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Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown – Invisible – Patti Lupone

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So I knew the show Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown had opened on Broadway, I didn’t know that Patti Lupone was starring in it though. When I was driving to work the other day they played the song invisible from Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown on Sirius XM and I kind of loved the song. It’s sort of like how I ended up going to see The Drowsey Chaperone or Curtains. Both were really cute shows, but I had no desire to see either one and when I was in New York there was no chance I have even thought about seeing them if I hadn’t heard the songs first on AOL Radio or Yahoo Radio. It’s amazing that when XM or other broadway radio stations play songs from new shows, it can actually build enough interest that you give up blockbusters like Wicked or Priscilla Queen of the Desert and you go to a show that you probably wouldn’t not have had an interest in. What’s even better is when you find out that there is someone like Patti Lupone starring in it and its called Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.

If we all remember, Patti is probably the perfect person for a show called Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown because of her little freak out during Gypsy. You have to watch the second video on this post (click that link) for the remix of Patti’s flip out. It is absolutely amazing! Anyways, the show is great from the songs I have heard and watching Patti Lupone take on another Spanish or Latino lady is absolutely fabulous…for those of you who don’t know, Patti Lupone was the first and original Evita.

I love the song Invisible because when I first heard it on Sirius XM it made me think of re-finding and rediscovering myself. It sounded like it was a woman who was afraid and scared and lonely, but then as she was thinking through her life she realized that she is pretty amazing and can be incredible. Towards the end of the song the woman has a ton of confidence in herself and realizes that she is actually amazing and can do a ton of good for other people. That is why I fell in love with this song.

I am planning my next trip to NYC soon and was thinking of shows to go to. When I saw this one I had no desire to see it based off of its name. Now that I’ve heard some of the songs and know that Patti Lupone is starring in it, I might end up having to bump another show off of my list of shows to see. If you’ve bought Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown tickets and have seen the show, please let me know how you like it so I know if it is worth seeing on my next trip.

Forbidden Broadway Patti Lupone in Gypsy

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Like I said, I couldn’t do a post about Forbidden Broadway doing Kristin Chenoweth without being able to do one about one of their favorite target, the amazing Patti Lupone. Not only do they make sure they do at least one Patti song for each season, but when Patti was doing Gypsy, they completely went overboard with multiple Patti does Gypsy versions and songs. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to find a clip on youtube for my favorite one of the Forbidden Broadway Patti Lupone Gypsy songs, “Small Part, Isn’t it”, but I did find the next best thing, “Everything’s coming up Patti”. Now before you get upset, Forbidden Broadway is like the Fryer’s Club where they roast famous comedians. The only difference is that instead of comedians and screen Actors, Forbidden Broadway does famous Broadway Stars.

The reality is that you can be the biggest star on broadway and brand new, but you haven’t made it to pure stardom until Forbidden Broadway has done a parody of you. What I love even more about the Forbidden Broadway casts are that they aren’t only talented Actors and Singers, but they are also able to impersonate famous stars and sing pretty much just like them. The girl that did the Kristin Chenoweth one does an amazing impression and hits the notes in Glitter and Be Gay perfectly. The people that have done Patti have done a pretty good job with her voice, but none have ever really hit it spot on. Then again, it is pretty hard to be able to do a perfect Patti since her voice changes for each role.

Anyways, Patti has a reputation for being a diva, being a bit over the top and for just being an absolutely Broadway Star. That is what makes her such a prime target and easy target for groups like Forbidden Broadway. Then again, Patti also has a ton of talent and is extremely fun to get to watch perform. Sort of like Madonna (No Evita references I swear), she needs everything to be perfect or she will probably not continue. It seems like she is a perfectionist which is probably one of the reasons why she has become such a huge star, and one that Forbidden Broadway loves to include in their performances. Anyways, here is Forbidden Broadways Everything’s Coming Up Patti from Gypsy.

What Makes a Broadway Diva a Diva?

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Everyone knows the term Diva, but not many people realized that Divas came from theatre. They were the singers that could belt the most, give the attitude and know they were amazing. Sort of like Prima Donnas with a ton of attitude. Although the term Diva is way over used now a days, there are a few Divas left on Broadway. The difference is that a Broadway Diva will not only stop a show to call someone out, but the audience won’t care either way. They know better than to get in the way of a true Diva.

