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20 Best Barbra Streisand Moments, Songs & More

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barbra streisand

barbra streisand

Whether it is the best Barbra Streisand moments on Broadway, the best Barbra Streisand songs or even her fun TV Cameos, we all love this Diva and what she does.  Unfortunately with her career it is hard to pick the best Barbra Streisand songs, movies, moments, etc… but we did our best to bring you 20 of our favorite.  If you have one you think should be on the list, leave a comment below and we can always add it later.

Best Barbara Streisand Songs, Videos, Shows, Movies and More!

20.  Streisand sings I’m the greatest Star in Funny Girl

The reason we love this Barbra Streisand showtune is that is basically states what she is, The Greatest Star.  Even though she is playing Fannie Brice, it shows her ambition, excitement and that she knows she has the talent and will fight to get her chance to make it as a star.

19.  Barbara Streisand and Judy Garland sing Happy Days are Here Again

When you combine two amazing talents like Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland you will either have an amazing song or a huge flop.  Happy Days are Here Again not only became an amazing hit, but it also become the theme song for the Democratic Party that Barbra has strongly supported in the past.

18.  Barbra even makes Madonna drop characters – Saturday Night Live

If you loved Saturday Night Live, one of your favorite skits had to be Linda Richmond and Coffee Talk. Not only was she Streisand obsessed, but when she had family visiting they all had to talk about her. Oddly enough, even with professionals like Madonna, Mike Meyers and Rosanne on set, when someone like Streisand comes on everyone looses character for a second and looses control.

Unfortunately there are no versions of the scene on YouTube so here is a version with fake voices.

17.  Barbara Streisand Hits the Disco with Donna Summers and sheds “No Tears” about it.  Enough is enough duet.

If singing ballads and showtunes wasn’t enough for this Diva, she teamed up with Donna Summers to bring down the disco with the hit song Enough is Enough or No More Tears. She crossed over into Disco and took it by storm with one of the best singers of the disco era. This song is also still played today and done at a ton of karaoke nights.

16.  Duck sauce takes on Barbara Streisand and turns her famous name into a hit song.

Crossing into Disco with a Diva is somewhat easy for Streisand, but going into dance music is something that not everyone could do. Luckily for Babs, a DJ and group called Duck Sauce put a hit song together which is all about her. I think the only actual spoken lyrics (besides the Barbra Streisand impersonator) is her name.

15.  Bab’s sings Don’t Rain on My Parade and creates a generation of horrible Karaoke covers and showtunes night fails.

No need for this one. It’s one of the most famous broadway songs that launched her career and has been redone a million times by everyone from Lea Michelle to Linda Eder. It’s also one of the most popular showtunes for karaoke.

14.  Barbra Streisand makes a rare appearance on the game show What’s My Line.

One thing that game shows love are celebrities that show up for a guest appearance. On the show “What’s My Line” Babs made a guest appearance as a French Woman and surprised everyone.

13.  Barbra Streisand Sings Live on National TV on Oprah.

This was an amazing thing for Barbra Streisand. She took a break from TV and performing live and then appeared on Oprah. Not only did she sing a few songs, but she completely killed them.

12.  Barbra Streisand becomes a mother “Focker“!

Barbra returned to doing movies and appeared as the mother in the hit movie series as the Mother Focker with Ben Stiller and a ton of other amazing stars. Not only was the movie a hit, even though she didn’t appear until the second one “Meet the Fockers” but she did an amazing job as a laid back and liberal Jewish mother. I highly recommend this movie!

meet the fockers

11.  1964 – Bab’s creates and sings “People” for Funny Girl with her first Pop Hit on the charts!

The reason that this is a huge moment is that for each year into the 2000’s Streisand became one of the first or the only star to have a hit song or album across this many decades on the top of the Billboard charts.

10.  Bab’s wins a Tony in 1970 inscribed “Star of the Decade” making her one of the only people to win an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy and a Tony.

There are Tony awards for almost everything with theatre. However, when you have someone like Barbra Streisand at the Tony’s something a regular one isn’t good enough. The Tony Awards gave Barbra Streisand one that said “Star of the Decade” instead of a regular one.

9.  Kathy Griffin goes after Babs

You don’t get anywhere with today’s gays unless Kathy Griffin rips into you.  Luckily for Babs, Kathy not only dug into her but tried to rip her a new one.  Barbara Streisand now regained her gay fame across generations of gay men and everyone fell in love with her again.

