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And Then This Happened – Idina Menzel Sings Dirty Dancing

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When you don’t think you have had enough, or you know you’ve had more than enough Idina, she comes right back and hits another one out of the park. Yup, on a talk show she surprises everyone with her version of “I Had The Time of My Life” from the movie and musical “Dirty Dancing”.

Regardless how you feel about the “Rent”, If/Then, Frozen, etc… star, she always comes back and always impresses with her belting, her acting an her ability to make your skin tingle/crawl,,,depending on which side of the Idina fence you’re on.  Speaking of that… (more…)

Idina Menzel Wins – Gets to Sing Frozen @ Academy Awards!

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Idina Menzel Sings Let It Go from Frozen at Academy Awards

I am soo excited that lead Actress Idina Menzel will sing Let It Go from Frozen at the Academy Awards.  When they said it was a toss up there were a million good reasons.  Idina sang Let it Go in the Cast Recording (I’m not calling it a soundtrack because it was real singing by the cast) but the other girl (who is very talented) sang the remake.  Although the remake is amazing, it is a different song and requires different talents vocally, especially if they are going to sing Let It Go at the Academy Awards.

Idina Menzel and Frozen Cast Members - Idina Menzel Sings Let It Go at the Academy Awards

Idina Menzel and Frozen Cast Members – Idina Menzel Sings Let It Go at the Academy Awards Source:Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

The music changes, there is more backup and more lifts and drops which Idina can do well.  The thing that was missing from it was the insane belting from the movie version of Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen, and the only female cast member from this show who will pull that off well and have a voice that can sell to all of America and the world who will be watching the Academy Awards is Idina Menzel.  The voice has to belt, sound amazing and appeal to everyone.  That is what she did with Wicked and what she can do with Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen the Musical.

I cannot wait for the Academy Awards now and will actually watch this year.  It isn’t normally one of the shows I get excited for, but now that Idina Menzel is singing Let It Go from Frozen at the Academy Awards, it will be amazing to get to hear her belt it out live and I can’t wait to post it here as well if they allow sharing Idina Menzel singing Let It Go at the Academy Awards.  If you haven’t seen Disney’s Frozen yet, you need to.  Here are our Disney’s Frozen reviews if you want to read them first.

Idina Menzel is Coming Back to Broadway with If/Then the Musical

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Idina Menzel is an idol in the world of musicals, and (even as a pre-teen) I was very distraught at the thought of never getting to see her perform live when she retired from touring shows in 2004 and took to working on television. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that Idina Menzel is finally returning to Broadway!

After her 10 year sabbatical, Idina Menzel is coming back to NYC to take the lead role in an all new production called If/Then.

Her career kicked off with Rent in 1996, moved on to Aida for a while with the role of Amneris and left the bright lights of Broadway after the tour of Wicked in 2004 after she cracked a rib falling through a trapdoor on the second to last performance. Since she left she has appeared in films and TV shows like Rent, Enchanted, Glee, is currently working on Disney’s newest animated musical, Frozen. She will be playing the voice of Elsa the Snow Queen.

In case you didn’t know, Idina is married to Taye Diggs who was in both the Broadway and film version of Rent as Benjamin Coffin III. I recently read in People that they have opened a performing arts camp for underprivileged girls, where she and her husband personally work with the girls.

Mrs. Menzel has been a very busy woman and it is obvious that she wouldn’t return to Broadway for just anything.

This should be an extremely promising production. She will be working again with director Michael Greif who started her career in Rent, producer David Stone who worked with her in Wicked and working with, for the first time, Brian York and Tom Kitt who wrote the music for both If/Then and Next to Normal. Tom Kitt wrote music for Bring It On: The Musical, American Idiot, Hair and High Fidelity. She will also be joined by LaChanze who won a Tony for her performance in The Color Purple. LaChanze will be playing the role of Kate.

In If/Then, Idina will play a character named Elizabeth who is on the verge of turning 40. As a chance for a fresh start and a new life, Elizabeth moves to New York. She meets Kate who is a new neighbor to Elizabeth and an elementary school teacher. Despite Elizabeth’s attempts to have a perfectly planned out life, the most random occurrences and tiny decisions will impact her life in ways she’s never dreamt possible. Producers say that this is an original, romantic new show about how “choice and chance collide and how we learn to love the fallout”.

There is one song from If/Then available at this point, sung by Idina Menzel, called ‘Learn to Live Without’ which has a different sound to it than I was expecting. It has an earthy feel to it. Seeing it in context to the show should be very moving indeed.

