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Top 20 Broadway Songs for Halloween Parties – Halloween Showtunes

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If you’re having a big broadway Halloween party, you need broadway songs for Halloween.  There are a million to choose from and you can even tie in broadway songs from movie musicals too…which would technically make the Halloween showtunes instead of broadway songs for Halloween.  Either way, instead of our normal top ten broadway songs list, we’re going with the top 20.  When you take a group of people that dress up in costumes and make up to pretend to be someone else 8 times a week, you might as well go overboard on a post about songs that everyone else gets dressed up to enjoy while having fun on the holiday.

broadway songs for Halloween

Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera

What better for a party then Halloween showtunes about getting dressed up in masks and ballgowns and dancing for Halloween on Halloween. The main song from Phantom is probably more popular, but when it comes to broadway songs or Halloween showtunes for a party, there is no other splendid one then this, just ask “Andre”.

The Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show

You can’t have a Halloween showtunes theme without one of the most famous and classic dances of all “time”, the Time Warp. The Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture show is above and beyond one of the most famous Broadway songs for Halloween and is a must have at every party, even if people used to be in the cast and sort of hate it. Everyone knows it, loves it and no one can resist dancing to this amazing Halloween Broadway song. If you don’t want the movie version, you can always surprise people by playing the version from the show. Both are great but only Broadway fans will love the show version more.

Little Black Dress from Shock Treatment

A lesser known but still one of the most fabulous Broadway songs for Halloween is Little Black Dress. It is from the sequel but also prequel of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In this scene they are dressing Janet in a strapless, backless and timeless little black dress. Not only do people love to look chic and elegant on Halloween, but you can’t go wrong with the sexy and slutty costumes making Little Black Dress one of the best options for Broadway songs for Halloween parties.

Mean Green Mother from Outer Space from Little Shop of Horrors

Nothing is more mean than a plant that wants revenge. When it comes to this man eating fly trap named Audrey, Audrey will show you who the real mean green mother from outer space is. Martians take a seat because this plant has an attitude and is ready to eat with this Halloween showtune!

Freak Flag from Shrek the Musical

There’s nothing that screams costumes and fairy tale creatures than Freak Flag from Shrek the Musical. Not only do all of the famous characters come out in costume, but they sing about being a freak and letting it fly. If you want funny or ridiculous costume themed broadway songs for your party, this is the Halloween showtune that you need to add to your Halloween showtunes list.

I Put a Spell on You from Hocus Pocus

I love Bette Midler and mention her every chance I get. Unfortunately I didn’t add her show Priscilla Queen of the Desert to this list, but I did add one of the most famous Halloween Showtunes to it, I Put a Spell on You from Hocus Pocus. Who better than to have on a play list than Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy and Better Midler.

This is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas

If you want something classic that lets everyone know what Halloween is about and that it is time to party, this is is one of the perfect Halloween Showtunes from The Nightmare Before Christmas for your playlist. This Broadway song for Halloween is an awesome way to start the party, dancing or whatever else you are doing. This is a must have if you are doing a theme with broadway songs and Halloween showtunes.

Necronomicon from Evil Dead the Musical

Evil Dead is one of the more classic movies for Halloween.  When they put it on stage they kept all of the blood and death without leaving anything for the audience to imagine.  That is why it made our top Broadway songs for Halloween list.

When You’re an Addams from Addams Family the Musical

One of the most well known and loved families that screams Halloween is the Addams Family. If you don’t know what it takes to be part of their family, or what it means, then When You’re an Addams from the Addams Family Musical is perfect for your playlist. Everyone will love it and it is a fun one to act out if you have a ton of Broadway people at your party.

Impossible from Cinderella the Musical

Nothing is “Impossible” on All Hallows Eve..just ask Lea Salonga or Brandy who have both starred in the role of Cinderella on Broadway. Impossible is perfect for Broadway songs and Halloween showtunes because it isn’t only about magic, it’s about going to a party and having an amazing time. This is a perfect song for any party and also a great way to bring the energy back up in a room if you have a lot of dark and depressing music.

A Little Priest from Sweeny Todd

What’s more Halloweenish than a song about a demon barber and cannibalism? Adding in Stephen Sondheim and a bunch of people to kill with puns about their jobs and careers. A Little Preist from Sweeny Todd is one of the best Broadway songs for Halloween.

