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Seth Rudetsky Tries to Catch Me If You Can – Aarron is Hot!

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We all know Seth is a married man and has a fabulous daughter and family. The problem is when you throw in someone who is absolutely hot, gorgeous and talented like Aarron Tveit from the show Catch Me if You Can on Broadway and you have him perform in a tight black tshirt in front of Seth Rudetsky. Who can blame him for not only loving the music, but also having to take a few looks at Aarron while he’s performing. Who can blame him though, look at how gorgeous Aarron is.

Aarron has amazing skin, a great facial structure, a perfect body (which you get to see while he is laying on a doctors table in the hospital with the leading lady in the show and he also has an amazing voice which people have loved with everything from Next to Normal to his new leading role in Catch Me if You Can. What I love about this clip is that even if Seth wasn’t checking him out, like the rest of everyone else in the world was, it certainly looks like he couldn’t help but to take a quick couple of glances at Aarron’s posture while he was singing. I think just about everyone who wasn’t mesmerized by Aaron’s presence or facial expressions while he sings ends up checking out his ass or perfect figure in his clothes. He really has the whole broadway package. An amazing voice, great looks, an incredible actor, he can dance and although he looks nervous in the interview, he can speak. Seth had an amazing show today and when you watch the clip you’ll see that not even the Amahhzing Seth Rudetsky could help but to check out Aarron Tveit while he was singing. Hey, there’s absolutely no harm in taking a quick glance, I know I was fixed on him when he was topless in the show and just about everyone else couldn’t take their eyes and ears off of him while he was dressed either. Aarron is an amazing up and coming actor and I am super excited to see him landing leading roles and getting some great solos. Congrats Aarron and great show Seth!

Seth Rudetsky

Seth Rudetsky Live On Broadway with Julie James

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Seth Rudetsky

Seth Rudetsky

So I was in Manhattan and got a chance to head to the times square information center for Seth Rudetsky’s Live on Broadway show. Unfortunately we arrived to late and since we didn’t have a seat I didn’t get to be in the showtunes showdown. Unfortunately I actually would have won since they asked questions I actually knew the answers to for a change but ohh well. Anyways, for the first time ever, they didn’t actually have a broadway star special guest. Instead they had a person who makes fun of vocal coaches on Youtube…and to be honest she was funny, but it wasn’t the same as a real star. On the other hand, Julie James and Seth completely took over and Julie’s voice completely kicks ass!

Because there was no star, Julie and Seth took over. Julie sang an amazing song, I can’t remember the name right now and instead of Seth interviewing someone, Julie James interviewed him. One of the things we all love about when Seth Rudetsky interviews someone is that he always asks about something that happens behind the scenes during a show and usually the broadway star will share something. In this case Seth told us a story about when he was playing for the Phantom of the Opera.

There is a scene in the show where Christine rips the Phantom’s mask off his face and throws it to the ground. We all know that Seth is an amazing piano player and really gets into the music he plays. You can actually see his eyes light up when he goes for his keyboard. So Seth was playing the song and when Christine threw the mask it bounced off of the stage and landed next to Seth. So what would any gay diva piano player do when the Phantom’s mask lands next to them while they’re playing the music to the show? He put it on.

Seth Rudetsky Live on Broadway

Seth Rudetsky Live on Broadway

Julie James

Julie James

Not only did Seth get completely into the role, but while he was playing the Phantom of the Opera on his keyboard, wearing the mask, he felt like he was actually the Phantom, until the stage manager or someone freaked out and let Seth know that the mask was custom molded to fit the Phantom, was worth $2K and Seth stretched it out to fit his bigger face and ruin the Phantom’s mask. Anyone else probably would have been fired immediately but Seth is absolutely adorable and lovable and I don’t think anyone could fire him.

If you are ever in NYC on a Wed and can make it to times square around noon, you have to check out Seth Rudetsky and Julie James’s live on broadway show at the Times square information center. Thank you Seth and Julie for an amazing show and Julie for performing since they didn’t have another star. She did an amazing job and it was incredible to hear her sing. Thank you again Seth and Julie.

Christine Pedi, We Love You!

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If you can’t tell I love driving home from work because I get to listen to Seth Rudetsky on Sirius XM Radio.  I’m usually not in my car on weekends or during the day though, but since DC got hit with an ice storm I went into work a little bit late.  On the drive in I usually have to listen to pre recorded shows of really bad and some good showtunes.  However because I was going in late I got the chance to hear Christine Pedi’s show without Seth (The Dueling Divas) and she completely kicked ass.

