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All I Really Want for Christmas This Year Video from Family Guy

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So most of us love the holiday season because of the fun christmas showtunes that come with it. Even though Christmas is really far away still, this morning I was watching tv and randomly thought of the Family Guy version of All I Really Want for Christmas This Year and found the video on YouTube.

The thing about Family Guy is that they almost always try to include at least one musical or showtune in each episode. We’ve seen them perform everything from classic shows to even running over characters in cats. They put on their own versions of musicals and they also make fun of others by screeching and screaming the words instead of singing like in Red October and Starlight Express. It seems like they always like to make fun of Andrew Lloyd Webber shows the most. Anyways, when Family Guy did their own version of a Christmas Musical by starting with their own version of All I Really Want for Christmas This Year I had to play it, especially because it’s raining here today and the song is hilarious. There’s something just fun and light about christmas musical that makes you feel good on rainy days and when you add in the Family Guy, it makes them even funnier.

Lois wishes for Drugs and Blackmen, Chris wishes for Skates even though he cannot skate. Meg wishes for a pink Lexus convertible and Peter wishes for a couple of hot naked celebrities. Besides that, Lois wishes for a cruise with a few hot guys down the spanish mane and the lists start to grow and get more ridiculous. All I Really Want for Christmas This Year from the Family Guy is an absolutely hilarious spoof of a Christmas showtune and one that is sort of fun to listen to even when it’s not holiday season.

Family Guy has always been a huge supporter of broadway shows which is why I am always excited to post one of their versions of a broadway song or showtune on this site. All I Really Want for Christmas This Year from Family Guy is one of my favorite new showtunes from the show and I think you’re going to love it as well.