You may call Liza, Madonna, Bette, Cher or even Kristin Chenoweth (from the Newsweek thing) a Diva, but this post is going to focus on two ladies that have an off my stage, it’s my crowd this is how it goes attitude and nobody is able to say any different. It is their way or no way and they get their way. They are the amazing Barbara Streisand on her 2006 tour and Patti Lupone playing Rose in Gypsy. Here are my two favorite broadway diva clips of these two leading ladies.

Barbara Streisand
telling someone in the audience to Shut the f*ck up. This was during her 2006 tour, which I got to go to in DC, and she did a skit about George W. Bush. There was a fan there who got offended by her skit, which really wasn’t poorly done or in bad taste, so when he wouldn’t stop talking she simply said, Will You Shut The F*ck Up. Not only can Barbara get away with saying the F word in a crowd of normally conservative people, but she can also get them to cheer her on for it. That is the mark of a true Diva. She then went on and finished her show like nothing happened.

Patti Lupone giving a real showstopping performance,,,,literally. This video is freaking amazing!

Patti made a great Rose in the show Gypsy. On one night in particular she took a show stopping performance and literally stopped the show. Any other Actress would be fired for something like this, but there is no firing Patti. Being able to stop a show mid song or mid show and then have it start back up again is something that only Patti could get away with. Here is one of my favorite Patti Lupone moments.

It takes more than talent to be a Diva. You have to not only have talent but the attitude and be able to work it so that you can stop a show and make it work. Barbara and Patti are two women that have more than exceeded Diva status and are my favorite Broadway Divas.

Anything Goes Video Patty Lupone + Parodies

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So there is nothing more I like in a show than a song where the Actors can really show off their voices and the other thing that makes a show work for me is dancing and good dancing.  Nothing does that better than a classic tap dancing routine and no show has a combination that is better known than Anything Goes from the show Anything Goes and there is probably no better known Diva performer to do this show and make it famous than the talented Patty Lupone.

Not only did Patty Lupone take this somewhat flat show and turn it into an amazing performance, but Patty Lupone gave a performance that can probably never be topped.  The only person that could ever probably give a run for the money on a classic show and song like Anything Goes is the Great and Glamorous Miss. Carol Channing.  She is probably the only person who has existed in my lifetime that has enough stage presence and raw talent to show up the great Mz. Patty Lupone and make the song and dance for Anything Goes better, but to be honest I don’t see Ms. Channing coming back to do an Anything Goes revival any time soon.

The thing is that when you take an amazing song that starts slow, allows for high notes and very loud and in your face notes and then tie in tap dancing and an amazing and memorable routine, then you add in a true Broadway Star like Patty Lupone, you have an almost guaranteed hit, no matter how bad the rest of the show is, people will leave remembering and loving that song and routine.  This is the same thing with Fiddler on the Roof.

We’ll never have another Zero Mostel but thank god we do have a Harvey Fierstein and although the show lacks a solid ending and a great story line or plot, it does have memorable songs and a couple of fun dance routines, even if they aren’t tap but are more jazz and modern ballet.

Anyways, because of the amazing performance which is still played at almost every showtunes night in the US today, no matter who tried to parody or spoof the song, you always have one thing, tap dancing and divas.  I only found one version of a parody or variation of the hit broadway song Anything Goes and the only reason it is amazing is well,,,,I want the laser gun they have.  You’ll see what I mean. Anyways, even when Hollywood tries to imitate broadway and even when it is a blockbuster like Indiana Jones, they still cannot get away from a diva singing and a ton of people tap dancing.

Here is a great example of how people can try to take the stage from a song like Anything Goes and even with a huge Hollywood budget you still cannot escape the one thing that Broadway will always have, amazing talent.  Even though the singer has an amazing voice and is gorgeous, even though she has amazing back up that can dance and they have special effects, nothing compares to how a real Broadway Star like Patty Lupone can work a song and make it their own.  There is a reason she is a star and even if you like the parody below or the Hollywood version of Anything Goes from Indiana Jones, Patty still did the most amazing version and the best version to date of the song Anything Goes.  Although I do have to say that the third video is probably a big competitor to the Patty Lupone version, even though there is no singing and no one is dancing.  =0).