Putting on the Ritz from Young Frankenstein

One of the most loved Halloween monsters has to be Frankenstein. When you combine classic showtunes with Mel Brooks and one of the most loved and feared monsters you get one of the best broadway songs for Halloween. Putting on the Ritz is a dancing and singing version of Frankenstein that will leave you laughing and once you hear it it will definitely make your playlist of Broadway songs for Halloween.

Day-O from BeetleJuice

If you were born in the 80′s you went to the Movies to see Beetlejuice and one of the most memorable scenes is the dinner with the possessed shrimp and cast singing Day-o. This Halloween showtune is one of the most popular ones on a playlist and will make everyone at your party dance. Even though the movie never completely made it to stage, yet, it could still be added to the best Broadway songs for Halloween easy because it is a Halloween showtune and a fun song to sing.

Magic Dance from Labyrinth

Nothing is more Halloweenish than David Bowie in the movie Labyrinth. Combine Ogars, fire dancing monsters and goblins of every kind and you’ll have some of the best Broadway songs for Halloween.  It may be hard deciding which Broadway songs or Halloween showtunes to choose from. Because Halloween is all about monsters and mystery, Magic Dance from Labyrinth has to be on your playlist for broadway songs for Halloween.

The Desctruction from Carrie the Musical

Carrie isn’t only one of the most loved horror movies of all time, it also took Broadway by storm. This telekinetic diva will throw your mind into chaos while the stage goes flying, blood goes pouring and you hear some of the best Broadway songs for Halloween performed in front of you. I couldn’t choose which of the Broadway songs from Carrie the Musical to choose so I went for the big one which is when she is tearing apart the stage and covered in blood. This is the perfect scene and Halloween showtune for your holiday party. The prom songs were good but if you want Broadway songs for Halloween, The Destruction from Carrie the Musical is one of the best.

How Can I Say Goodby from Zombie Prom

Everyone is going crazy with Zombies right now so what better for our playlist than How Can I Say Goodbye from Zombie Prom. In this cult classic Halloween Musical you have everything a survivalist could want. Zombies, dancing and a sort of apocalypse.

Giants in the Sky from Into the Woods

There’s nothing more scary than an attack from the Sky, especially when you know it is coming from giant creatures that are ready to squash and kill. Spells, stones and nothing can kill these creatures so you have to work with witches, bakers and anything else at your disposal to try and kill these beasts. That’s why this is one of the best Broadway songs for Halloween from Into the Woods.

Murder Murder from Jekyll and Hyde

One of the more popular things in movies is to create a real situation where it could actually happen to you. Murderers and people who you wouldn’t expect to go crazy can, and that is one of the reasons Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde scare people. Adding one of the more morbid Broadway songs Murder Murder to your list of Halloween Showtunes playlist is the perfect way to add in one of the more scary broadway songs to your Halloween Party.

No Good Deed from Wicked

Who doesn’t love the classic costumes from Wicked. Dressing up as the Wicked Witch of the West or Galinda never gets old. When you tie in broadway songs about casting spells and saving lives you turn Broadway songs into the perfect Halloween showtunes which is why No Good Deed from Wicked makes our list of the top Broadway songs about Halloween.

The Master’s Song from Dracula the Musical

The most famous monster, costume and pop culture hero is the Vampire and there is no Vampire more famous than Dracula. When you take Dracula to Broadway, they may have had matinee’s during the day, but Dracula’s henchman is the one who has to take the stage. When you have to pick one of the Broadway songs from Dracula the Musical it has to be the fear and hurt in the voice and words from The Master’s Song from Dracula the Musical.

No matter what Broadway songs or Halloween showtunes you choose for your party you cannot go wrong with a Broadway theme. There are thousands of Halloween showtunes to choose from and broadway songs that your guests will love to sing. You can choose the witches from Wicked or the characters from Shrek. No matter which songs you add, everyone will enjoy the background with Phantom or even the murder from the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Feel free to leave your favorite Halloween showtunes and broadway songs in the comments section below. Happy Halloween everyone!

broadway songs about loving someone you cannot have

The Top Ten Broadway Songs about Dating – Love These.