The pre-Broadway premiere will be at the National Theatre in Washington, DC November 5th through December 8th and will officially hit Broadway March 4th.  (I’ll be doing a post about tickets and how to find tickets to this show on sale once I have everything finished.)

For those of you who have not had the privilege of hearing her perform, my favorite performance by her is from Wicked. It is a duet between her and her friend Galinda. The two of them started off despising each other and throughout the story they overcome their differences and a strong bond is built. I took my little sister to see Wicked a couple years ago after we found out she had cervical cancer and we have an exceptional affinity with this song. It is called For Good.

About the Author: Laura Bensen is a freelance writer with a passion for musicals. She spends her free time singing her heart out (when the house is empty) and searching for meaningful connections.


I’m Not That Girl – Wicked – For Single People with Low Self Esteem

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I was at dinner with my friend last night and our server was talking about how he doesn’t think he’s cute. He was upset that he wasn’t an anorexic like the other servers at the restaurant or had a perfect body and how he felt like he had to compete with them. The thing is that not everyone likes anorexic guys or loud queeny twinks. To be honest, not many people actually do like them and it was kind of sad to see how he was upset and that he doesn’t get that most people can’t stand them. It also reminded me of the song I’m Not That Girl from Wicked.

I’m Not That Girl from Wicked is a song about not being pretty enough or talented enough or the girl that the guy you like would want to date. It’s like our waiter at the restaurant. The thing is that if you are competing with someone who is an anorexic and their life revolves around going to a club, their goals are to sell tshirts at a store in the mall and they think their life is over if they can’t get into a club, you are pretty lame. If you want to find someone of quality then you shouldn’t care about the guys who go for idiots like those other people, instead look for someone who likes you. My friend and I actually both thought the server was hot and were shocked when he almost cried because he didn’t like the way he looked. It was kind of insane. The issue with him is that he didn’t really get why he couldn’t find someone.

If you answer an ad or respond to someone who is in their late 20’s or older and has an age limit where you can’t be over 25, guess what, they aren’t looking for a relationship. They might date you, but when you get older and hit that age limit, they are going to move on and you just wasted your time. They want to date someone for their age. The person does have to be attracted to you so body type, top or bottom, etc… is important, but there are a ton of guys who are in shape or stocky that like stocky, fat, in shape, chubby, or not anorexic figures. The important thing is to find someone that likes you for you, can be attracted to you and doesn’t have hang ups on stereotypes, age or body types. When you meet the person who likes you for who you are, none of that will matter. It’s sad to see younger people feel like that, but most of us did at one point when someone we had a crush on didn’t like us back. Unfortunately for him he is working at a gay bar in DC and when I saw who his friends are, the things that don’t actually matter are what he cares about and until he realizes that those things aren’t important and he should focus on school, a job and not about what he thinks he looks like compared to other people, he probably won’t actually realize that he is cute and is just not thinking about what things are actually important. He sort of reminded me of the song I’m Not That Girl from Wicked because when he was talking it sounded like he was watching as everyone else was falling in love or getting the guy that they wanted and he was alone. Unfortunately he has the wrong friends and wrong idea of what is important but most people grow out of that when they get older.

My Strongest Suit from Aida Starring Idina Menzel

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This week I am starting with a new client and one where I am going to have to actually wear a suit to. I haven’t had to dress up for work since I started my first job and I haven’t considered anything more than a polo shirt and shorts as business casual for years since I started working for myself. It is usually just me being able to do my job better than other people that keeps my clients happy and me being able to blog and share my favorite showtunes with all of you. Anyways, when I was thinking about having to dress up and what to wear, I instantly thought of the song My Strongest Suit from Aida.

My Strongest Suit from Aida is one of my favorite showtunes to listen to because it is fun to sing to, listen to and even to dance around to. It is perfect for when you are working, driving or even just traveling somewhere and want something fun to listen to to keep you entertained. The song itself is actually about Aida singing about being able to impress people with her looks and charm which is why “A dress has always been her favorite suit”.

Normally people wear a suit for business meetings. For Aida, she wears a dress because she can get a lot more accomplished by showing off how amazing she looks. Not only does her figure and voice get her in the room, but when she adds in her brain, she can win any argument and take over any meeting and come out ahead. Whether its her body or her brains, a dress is stronger for her than a suit an that is why I love this song for this week.

I haven’t had to get dressed up for work in years and don’t actually have a suit that still fits me which is why I am laughing listening to it. I’m not going to buy a new one, but I am going to do my best to try and have it tailored a bit so that it at least looks appropriate. Although I am not as hot as Aida, my personality and ability to do the work usually make my normal tshirt and shorts my strongest suit. Anyways, here is My Strongest Suit from Aida starring Idina Menzel.