We all remember Christine from her Off Broadway Forbidden Broadway shows and we loved watching her spoof famous Broadway Stars.  Now if you get to listen to her during the day, you don’t get to watch her make fun of Liza on a barstool, but you do get to hear her selection of great broadway hits.  I love Seth’s choice in music and insane knowledge of Broadway, but Christine gets me to sing a long with showtunes about 5 times more than Seth.  Her choices were mainly mainstream but at the same time they were all fun.

She sort of played hit after hit and it was really fun.  I love that Seth plays things people may not have heard before, but combined with the flow of hits that Christine plays when she gets the choice of music, I would probably take Christine for my drive home.  Sing a long showtunes are awesome for sitting in traffic.  Now I know why Sirius gave the two of them a show together and why its called Dueling Divas.  Christine Pedi completely kicks ass!  When you combine her with Seth Rudetsky it is a great mix of knowledge and fun classic showtunes as well as modern day hits and sing a longs.  If you get a chance to turn Christine Pedi’s show on during the day, it’ll help you get through your work and probably make you sing a long.

Thank you for making our drives a million times better in the mornings Christine and for Seth’s show on the drive home at night.


Seth Rudetsky’s You Are Not Alone Benefit NYC

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This coming week, XM Sirius superhost Seth Rudetsky is hosting a charity even with an incredible all star line up to help bring awareness to gay teen bullying and gay teen suidice called the You Are Not Alone Benefit.   There has been a large rise in gay teen suicide in the last few months, if you remember I did this post on gay teen bullying and gay teen suicide and thought that Louder Than Words from Tick Tick Boom was the perfect song for it, and unfortunately many of these kids have nowhere to turn to and no where to go.  Not only does it feel horrible to be alone, but celebrities left and right have been pitching in their voices and support to help stop gay teen suicide and Seth Rudetsky is doing the same with the You Are Not Alone Benefit.  Here is a brief background from what I can gather about the event from the site, some of the performers and of course where you can buy tickets, etc…

The You Are Not Alone Benefit in NYC to support The Trevor Project.  Buy Tickets Here!

The You Are Not Alone charity benefit for The Trevor Project is a first time event hosted by Seth Rudetsky and some of his amazingly talented friends.  It is a way to help bring awareness for gay teen suicide and to help raise money for the new leading gay teen suicide resource, The Trevor Project.  Seth Rudetsky and other Broadway Stars like Betty Buckley, Aaron Lazar, John Tartaglia and many more are all coming together for a one night for an extremely affordable performance on Monday, November 22 at 8pm sharp.

The address for the Seth Rudetsky You Are Not Alone Benefit is:

St. Paul the Apostle Church

Columbus Avenue @ W. 60 St. in New York City.

The performance starts at 8pm sharp, but cocktails start at 7pm so don’t be late.  Tickets range from $25 to $100 and are more than worth it.  There is also a silent auction with a ton of amazing designer gifts including Tom Ford, Hermes and others.  The Seth Rudetsky You Are Not Alone Benefit is going to be one of the most amazing Broadway charity benefit shows and it is a definite event that you cannot miss.

The performers.

Seth Rudetsky. @SethRudetsky on twitter.

Seth is one of my favorite hosts on Sirius XM radio.  Besides being a broadway host 7 days a week, Seth Rudetsky is an extremely talented piano player who has played for shows including Ragtime, Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera.  Seth was not only the music producer and director for the first five annual Actors Fund Fall Concerts, but he is also an accomplished Actor both on and off Broadway.  He is a definite amahhhzing performer.

The talented, Ms. Betty Buckley.  @BettyBuckley on Twitter.

If you don’t know who Betty Buckley is then you need to go back to broadway 101.  Betty Buckley is a Broadway Legend who not only helped to make shows like Cats famous, but she has also appeared in Carrie, Song & Dance and one of my favorite roles ever, Norma Desmond in the incredible Andrew Lloyd Weber show Sunset Boulevard.  She has also played iconic characters like the mom in Gypsy Rose Lee.  Seeing Betty Buckley alone is worth 5 or ten or even a hundred times worth the price of admission to this event.  To see her combined with all of the other performers is priceless.  I don’t know if I heard correctly so I am going to say that it is a rumor that one of the songs you may hear from Betty Buckley at the You Are Not Alone charity event is one of my favorites, No One Is Alone from the Stephen Sondheim show Into The Woods.  Here is Bernadette Peters singing No One Is Alone from Into the Woods.