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I’ve started dating again and with that I started a new playlist of broadway songs about dating. Broadway songs about dating could be anything from remembering going on a date to just simply asking someone out. They could be about past dates or even warning people about not dating someone. The showtunes about relationships and taking someone out below are some of my favorite and there are tons of others. If you’d like to share your own broadway songs about dating, please feel free by leaving a comment.

broadway songs about dating

Out Tonight – Rent

Out Tonight from Rent is one of my favorite songs about dating. It’s when you have someone who is depressed, still thinking about someone else and not ready to date yet. All of the sudden someone comes in out of nowhere and forces you to go out. These people are sometimes the most fun and if they don’t turn into a person you end up in a relationship with, they can be very good friends. I almost chose the other song between the characters, Would You Light My Candle or even the one between Tom Collins and Angel which is one of the most loved and gorgeous broadway songs about gay dating, but I was feeling a bit down when I wrote this so I thought I would do Out Tonight from Rent instead.

Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada – Avenue Q

This is one of the funniest showtunes about dating. It might be short, but My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada from Avenue Q is one of the best for this list as well. Not only is it offensive and has a ton of swearing in it, but it is all about a gay guy who won’t date because he is scared to come out of the closet so he makes up that he is dating a slutty girl from Canada. If you’ve seen the show then you were probably cracking up when the puppet sang it and if you have the cast recording, you’ve probably sang-a-long with this one and laughed. If you are somewhere were you can’t have swearing, skip over this video until you get home. Then make sure you listen because this is one of the funniest broadway songs about dating and relationships I can think of.

I Remember it Well – Gigi

Although the modern day remake of this was nothing like the show, especially because it wasn’t the show, I Remember it Well from Gigi is one of my favorite showtunes about relationships and remembering your first date. I Remember it Well from Gigi is all about an old couple who remembers their first date. The guy is a bit forgetful but the woman remembers everything perfectly. It’s one of those fun songs that you can easily clean to, drive to or just listen to in the background. I always forget about this one but it is definitely one of my favorites which is why it is on this list. We also needed one that was about remembering dating instead of going out on a date or during one.

A Boy Like That – West Side Story

This is one of the ultimate ones for this list. It is all about why you should not date someone. A Boy Like That from West Side Story is the ultimate of any of the broadway songs about dating to remind you to be smart. The guy Maria is about to date killed one of the Puerto Ricans and even though the Puerto Ricans would kill the Americans, they forget that both sides are dangerous. It’s the same as Romeo and Juliet except this takes place in NYC and is between White people and Puerto Ricans that make up two Gangs, the Sharks and the Jets. A Boy Like That takes place when one of the older Puerto Rican girls warns Maria about dating someone from the opposite side that they are at war with.

One Normal Night – The Addams Family

Who would have guessed that when Wednesday Addams grew up and the family went to Broadway she’d fall in love? I was going to use the Moon and Me which is the song about Fester Falling in the Love and dating the Moon, but One Normal Night is completely better and sets the tone for the show. When you finally hit a stage in dating that you get serious, you will probably have to introduce the person to your family. In this case you have a conservative mid-western family meeting The Addams Family. The two kids are warning their parents to behave and praying that for some reason neither side will screw things up. If you’ve ever brought someone home to meet your family, One Normal Night is the perfect showtune about relationships for you.

Put on Your Sunday Clothes – Hello Dolly

Put on Your Sunday Clothes from Hello Dolly isn’t just an amazing showtune about relatioships, it’s also perfect for this list because it’s all about two friends going on a date in New York City and picking up girls to go on dates with while in New York City. Ribbons Down My Back is another good one for this list because it’s about dating after you have been divorced or widowed and building your confidence up, but because I wanted to keep this list upbeat and happy, I thought Put On Your Sunday Clothes from Hello Dolly was a better choice.

Kiss the Girl – The Little Mermaid

Since I didn’t have any songs about being on a date, here is one sung by someone who is trying to push a couple of people together for their first kiss while on a date. Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid is the ultimate in broadway songs about dating for people already on a date. It’s about that awkward moment where you both want to hold hands, or get close or kiss each other and know the other person wants to, but you can’t get yourself to do it. Unfortunately not all of us have a friend near by to help make it happen so we need to get the courage to do it. Luckily some of us just go for it, a few of us have a friend who will help and then there is the rest of us that chicken out and let the moment go by.

