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Mama Cass Different is Hard from HR Puff N Stuff

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If you think Elphaba from the show Wicked was the first witch to feel different or to have a story or song about being different you were wrong.  Years and years ago TV and Music Diva Mama Cass made an appearance on the hit kids tv show HR Puff N Stuff as a witch and not only did she sing a song about being different but she helped kids to understand that it is ok to be different.

Whether you are shorter than other people, black or white, gay or straight, have brown hair or no hair or whatever makes you different its ok and it is a good a thing.  Mama Cass made a million appearances on different tv shows from Scooby Doo where she owned a a candy factory to HR Puff N Stuff but none of her guest appearances on tv shows as a character (excluding interviews and talk shows) really stood up to her guest spot on the tv show HR Puff N Stuff.  Almost everyone who watched the show remembers Mama Cass’s character on the show and everyone loved the song Different from HR Puff N Stuff.  So anyways, before Wicked and Elphaba singing songs about being different like The Wizard and I from Wicked we had Mama Cass on HR Puff N Stuff singing Different.  So here she is singing Different from HR Puff N Stuff.