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Spamalot Posters

Spamalot on Tour Reviewed. Read This Before Going.

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Spamalot On Tour

The other day I heard Spamalot was on tour and in DC at the Warner Theatre so I decided to click on the banner to the right for Goldstar to see if any tickets were available. Sure enough I got a Spamalot ticket for about $20 and decided to see the show. The questions is, is the Spamalot on Tour cast as good as the broadway cast and is it worth buying Spamalot tickets for a touring cast. The truth is that yes, the touring cast of Spamalot is actually probably better than the original Tony winning broadway cast and it is 100% a must see show. Even if you don’t like Monty Python. Buy Spamalot Tickets on sale by clicking on the Goldstar banner to the right of this post.

Spamalot Posters

Spamalot Posters

“The Air and Space Museum…I thought it would be an empty building….Wow!” One thing that I enjoyed about the touring cast is that they made jokes about Washington DC and have jokes lined up for every city that they go to. It not only makes the show more relevant to you, but it is absolutely hilarious when the show customizes itself. The jokes stay very true to the original movie of The Holy Grail by Monty Python, but at the same time they have modernized some of the characters and the songs from the show.

One of the funniest modernized parts of the show is when they have Lancelot come out of the closet. All of the sudden he performs a disco song with a bunch of drag queens. It was almost like being at Priscilla Queen of the Desert, but with less sequins, feathers and glitter. Then in pure Monty Python comedy, when King Arthur is talking to the Lady of the Lake, he said he always thought she was a fairy and not a woman. Then she goes back and says no,,,Lancealot is the fairy, didn’t you see the last act or number. The entire show is filled with Monty Python one liners and you even have the Knights that say Nee making an appearance. You have the homicidal rabbit and you get an entire cast of amazing performers.

I highly recommend that you buy Spamalot tickets for when it’s coming to your city. The touring cast had an amazing array of talent with singing, acting and pulling off a purely Monty Python movie that is fun for everyone in the family. You probably shouldn’t bring little kids to the show as they may not get many of the jokes, but Spamalot is a family friendly show that everyone will love. I give the touring cast of Spamalot 4 and a half stars out of 5. That is one of the highest rankings I have ever given a show. Not only did they do an amazing job, but they took the show to an entirely new level. Spamalot on Tour is 100% worth seeing. The songs, the acting and the choreography make it 100% worth going to.