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As If We Never Said Goodbye from Sunset Blvd. – Glenn Close

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I was thinking about which song or show to review today and I was thinking about my mood. I’m kind of relaxed and a bit tired but also completely excited about one of my best friends from college coming to visit me this weekend. Because of him coming to visit, I immediately thought of Sunset Boulevard and As If We Never Said Goodbye by Glenn Close because it is one of my favorite broadway showtunes about seeing someone you haven’t seen forever and instantly feeling like you never spent any time apart.

Glenn Close has always been one of my favorite actresses. Whether it was her amazing performance in The Stepford Wives with Better Midler or even in Disney films about dogs, Glenn Close is one of the most incredible actresses that are on Broadway, TV (Will and Grace was awesome) and on film as well. When you combine Glenn Close into a role like Norma Desmond in the show Sunset Boulevard, you are going to see an amazing performance and one of the most popular songs and best songs from the show is As If We Never Said Goodbye.

It’s sort of like when you are catching up with an old best friend from years ago and still feel like you know them. Whether or not you become friends again is one thing, but the feeling that you still know everything about each other is amazing. Whether it is re-entering a career, seeing a lover or a friend, catching up with a family member you had a falling out with or anything else, As If We Never Said Goodbye from Sunset Boulevard is one of the best broadway showtunes to help you relive that feeling of excitement, happiness and nervousness all over again.

Everyone has had one of these times when we feel nervous about seeing the person we haven’t seen for a long time, but when you finally get to see them all of the nervousness turns into happiness and you can really enjoy yourself. That’s why I’m excited for my friend to come this weekend and why I love the broadway showtune As If We Never Said Goodbye from Sunset Boulevard.