How Does She Know – Enchanted

If you’ve ever wondered if someone liked you or not, or if you were the right person for someone, here is a showtune that is all about that question and feeling. How Does She Know from Enchanted is basically a Disney Fairytale come to life in New York City and is all about knowing if someone likes you or not. It talks about trying to pick up on signals as well as relying on what you gut is telling you. It is probably one of the best showtunes for this list and one that I never really liked a lot but love to sing a long too. I have a definite love/hate relationship with this showtune.

I’m Telling You – Dream Girls

If there is one song that is anything more than being in a bad relationship and not wanting to let it go, it is I’m Telling You from Dreamgirls. The main character is in love and not wanting to let her boyfriend, lover and life go. She demands his attention and refuses to let everything end. In this amazing and depressing song, you’ll see a women pour her heart and love into a man who controls everything from her love and her life to her career and her future. Not only is this one of the best songs about dating and being in a bad relationship, but it is one of the most heartfelt and loved broadway songs of all time.

As We Stumble Along – The Drowsey Chaperone

To finish this list I wanted to use one that is all about life and dating and everything else. As We Stumble Along from the Drowsey Chaperone is a song about being married and having the person pass on, dating and love and living life. It’s about every aspect of it and especially about husbands, love and relationships. It’s the perfect way to finish off this list.

There are a ton of shows I could have thrown in like “The Life” which was all about prositution (I actually had a date with someone who turned out to be an escort), That one was odd or even romantic broadway songs about dating from shows like Phantom of the Opera. I could have used Gimme Gimme from Thoroughly Modern Millie or even Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair from South Pacific, but there are way too many broadway songs about dating and relationships that I couldn’t actually post them all. I probably could have done a top twenty list, but this already took a while to post. Anyways, thank you again for reading and please feel free to share your favorite broadway songs about dating and relationships.

The Top Ten Broadway Songs for Karaoke (20+ songs)

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Tons of people like karaoke and one thing that almost always ends up happening, especially with duets, is someone singing broadway songs for couples, ballads and other showtunes at karaoke nights.  It doesn’t matter if you are at a straight bar, a gay bar or anywhere else, if they have karaoke there is probably going to be a showtune somewhere in the book and someone is going to perform at least one of the most popular broadway songs.  Here are a list of ten popular broadway songs for karaoke and the shows they are from.

best broadway songs for karaoke

1.  Summer Nights from Grease

Everyone knows this one and it almost always gets everyone in the audience singing along.  Summer Nights from Grease is probably one of the most popular broadway karaoke songs that people like to sing.  It’s fun to sing a long to and almost always in the song list at every club.  Besides we go together or hopelessly devoted, Summer Nights from Grease is probably the most sung karaoke showtune and one that will always be around.

2.  Suddenly Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors

Although many straight karaoke bars don’t always have this one, because of the movie that came out a couple of decades ago, this became one of the most popular karaoke showtunes at gay bars, some straight bars and for duets.  It is usually available if there is a large enough song book, and you can find it on sale almost anywhere as it is one of the more popular songs.  It is another one that people love to sing a long too, but it’s also one that gets annoying and old fast.

3.  I Believe from The Book of Mormon Karaoke

This one came out of nowhere.  For some reason people started adding I Believe from The Book of Mormon to their karaoke lists and tons of guys are trying to sing it.  Not everyone can hit the higher notes in the song, but everyone who loves the show loves to join in and sing a long to their favorite lines.  Not only is it funny, but because it is very new it gets everyone excited and laughing if they’ve never heard the song before.  This is a definite song to get applause if you can sing and hit the notes and also get everyone laughing, unless they don’t have a sense of humor.  I Believe karaoke is definitely one of the newer popular broadway karaoke songs and one that you should definitely add to your playlist if you want to keep broadway people happy.

