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Carol Burnet – Happily Ever After from Once Upon a Mattress

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I don’t think there is a better showtune out there about being bitter or that can be sung acting drunker than Happily Ever After from Once Upon a Mattress. The song is about a woman who is bitter because everyone else is getting a happy ending and she is stuck waiting for her dreams to come true. Not only does she sing like she’s drunk about all of the princesses having their dreams come true, but she wobbles around, slurs words and is absolutely hilarious. There are other songs about being bitter and great for characters to sing when they are drink like the Ladies Who Lunch from Company or just drunk songs like As We Stumble Along, but Happily Ever After from Once Upon a Mattress performed by Carol Burnett is definitely one of my favorites.

Once Upon a Mattress is an awesome show that is usually only done by small community theatres and hasn’t been back to broadway for a long time. The songs are fun and easy to sing and the characters are awesome. One of my favorite outfits is the one that Carol Burnett wears during the reprise of Happily Ever After from Once Upon a Mattress because it sort of reminds me of something we should see in the show Wicked. It’s a huge green jeweled gown with weird shoulder pads and a really strange looking crown. She’s also singing about a green pea which is her answer to finding her happily ever after, which is very similar to some of the plot in Wicked as well. The costuming being green and oddly shaped and the mentions of green really are similar, but Wicked is completely orignal and doesn’t use as many jewels on the main characters, except for Galinda who is covered in her opening gown.

Happily Ever After from Once Upon a Mattress is an awesome showtunes that I love and wish people would play more often. The show is ok, but the songs are great. It is a definite must listen to if you are looking for a fun soundtrack or cast recording and one that people will either remember and get excited about or love because they have never heard it before. Check out the broadway shop on this site if you want to do a search and buy the cast recording.