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Best Monologue Performance EVER! – Which Show?

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There are a million amazing monologues.  Some make you think, some make you cry, others make you sympathize with a character.  There’s witches, business men, raptors in Enron, superheroes, mental disorders and a million others.  With all of the different types, styles and ways that Actors perform monologues, how can you choose only one?

Simple, leave the stage, leave the screen and head to TV.  (I can’t believe I said that either!)

You have amazing monologues from numerous broadway stars, but nothing compares to the ultimate monologue.  If you like trashy TV, then you know exactly which one I’m talking about.  Everyone from country music fans to people who love showtunes night can even quote it.  Yup, it’s the “Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia” monologue from Designing Women!  Watch it and then feel free to share and comment below!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Muppets Take On Danny Boy!

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Soooo it’s St. Patrick’s Day and even though there is Once and other awesome musicals for Ireland, about being Irish, Irish singers, etc… I ended up seeing this video on Facebook and unfortunately it wins out.  It’s the muppets taking on Danny Boy the only way they could.  It’s the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day showtune, even though it’s a TV one.

Sooo apparently I forgot to hit post yesterday with this post for St. Patrick’s Day showtunes, but the song is still funny so I’m going to post anyways.  Sorry ahead of time about that and I’ll try to do better for the next holiday lol.


The Name Game – Jessica Lange & American Horror Story

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I have to admit that I stopped watching American Horror Story half way through the first season…but Coven has gotten me hooked!  I love it and cannot wait to watch it tonight.  We finally get to watch the war between the Coven and the Supreme, Voodoo vs. the Coven and the Supreme and Marie Laveau vs. the Supreme all go at it.  It won’t be a blood bath, it’ll be a massacre that I am excited to watch.   Not only are all of these ridiculous characters going at it, but you throw in an Axe murderer who is obsessed with Jazz music, a witch who switches sides and a bunch of Zombies that were brought back and are taking sides, we have a great war coming and it takes place in New Orleans.  With all of the excitement, I heard this video clip at DIK Bar in Washington DC on their Wednesday night showtunes and didn’t know it came from American Horror Story season 2.  I think I’m going to have to start from season 1 again and then watch all of asylum.

Not only is it Jessica Lange singing and playing a crazy woman and I think the Angel of Death, but it looks amazing.  It sucks that Glee is cancelled, but I stopped watching a while ago.  At least we have American Horror Story which is apparently getting better every season.  I hope they do a showtunes styled number this season so I can post it here as well.  If you love American Horror Story Coven and are watching tonight, feel free to leave a comment below or share this post.  I can’t wait to watch it and hope that you are as excited to see what happens with all of these groups about to go to war.  I think there may be another twist as well with the swamp witch.

Not only has she been bringing people back to life, but she has a hatred for the Coven and doesn’t trust them.  Some of the zombies are loyal to her and now that she is reviving an old council member, she may have her own force to go up against the coven and the Supreme with.  You also have the witch hunter that Marie Laveau hired to kill all of the witches who also married The Supreme’s daughter who also runs the school.  It’ll be interesting to see if he changes sides now that Marie has threatened him or if he goes after everyone and wipes them all out.  Feel free to leave your comments about American Horror Story Coven below and if you liked the show tonight or not.

It’s a Sunshine Day Video – The Brady Bunch – Broadway Songs about Sun

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To celebrate the first week of Summer and a gorgeous day in DC (I’m writing this on Saturday) I wanted to do one of my favorite showtunes about sun and sunshine. It’s a Sunshine Day from the Brady Bunch movie and I think the TV show is a classic showtune about sunshine. Not only is it an amazing one that gets stuck in your head, but you literally want to go out and play in the sun. I don’t know if it’s the constant happy smiles on the Brady’s faces or the happy tune and lyrics, but It’s a Sunshine Day from the Brady Bunch is by far one of the best and most loved showtunes about sunshine.

I remember sitting in my room and putting puzzles together or reading books when I was little and listening to cast recordings or showtunes like this one. I hadn’t actually seen the Brady Bunch perform It’s a Sunshine Day until a long time after, but this song was always on my play list. I was the loser kid who was great at sports but hated playing them. I also never really got picked for the teams because I was scrawny and I didn’t have very good social skills. Instead of trying to fit in, I played with puzzles, solved mysteries in books and challenged my brain while listening to showtunes. This song in particular though always got me to start singing along and wanting to go out and do something. I used to always check the windows to see if they were opened when it would come on and always get a smile on my face. I don’t know why but even after not hearing it for a very long time, for some reason I still remember all of the words to it. It’s one of those songs that gets stuck in your head as a kid and that you can remember for the rest of your life. Anyways, when I was thinking of a theme for the week and decided on Broadway Songs about Sunshine, I figured why not start with It’s a Sunshine Day from the Brady Bunch.

