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Not the Boy Nextdoor from The Boy from Oz

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I cannot believe I forgot about this showtune when I did my blog post about broadway songs about being gay. Then again I probably wouldn’t have added this to the list if I remembered it because it is sort of a bad representation of gay people since it is about a huge stereotype that gay men are all queeny, overdressed feminine people. Unfortunately I actually love this song still and absolutely love the performance and when I’m at showtunes night or at a theatre, I have to admit I turn into that queeny person that loves to get dressed up and sing and cry during the show.

When I heard Kurt mention performing this song on Glee this week I wasn’t sure if they were going to actually do it, then I realized they were definitely going to do it. Oddly enough Kurt actually did an amazing job with it. It was just like Hugh Jackman’s performance and Kurt hit it perfectly. Unlike Hugh, Kurt got to do it pre-recorded and had editors to help. When you watch Hugh do it live, it is just as amazing and that is why he won the Tony award. Chris Colfer is a great performer now, but at the same time this is a number that is absolutely insane to do live which is why I give him credit if he decides to perform it again live on the next tour, if he is on the next tour.

Not the Boy Nextdoor from The Boy From Oz is an awesome song and one that I love. Chris Colfer did an amazing job with it and it was awesome to see them pull it off without having to change anything. I also loved Whoopi Goldberg’s reaction to him performing it. What was shocking was when Rachel chocked and the amazing acting that came out of Lea Michele. I’m definitely not a Lea Michele fan because of a couple things, but her acting is amazing now. When she bursted out in tears and shocked, it was incredible. I think I am started to like her again and am definitely giving her credit as an Actress.

Not the Boy Nextdoor is a fun song, but not one that is about being gay. It is about some gay people, but not all and shouldn’t represent the gay community. At the same time it is a ton of fun and that’s why I’m including on this blog. I’m probably also going to add it to my playlist again but not sure which version I want to use.