4.  A Whole New World from Aladdin

Whether you are at a gay or a straight bar, someone is going to sing this song if they have it.  People love this Disney showtune and now that Aladdin is going to Broadway, we are probably going to hear it even more.  This song has been sung to death, beaten and then sung again.  People love it because it is a fun one and it is hard to mess up, but it is also one that gets annoying after a while.  If you want to sing it, go ahead but you should also try to find one that hasn’t been done a million times over and over again.

5.  Seasons of Love from Rent

This song is another one that is old and overdone.  I love Rent and definitely sing it way to often, but this song is never done well.  It takes a group of people that aren’t tone deaf and although everyone tries it, I have never heard it done well.  The song is a lot harder than it sounds and when you’re drunk you think you can do it well…until you hear the recording the next day your sober friends took with their phones.

6.  When You’re Good to Mama from Chicago

This is another popular one that has faded.  The reason it’s popular is that it is easy to sing and impossible to mess up.  The song was extremely popular when the movie version of the show came out and a ton of people will remember it and pay attention when you sing it.  A few might join in as well.  The song is fun and easy to do which is why everyone likes it.

7.  Cabaret from Cabaret

Liza made this one famous and because of it’s fun nature and because you can overact it, it is always a popular one to sing at a karaoke night.  Everyone loves it and almost everyone forgets the words.  If you mess up and sing the wrong verse, don’t worry, everyone else probably did the same.  You can change it to any tone or pitch and the song will still work and sound good.  If you over drank so you could get up and sing, the song still works.  Cabaret from Cabaret is a classic karaoke showtune that everyone loves and will definitely join in and sing with you.

8.  Don’t Rain on My Parade from Funny Girl

This is one of my favorite showtunes to sing at karaoke.  Not only is it a hard one, but it is one that always gets people to cheer for you.  Even if you don’t do it well, everyone loves to hear it performed and everyone knows how ridiculously hard the song can be to sing.  That’s why they always cheer and give you applause for doing this song.  It is an amazing song and one that you can turn and make your own extremely easily.  Because you can add or change the tone and pitch with most of the song, add scales or even your own inflections, it is extremely hard to mess up, even though the song is hard to do.  This is definitely one of the best broadway songs for karaoke and one that always get an applause.

9.  Gimme Gimme from Thoroughly Modern Millie

Oddly enough I’ve heard this song done a million times and randomly at different karaoke nights.  For some reason there is always someone when you go to a showtunes themed or gay bar that does karaoke that does this song.  I actually love this song and love when people do it.  I tried it once and failed miserably so I am always excited when I hear someone sing it well.  Two other songs that are popular from this show are Forget About the Boy and The Main Theme Song Thoroughly Modern Millie.

10.  Any Dream Will Do from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

The reason people always choose do sing this one at Karaoke is because it is very basic.  The tune is the same, you can sing off key and it can still work and as long as you can change pitch, you can do a good job.  If for some reason you mess this song up, you probably shouldn’t try singing again.  This is one of the easiest showtunes to sing and one that is definitely worth trying if you are too scared to go for a harder one.

If you want another list of broadway karaoke songs that are popular, here are a bunch of others.

Don’t Stop Believing – Rock of Ages and Glee

Maybe This Time – Cabaret

There’s Got to be a Morning After – Poseidon Adventure and King of the Hill

On My Own from Les Miserables

Defying Gravity from Wicked

Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray

I’m Alive – Next to Normal

Ladies Who Lunch – Company

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – The Wizard of Oz

Music of the Night – Phantom of the Opera

Feel free to add your own favorite broadway songs for karaoke by leaving a comment below.  You can also buy broadway karaoke cd’s and broadway karaoke mp3s by clicking on the widgets for Amazon and download them.  Feel free to also leave a video of yourself singing your favorite showtune or a link to your YouTube Video and I might replace the one from the post with yours.  Thank you again for reading and looking forward to hearing your favorite broadway karaoke songs and seeing your videos if you share them.