8.  Jason Gould takes the stage with his Mom at a 2012 show and kicks butt!!!

When Barbra had her son Jason Gould, she had to pass some talent to him. Not only did she pass some talent, but she brought him on stage and he performed with his famous mom. The two of them were absolutely amazing and he killed the song!

7.  Barbra Streisand teams up with Neil Diamond in 1978 to create “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” and almost every guy in the world is not on a guilt trip from their wives about being romantic.

6.  March 26, 1964 Funny Girl hits broadway starring Barbra Streisand as Fanny Brice.

5.  1962 Barbra Streisand hits broadway with her debut show “I Can Get it for You Wholesale”.

The reason this is a huge moment in her life is that it is her debut on Broadway. Even though she wasn’t the lead, she was the one who got all of the attention. When an Actress that is new takes all of the reviews, the applause and doesn’t let it get to her head, you can tell she is ready to take over.

4.  The Barbra Streisand Album hits stores in 1963 starting her climb onto the Billboards for numerous other albums.

3.  Yentl hits the movies in 1983 and earns Barbra Streisand 5 Oscar Nominations.

2.  Barbra brings politics to her 2006 tour and says no to George W. Bush.

1.  Babs goes Diva and tells someone to F off!

If there is one thing you never do with a Diva, it’s start a fight, especially on stage. Barbra definitely didn’t enjoy it and not only did she stop the show, she even dropped an F bomb. That is why we love her!

There are a million amazing moments in Barbra’s career. Here are 20 of our favorites. Feel free to share your own Favorite Streisand moments by leaving a comment below.

purses for the theatre

Where to buy clothes before the Kennedy Center in DC – Second Hand Rose

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purses for the theatre

purses for the theatre

On the way to the gym I found this amazing boutique clothing store that carries the most amazing clothes and accessories for the theatre. It’s called upstairs on 7th and is in the lobby of a large law firms building. Ricki’s store upstairs on 7th carries amazing formal wear for women as well as dressy casual wear that is perfect for the theatre, dinners or anywhere you need to be dressed nicely, but want to remain comfortable. Her clothing choices are perfect for going to the theatre like at the Kennedy Center or even just to a piano bar. I love them and there are a few things that makes her store unique.

1. Your outfit will always be unique. Ricki orders everything at Upstairs on 7th 1 time and only 1 of each major size. When the article is gone, it’s gone. It doesn’t matter if it’s her local designers or the impossibly hard ones that she has what seems like exclusive access to, because she will only buy it 1 time in each size, no body will be wearing what you are wearing that night.

clothing for the theatre

clothing for the theatre

2. She carries designer clothing you won’t find anywhere else. Forgot department stores and couture shops, Ricki does the hard work for you and brings you amazing designer clothing that you will not find in other places and you can easily piece together the clothes into a perfect outfit for the night. Imagine walking into your dream closet filled with clothing, accessories and even purses and clutches and having everything be amazing, unique and perfect for you. That is what her store is like.

3. She’s accessible to all of the theatres and the best restaurants in Washington DC. Just go to the address below and you’ll find the perfect place for that last minute outfit where everything fits perfect and you’ll be able to be ready for any meeting, party, or event instantly.

Upstairs on 7th
555 12th St NW, (lobby Metro Center 12th & F streets exit, Washington, DC 20004)
Phone:(301) 351-8308

upstairs on 7th washington dc

upstairs on 7th washington dc

Now that we’ve gone over where to buy clothes for events, here is the perfect song to go with it. The only difference is that nothing at Upstairs on 7th is second hand, but second hand rose would still love to find them. I absolutely love this song and because it’s prepping for the theatre, I wanted to play the version sung live by Barbara Streisand for Second Hand Rose. I hope you all have a great holidays and thank you again for reading.

Barbara Streisand Not To Star In Gypsy Remake

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So today I found out something that not only got me to scream, but I was super excited for a new remake of Gypsy.  Apparently Stephen Sondheim was going to do a remake of the hit show Gypsy starring the fabulous Ms. Barbara Streisand.  Unfortunately today Stephen Sondheim and everyone announced that they will not be doing this remake and even though it would have been a perfect exit show for Barbara’s career, they won’t make it.  I cannot say how upset I am about this.  1.  Barbara should not be looking for an exit show and 2.  She would have been perfect for the role.

Mama Rose is a character that is demanding and needs to own a stage.  The only women who have ever been able to pull her off and do it well include Ethel Merman, