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I Don’t Need Anything But You – Annie – Broadway Songs for Dads

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If there is one show that is all about Dad’s, it has to be Annie.  It’s about an orphan girl named Annie who ends up being adopted as a publicity stunt by a rich, old and bitter man.  Throughout the show he eventually falls in love with her and feels like she is his daughter.  Towards the end of the show the two are completely bonded and even when the Ms. Hanagan tries to kidnap her and take her back to the orphanage, he protects her which is why Daddy Warbucks is one of our favorite broadway dads and why I Don’t Need Anything But You is one of the best Broadway Songs for Dads.

If there way another show out there that wasn’t supposed to revolve around hair and looks, but hair and looks made it part of how famous it is, the show would have to be Annie. From the girl with the bright red hair and the old, bitter bald man, the unlikely friends become soul mates as a Father and Daughter Duo. The showtune I Don’t Need Anything But You from Annie is all about their love for each other.

With quotes and lyrics about loosing all their money and still being there for each other, it actually means more than just the words. Because everything in Daddy Warbucks life was all about money and now he’d give it up to make sure Annie was safe says a lot about him. It means he finally understands what it means to be a dad and how much a real dad would actually give up just to have a daughter and bond that he could feel just like he felt for his money. The difference between his money and Annie is that Annie can give him a hug back, make him smile with a joke and actually keep him company with human interaction. It was almost like he forgot about what it is like to be human and by adopting a girl and then eventually falling in love with her as his daughter he rediscovered how wonderful it can be to have a family. That is why I Don’t Need Anything But You from Annie is one of the best broadway songs for Dad’s and why we wanted to share it with you all for our week dedicated to showtunes for Father’s Day. Thank you again for reading and although there is one day left in the week, we want to hear from you on our Facebook page about what you think the best broadway songs for Dads are by leaving a comment here, on Facebook or by sharing this on Twitter.

Forget You, Glee version. Because I’m pissed

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Sometimes you end up having to deal with people that are either impossible to work with, or just have to be right all the time or are just complete *ssholes. Unfortunately I have to deal with one of these people every day now and unfortunately there is no way around it since this person is friends with someone who is above me. The problem is that this person always has to be right, can never be wrong and is amazing at playing games. Not only does this person know exactly how to kiss an executive’s *ss perfectly, but this person is great at wearing a second face the minute someone he feels important is around.

Everyone hates the person at work who plays these games. They watch as they set up other people but they usually get away with murder. The most unfortunate part is that since they are always kissing the *sses of the higher ups, everyone else ends up being the bad guy and the person who is causing all of the problems ends up coming out on top. When I needed to vent about this person I was going to use the song Totally F*cked from Spring Awakening but if I used that song it starts out by saying that I was wrong and this person was right. Although I do have an ego and attitude, I am 100% not wrong in this case. Even though that song is perfect for getting rid of frustrations and fun to sing, Forget You from Ceelo Green and Glee is probably a better choice.

Instead of trying to get even and going to that person’s level, Forget You from Glee is sort of the same. It is basically saying I know you’re trash, everyone else knows your trash and if the company you work for or your boss wants to keep falling for it, then it’s their own faults. It’s amazing how people like this are allowed to exist let alone get away with everything on earth, and in this case instead of making a scene, I’m just going to say Forget You! This person is a complete *sshole and I really needed to vent so Forget You from Glee is the perfect song to help me say F you to this jerk without having to actually say it. I know you have all had to deal with jerks like this person, so when you deal with one of them, come back to this post and play this song again. Forget you from Glee is a perfect song to help you get over being pissed off and I hope that none of you have to deal with a jerk like the person I have to deal with right now. Anyways, here is Forget you from Glee.

Pippin Reviewed – Corner of the Sky Video

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Pippin is one of those shows that no one really usually ever thinks of when they hear broadway or showtunes but everyone remembers and loves, especially when they hear one of the most popular and famous songs “Corner of the Sky”.  Pippin for me has a ton of meaning to it right now because I almost feel like I can relate to the story in a way.

I was talking to my mom about broadway and shows that originated in DC because we have Mary Poppins playing right now and Dream Girls is coming to the National Theatre where Harvey Fierstein gave us a fabulous revival of Fiddler on the Roof.  When talking about shows that debuted in Washington DC before they hit broadway three of the most famous shows come to mind.  Annie, West Side Story and of course Pippin which Ben Vereen won a Tony award for his performance.  So why is Pippin so special and why is it famous and why do I relate to it.

Pippin is sort of a coming of ages and discovering yourself story.  It is the story of a young man who grows up to become educated, to want to start a revolution, who gets caught in plots to murder or overthrow a government, to end tyranny and only find out that he also has to become a tyrant to lead his people after he murders his way to the top.  It is a story about betrayal, reinventing yourself, discovering how hard and how difficult life could be but also the rewards for your hard work and how you can always learn new things.  Pippin learns about how to start a revolution, lead a country, arts and music and also about love, himself and independence.  He learns a lot from many people but most importantly learns to try and find who he really is.

The reason why I feel like I relate to characters like Pippin and so many other people do or fall in love with his character is not because we murder people or overthrow governments (which I do not do either), but because I own a small company.  I worked my way up in companies to get to be able to start my own.  I constantly have to compete and watch others in order to get, keep and find new Clients for my business and have to struggle and fight off competitors to stay alive and be able to support myself.  I often want to find something else to do or want to give up but instead I find other ways to differentiate myself and make myself stronger than others and then can bring my clients that were stolen back and and really start to show why I can survive and why I am not that easy to push around or get rid of.  I think that people can relate to this whether it is in a social situation, a work situation, if they own their own company or work for someone else.  If you are in school and have to work to fit in and become the popular kids or popular in your own small group of friends.  If you want to play a sport and become the best or the head of the team or even just to fit in to your own family and group of friends.  We all have things we need to work at achieving and things we want to accomplish and when we watch Pippin go through his life we all sort of relate, especially as he grows up.  We may not have to murder and overthrow a government but we all definitely have had to struggle and fight for the things we want most in our lives whether it is wealth, love, friends, family that cares for us, money, vacations, promotions, apartments and houses or anything else we have ever wanted or believed in.

Pippin is a show you will walk out of and remember.  You may not always think of it but you will always smile and sing along when you hear the main songs and showtunes from the show at karaoke or showtunes nights.  My personal favorite is the one that everyone on earth knows and loves “Corner of the Sky”.  Because I think everyone can relate to Pippin and it is an overall amazing show, I give Pippin a 4 out of 5 stars as a must see show.  I love the music, the story and the acting and know that you will to.

All The Wrinkled Ladies

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Ok, now I have to be honest, I hate the Beyonce song “All The Single Ladies” when it first came out.  I despised it even more after Michael Meyers and Justin Timberlake parodied it on Saturday Night Live and I hated it even more when that is all they would play and play it 5 times a night in any club in Chicago.  I hated the song and would leave a bar if they started playing it or change the channel on my internet radio station until it was over.  That is until Glee took the song on.

When I saw Kurt perform it and his Dad bust him and then when he got to football team to try it I kind of had a new appreciation for it, but I still didn’t like it.  The song did become more tolerable but still not something  I was going to go crazy for, until I went to Sex in the City 2 and saw the fabulous Mz. Liza Minelli perform the song with two Liza Minelli Drag Queen Impersonators behind her.

When the Drag Queens that impersonate Liza Minelli get behind Liza and Liza Minelli impersonates Beyonce and performs the song that is when you change my mind and I begin to love the song.  Leave it to Liza to turn this song into a classic hit again and take the parodies to an even higher level.  With that said, I still wouldn’t buy or listen to the song on my own or go looking for more parodies but this one came across my facebook feed earlier today.  It is called all the wrinkled ladies.  All the wrinkled ladies is an all the single ladies parody that is not only done tastefully but it is actually funny.

The All the Wrinkled Ladies video starts out like you’d expect but instead of showing gross and disgusting images and trying to go overboard with it to get attention, they tastefully make a parody of the song and do it in a way that makes you laugh instead of making you cringe or get grossed out.  I personally like this video because not only am I having a fat day, but it completely worked for me today and didn’t make me feel bad about overeating all day.

Here’s the video for All The Wrinkled Ladies and if you like it too, use the greet retweet button up top to tweet it to your friends or leave a comment below.

Glee Bears Say a Little Prayer

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Ok so the name of this post sounds hilarious or at least a little odd.  If you are a Gleek and have been watching all the Gleeky Videos in the Gleekdom and on then you have to have come across the Glee Bears performing Quinn’s I Say a Little Prayer tryout routine for Glee.

In keeping with the Gay Theme this week starting with my depressed post and the song I put a little more mascara on from La Cage Au Follies to the post last night of I am What I am from La Cage Au Follies because of Kurt’s Dad’s speech to Fin on Glee I figured lets take the gay up a notch even further and share the Say a Little Prayer for You Bear Glee Routine.

Not only did Julia Roberts take this song to new heights with her movie My Best Friend’s Wedding, but people have fallen in love with it over and over again since then.  Not only did it become an instant gay icon song after Julia had it in her film but after Quinn did it in Glee with the Cheerios and the Bears redid it they brought it back to fame and even added some serious comedy to it.  There is nothing funny about being gay but there are funny and fabulous spoofs and these grrls know how to spoof a show.

Here is the actual version from the show Glee with Quinn and the Cheerios and then after you’ll find the Bears perform Say a Little Prayer Video from the TV show Glee.  I hope you get as many laughs as I got and as the Bears got from doing this and the cast of Glee, especially Quinn and the Cheerios have to have seen this by now since they are new celebrities and probably scour the web looking for reviews and spoofs.  Lets face it, you aren’t a real diva or celebrity until you have Drag Queen impersonating you and what is the next best thing to a drag queen, a bunch of queeny bears with a video camera and access to Youtube.  Enjoy this video and leave a comment if you liked it.

Here is Quinn and the Cheerios singing and performing I Say a Little Prayer.

Here are the bears performing I Say a Little Prayer from Glee.