Mr. Aaron Lazar.

You may remember me mentioning Aaron Lazar in my post about when I went to the Kennedy Center to see Liza Minnelli perform.  Aaron blew us away that night by singing classic showtunes but with an Opera sound.    Not only has he starred in revivals of shows like Les Miserables, but he has also appeared on TV shows like Ugly Betty and The Today Show.  Aaron is an incredible talent and to get to see him with some of the other performers is an added bonus that you will all go crazy for.

John Tartaglia.

Have you ever heard of a small show called Avenue Q.  Enough said.  Tons of talent and an amazing ability to entertain, John Tartaglia is an incredible actor that you will instantly fall in love with.

Seth Rudetsky’s You Are Not Alone charity benefit for The Trevor Project is a must attend event that I highly recommend going to.  You cannot beat the price for the tickets with the talent that will be there, but more importantly it is going to support an incredible cause.

Broadway Christmas Showtunes and Shows

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Lastnight I think I was shocked because for the very first time since I have become a fan, the fabulous Mr. Seth Rudetsky missed a broadway trivia or moment.  Now, if you haven’t heard of Mr. Seth Rudetsky, he is an extremely popular host on the broadway station on XM Satellite radio and a personal favorite host.  Not only is he funny and amazing, but he is also an encyclopedia of broadway trivia and knowledge.  If anyone ever has a broadway question, Seth can not only answer it, but he can also then probably name everyone who ever played the role or who wrote the score or the best performance and by who around the world.  Seth Rudetsky is absolutely amazing and probably my very favorite broadway host on XM Satellite radio.   Because of his amazing knowledge, and the fact that he is an awesome host, I was shocked when last night he said that there really aren’t any Christmas shows or songs on broadway except for Turkey Lurkey Time and the song he played from Mame.  The thing is that there are not only a ton of Christmas themed showtunes, both from and not from Broadway, but he missed a few of the obvious ones.  Maybe he was just having a bad day or wasn’t thinking right but I was shocked so Seth, if you find this, here are a few of my favorite Christmas showtunes and if for some reason you do find this post………………….We love you here at Broadway reviewed.  Keep up the amazing work!

Top Broadway Christmas Shows and Top Broadway Christmas Showtunes and Songs.

1.  Turkey Lurkey Time.  Not only is this currently running on broadway in the show Promises Promises but it is also on my playlist in my iPhone.

2.  We need a little christmas.  We need a little Christmas is one of the most famous songs from Mame, next to Mame, Open a new window and Bosom Buddies of course.   This was the one song that Seth Rudetsky thought of for Christmas, the next one was my second song.

3.  Hard Candy Christmas.  Hard Candy Christmas is from the broadway show The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.  This show was turned into a movie which starred Dolly Parton and then Rupaul actually took the song Hard Candy Christmas and put it on her Christmas album called Ho Ho Ho.  This is an all time favorite christmas broadway show and showtune.  (I cannot believe Seth didn’t think of this one when looking for Broadway Christmas Showtunes.)

4.  Be a Santa.  This song is from an unknown show called Subways are Sleeping.

5.  I Don’t Remember Christmas.  This Christmas Broadway Showtune is from the somewhat hit show Starting Here Starting Now.

6.  Christmas Eve.  This is a song from the show She Loves Me.

7.  White Christmas.  Ok this really isn’t a Christmas showtune but it is an actual show written by Irving Berlin.

8.  You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch.  How can anyone forget that loveable and hateable character, the Grinch.  The Grinch and You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch was also actually turned into a show for a short while.

9.  Christmas Bells.  How can anyone forget the high pitched voice singins “Christmas bells are ringing, Christmas bells are ringing.  Somewhere else, not here.”  From Rent.

10.  I’m going to leave ten blank.  I cannot decide if I should put in Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas or try to put in a Movie Musical like The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Because I am leaving this blank, I actually encourage you to leave a comment below with your favorite Broadway Christmas Showtune.

Seth, if you find this, we absolutely love you here and wanted to say thank you for all of your amazing shows and interviews.  Without people like you Broadway would be a dying breed.  Thank you for all you do and have done and all of your amazing shows.