It’s a happy song and is literally about the sunshine, it makes you want to go out and play in the sun and it makes you want to sing a long. Whether you liked or hated the Brady’s, you have to love this song. If you remember the first time you heard or saw them perform it, please feel free to share it in the comments section below.

The Best Animaniacs Songs to Teach You About Life – Buy the DVDs Here!

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I was shopping this weekend and saw the entire series for the Animaniacs on DVD and almost bought it.  The Animaniacs was an awesome warner brothers cartoon show when I was a kid and one that everyone loved.  They were funny and educational, even though they were a bit off in the way they would teach you things.  Even though they made a lot of comments I didn’t get when I was a kid, here are ten of my favorite songs from the Animaniacs TV show.  Feel free to share your own favorite songs from Animaniacs below in the comments section.

If you’re an American like me, you should be ashamed if you cannot name all of the presidents. Although I can’t, this song is kind of funny and is actually an awesome way to learn them in order, things about them and be able to repeat it. A couple of the things are offensive like when they make a joke about the first president to be assassinated, but at the same time none of us were around so it doesn’t effect us like JFK does, even though it probably should. This song is awesome and is actually probably the perfect song if you have kids who need to learn about the US presidents and be able to name them in order.

In this video, Yakko teaches us how to Multiply. I suck at math so anything like this should be helpful, and it was, but unfortunately also got me confused at the same time. Either way he makes a ton of sense, but I still cannot follow any of his logic or the solutions without a calculator.

I am proud to say that I can name all 5 states and most of them in alphabetical order. I learned with a song when I was younger. I am embarrassed to say that I cannot name all of the capitols of the states and which states they all belong to. Go ahead and try. I remember learning them when I was a kid, but cannot remember them all now. I know a few random ones like Bismark, but I always get messed up when you have a large city in a state and it isn’t the capital of that state. If you need a song to help you learn all 50 state capitals, try the 50 state capitals song from Animaniacs.

Now that you’ve seen they are a bit crazy, here’s their shrink singing about them being insane. The shrink episodes were always awesome. Not as good as some of the others, but he was always funny. Especially when they drove him crazy.

Speaking of driving him crazy, in this showtune about therapists, you’ll actually see how they drove him crazy. In this song he tries to split them up for individual therapy sessions. Instead of getting through to them, they drove him mad instead.

Now it’s time to go from therapy to something that can cause you to need a therapist, learning another language. Even though math drove me crazy, learning another language was harder. In this showtune you’ll see how they learn to speak another language,,,even if it isn’t real.

If you cannot name all 5 senses, 6 if you’re a demon kid from the movies, then this song will help you remember them. This is one of the most forgotten showtunes from the Animaniacs, but it is still a good one. It isn’t one of my favorites but it’s still a funny one.

Even though Love isn’t one of the senses, it still effects you and makes most of your senses react. You smell things harder, you feel tears and pain and you can also hear things when you’re happy that you wouldn’t have paid attention to before. When you get your first kiss from the person you fall in love with you feel and taste things you can only have when you’re with that person and that’s why they have a song to teach us about love.

One of the first things many of us do when we fall out of love is go and eat. Ice cream is one of the most popular foods you see people eating in movies when they first break up with someone. It’s also something I think most of us go for. That’s one of the reasons that the Animaniacs created a song about being careful what you eat.

If they haven’t covered anything else you can think of, try their song about the universe. In this song you’ll learn about everything that exists, at least in their universe. I actually forgot about this one when I was writing this post.

The animaniacs were famous for the showtunes. They have one where Yakko sings all of the songs in the English language, one about hay pennies and not being greedy and even parodies of actual showtunes. The animaniacs were one of the most popular shows and it was exciting to see that they are now selling the animaniacs dvds again. If you liked the videos and have a favorite song from the animaniacs, feel free to share it below. You can also buy animaniacs dvds on sale by clicking on any of the images in the widget above in the post.