Top Ten Broadway Songs About Believing in Something

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Broadway is filled with hundreds of songs about believing in something. It can be in yourself, that you can make a difference, help people fall in love, end a war. That you can change people’s minds, build confidence in them or even get them to do impossible things. There are a million different ways you can believe in something in broadway shows and each show has a song about believing in something. Here are ten of my favorite songs about believing in something. Please feel free to leave a comment below with your own favorite showtunes about believing in something.

broadway songs about believing in something

I Still Believe – Miss Saigon

Miss Saigon is one of my favorite shows. The music is amazing and the characters are very real. In the song I Still Believe from Miss Saigon you have women who still believe their lover (who is the same man) is still a live and coming home. The issue is that he is torn between coming home to the woman he loved in the USA and the woman he loves in Saigon. I Still Believe from Miss Saigon is an amazing song about still believing in something and hoping for something and giving yourself comfort when you have doubts.

I Believe – Book of Mormon

The song I Believe from the Book of Mormon is a song where the main character had lost faith in himself and had to figure out why he wasn’t following what he thought he was meant to do. During I Believe from the Book of Mormon he regains his confidence and learns to believe in himself. Whether he is confronted by a “Warlord who shoots people in the face” or even just believing that he will “get his own planet” when he dies, he can believe in himself and that his god will protect him so that he can carry out his mission and his life’s goal of helping people convert to the church of Mormons.

Don’t Stop Believing – Glee or Rock of Ages

How can you not love a Journey cover. Both Glee and Rock of Ages cover this fun song in their shows and do it completely differently. In this broadway song about believing in something, you have the person singing that you don’t have to stop believing in something and you should go for it. It is a great song to help encourage people and keep their heads up.

I Believe in You – How to Succeed in Business Without Ever Really Trying

When the main character realizes that people are out to get him and that he doesn’t have anyone but his bosses secretary to help him, he has to learn to believe in himself. In this song you see the main character singing into a mirror that he believes in himself. Not only does it help him build his own confidence, but he also gets the courage to go out and finish taking over the corporate world.

The Egg – 1776

In this song you have a group of men who are trying to gain the courage to not only start a war with England to start their fight for independence, but they are also building their own confidence that they can actually get every state or colony on board and believing that they can actually beat England. They use an Egg as a metaphor and build the song about the fight for independence over it hatching. If they believe in this egg then they will be able to succeed and America will have independence from England.

Hold On – The Secret Garden

During the song Hold On from the Secret Garden you have the Nanny to the girl living with her Uncle telling her to hold on. The little girl is giving up on life and fighting to make everyone happy again. She became extremely depressed and needed a friend. That’s when she realized she had a friend and the friend is her Nanny who sings the song Hold On to her to keep her trying to move forward and believing that she can help make Colin’s life better, her Uncle’s life better and everyone happy again. The song Hold On was my second choice after the song Wick from the Secret Garden, but when I was thinking about the two songs I wanted to use Hold On instead of Wick.

We Can Do It – The Producers

The title of the song We Can Do It pretty much says why this is one of the top then broadway songs about believing in something. It is two people believing in themselves enough that they can go and actually produce a show. All they had to do was build a plan and then go for it. They both have the drive to do it and the goals and if they can get the person they need most to direct, then their play is going to work. This song is all about them realizing that they can do it if they just believe in themselves.

Santa Fe – Rent

When Roger realizes that he isn’t making in in NYC, he decides to give up and that Santa Fe will be the answer to all of his issues. All he wants to do is move to Santa Fe where he can open up a restaurant and everything will work out for him. He even gets rid of his favorite guitar and begins to move there. Even though he believed that everything would be better in Santa Fe, he realizes that he was in love with NYC and ends up moving back.

Everybody Says Don’t – Anyone Can Whistle

This is one of my favorite showtunes from Stephen Sondheim. It is all about believing in yourself and having someone else believe in you and helping you to realize how amazing you are. Everybody Says Don’t from Anyone Can Whistle is one of the most amazing broadway songs about believing in something and believing in yourself.

I Know Where I’ve Been – Hairspray

This is more of a mellow and sad song that a woman is singing knowing that she is going to be causing a giant uproar. She knows there are a ton of battles ahead and they could be dangerous for her and her family and friends. However, if she believes in the cause and believes that everyone else does, they can win and help to fight off segregation in their city. This is definitely one of the more depressing and mellow broadway songs about believing in something.

There are hundreds of other broadway songs and showtunes about believing in something and these are only a few of my personal favorites. If you have one that isn’t on this list, please feel free to leave a comment below and share it with everyone else. You can also share this list if you would like by clicking on the Twitter and Facebook icons at the top of the post.

