any time.  As long as you solve your Glee addiction and Glee cravings, you have been to Gleehab.
  • Gleek – Someone who is obsessed with Glee.  Second meaning is the language fans of the show speak in.
  • Gleekdom – That feeling that you are around fellow Gleeks and you are living in your own made up Glee world where everything is Glee.
  • Glee-wind – When you rewind something, but more commonly used to refer back to the previous week’s episode or previous episodes.
  • Glime – Glee time!
  • Glinner – a weekly shared dinner between friends in honour of Glee being on TV, eaten while Glee is on TV
  • Glist – The whose hot and whose not list of the Glee club.
  • Gloments – Glee epic moments / moments enjoyed while watching Glee
  • Glossip – Glee gossip
  • Glost – A feel when Glee and Lost are airing on the same night.  Definition 2.  Tuesday night combo of Glee and Lost. Sadly. May 18 is the last one of it’s kind.
  • Glunch – Lunch while obsessing over tonights Glee episode.
  • Hot Tubs (Jacuzzis) – Something that can get you pregnant.
  • Madonna – God.
  • Mash-up – When you mix multiple songs into one to make them sound like the same song or flow into each other so it sounds like the same song.
  • New Directions – The good guys.
  • Recipes – Confusing.
  • Sistah – Will Sheusters “Lesbian Haircut” or a Lesbian.
  • Slushies – A great facial treatment and cleanser, but bad for your skin, your hair and a trendy thing for Popular kids, Jocks and Cheerios to throw at Glee Club Members and Gleeks.
  • Vocal Adrenalin – The competition.

If you have some Gleecabulary you would like to add to this post, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to add it to the list.

Watch Glee on Fox and share your ideas thoughts and opinions here.

And they said TV Can’t Influence People – Glee Tonight

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And they said that TV can’t influence people to do crazy things.  The hit show on Fox which has not only taken the US by storm has spread to Canada and the UK.  In the clubs and bars they sell Glee Soundtracks next to the dj’s cds and people are wearing fan shirts and hosting Glee parties and calling themselves Gleeks publicly and finally opening up to their love of being part of the world of Music and Musical Theatre called Gleekdom.  Lately some Gleeks have taken their obsessions with the show a bit further than the normal fan and formed flash mobs to perform different Glee songs and routines in public on random days at random times and they are using the internet to set these unofficial events up.

One of these Glee Flash Mobs of seriously devoted Gleeks was just in Seattle and it was fantastic.  The choreography, the crowd, the songs and everything else was absolutely insane.  Look how many people joined in from Proud Mary on until the end of the routine.  It is absolutely insane how much influence Glee has over the population and how popular a show about a stereotypically Geeky and Loser oriented High School Club can be with mainstream America and the world when you put it on a right wing TV station and add in a couple of headliner characters, remixes of hit songs and awesome performances and celebrity guest appearances.

Here is a video clip of the Glee Flash Mob in Seattle Washington Performing.  Also don’t forget to watch Glee tonight for the long awaited Madonna Episode.  TV Guide did a huge spread and photo shoot and the cast of Glee gave us a sneak peak last week with the Sue Sylvester video version of Vogue.  Watch tonight and let me know what you think by coming back and posting here. Enjoy the Seattle Glee Flash Mob video and come back after Glee comes on tonight from 8:59 to 10:01 Eastern I think on Fox.  Check the Fox TV schedule for the definite times or estimated times.

chicago theatre

Chicago Theatre

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chicago theatre

chicago theatre

If there is one thing that everyone who was raised going to the theatre remembers or anyone who loves studying the history of a city and the cities architecture is the city’s original theatres.  Not only are theatres memorable and things that everyone remembers whether it is from school field trips to the symphony or family trips at christmas time to see Scrooge in A Christmas Carol or even the ballet for the Nutcracker when you were a kid.

People all recognize and remember the sign and the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall in New York and one of the most memorable signs for people that don’t even live in Chicago is the old and historic Chicago Theatre.  Old Theatres like the Chicago Theatre have so much history in them.

Not only have they had thousands of celebrities come through them but they have also hosted everything from parties to productions to concerts, comedians, plays, ballets, musicals and everything else.  In cities like Chicago they even usually offer tours on off hours so you get to see how everything works, the trap doors, the green rooms that the celebrities and stars get ready in and even learn some of the behind the scenes information that no one else gets to know unless they take the tour.

There is nothing like going into an old theatre and seeing the amazing designs and gorgeous architecture and detail that goes into these buildings.  I love the decorations, the statues, the chandeliers and everything else that we used to value and consider classy and upscale.  It seems like no one dresses up for the theatre anymore, they allow people to chew gum or bring food in and in London they even charge you to get a playbill so you can see who is in the cast and what they did before they were in the show you were watching.  It is kind of sad that people don’t have the same respect for the theatre that they used to, but at the same time I love being able to wear jeans and a regular shirt to the theatre and even though I also have eaten while watching a show, at least I try to be quiet about it.

If you have a favorite old theatre or want to share a picture of it, feel free to post a picture in the comments below or send me one by leaving your email address in the comments section below.  Don’t worry about your email going live since I moderate each post before it goes live.