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Gregory Heinz and Nathan Lane at the 1995 Tony’s

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One of my favorite Tony’s performances is when Gregory Heinz and Nathan Lane come on stage together and complain about the women complaining about men on broadway having the best parts and characters when the women get the better songs in the shows. Although that is somewhat true, women usually end up singing the male songs anyways when they do tours and concerts and guys have a harder time being able to add the female songs into their tours. That’s why I love Gregory Heinz and Nathan Lane’s performance at the Tony Awards because they decided to take a ton of great female songs and make a mashup of them.

Nathan Lane and Gregory Heinz are two of the most talented actors on broadway. Unfortunately Gregory Heinz had passed away, but the recordings of his shows and his guest appearances on tv like on Will and Grace when he was Karen’s laywer, Grace’s boyfriend and Will’s boss will make sure that he is remembered for a long time. Nathan Lane is a well known actor from movies like The Birdcage and he has been in a million shows and movies like The Producers and Mirror Mirror. Both of them are amazing Actors and their performance is incredible. Not only did they pull off singing the female songs, but they ended up sounding like it could have actually been made for a guy.

Watching the two of them perform together is amazing. They both have a ton of energy and it is hard to stop watching either of them. It’s hard to find people like them anywhere and when you have both of them on stage together it is an amazing show. That is why this is one of my favorite performances from the Tony Awards and one that you can still see at showtunes nights at JRs.