The Top Ten Broadway Songs about Housewives & Homemaking

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Homemakers and Housewives in broadway shows are almost always dreamers. They think about what it’s like to do something different, get married, travel, see something new or even just go to a ball. They usually aren’t happy with their lives, but at the same time they are somewhat content.  They can be kids in an orphanage or grownups trying to impress someone.  They could be poor or rich or even just not able to remember where they are and needed a job.  Homemakers on broadway are some of the most fun characters to watch and ones that have some of the best broadway songs.

broadway songs about housewives and homemakers

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer – The Rink

This housewife or homemaker is tired of being everything from the Cook and the Head of the House to the Bottle Washer for the babies. She’s finally fed up and wants some help for everything that she does as well as everyone to start to appreciate her. This is an awesome showtune and one that is perfect for songs about homemakers.

Happy Working Song – Enchanted

In this homemaker’s song, the main character is actually happy to be cleaning and helping around the house. She is grateful for having somewhere to sleep while she waits for her prince to come rescue her. The only difference between her and some of the other homemakers on broadway is that she uses things that most people wouldn’t consider sanitary to help with the cleaning. This is one of the most popular songs from Enchanted and most popular ones to sing a long to.

Cinderella – In My Own Little Corner

In this showtune, Cinderella is dreaming about getting to go out and do things like go to the ball or travel. Unfortunately she is stuck at home cleaning while her sisters and step mother are at the ball meeting the prince. She is content with being a homemaker at home, but she wants more and dreams about getting to go out and meet a prince as well as see the world.

Castle on a Cloud – Les Miserables

This is one of the sadder showtunes about housekeeping. It is Cossette singing about wishing she was somewhere else where she was treated kindly and everyone was happy. Although her mother Fantine was sending money for the Inn Keeper to take care of her, he still made her the housekeeper in his Inn and didn’t not treat her as well as they treated their own daughter who got to live like a princess, compared to Cossette.

Somewhere That’s Green – Little Shop of Horrors

In this showtune about housekeeping, Audrey is dreaming of a life where she is married and happy with kids. Instead of being poor and dating someone who treats her poorly, she wants to become a housewife and live in the suburbs. Instead of starting out wanting to get out and see the world, she wants to find a home so she can care for it and raise a family.

I Can Cook Too – On The Town

I Can Cook Too is a song that isn’t actually about housekeeping, but about flirting with a sailor. This housewife is one who just wants to go out and have fun and uses a ton of subliminal messages to try and get the guy she wants. This is a one of the more fun showtunes about housewives and homemakers and one that is great for your playlist for roadtrips and cooking and cleaning.

Welcome to the Sixties – Hairspray

This housewife is scared to leave the house. She’s scared she’s too fat, not smart enough and that people will stare. The showtune is sung by her daughter to help convince her there is more to life than doing laundry and cleaning the house. This is one of the best showtunes to help you when cooking and cleaning to get you to hurry up and finish so you can go out.

Cell Block Tango – Chicago

He had it Coming from Chicago is a bunch of Housewives who were fed up with everything so they decided to kill their husbands instead of leaving. Not the most sane way to deal with a home or husband, but they definitely got their point across. They are housewives who had enough and ended up going a bit to far.

You Don’t Own Me – The First Wives Club

These are three of my favorite Housewives. Instead of killing their husbands they decided to take revenge and use their revenge to help other women and housewives who needed help. They decided to stand up to their husbands and be stronger than them and make something of themselves. Instead of being supportive, they took control of their husbands and started an organization to help everyone around them as well as let them know who was in charge without killing them.

A Spoonful of Sugar – Mary Poppins

This homemaker is a nanny who teaches the kids that cleaning can actually be fun. Although her job is to clean, she also helps to teach the kids that it is important to pick up after themselves and keep their own rooms clean. She also teaches them that they can make it fun by making a game out of cleaning their house.

There are a ton of housewives and homemakers on broadway and some of the best broadway songs are all about them and them having to clean. Whether they are tired of cleaning, want to get out and marry a prince or just be happy at home, homemakers on broadway are some of the most loved characters and have some of the best showtunes. Feel free to share your favorite below.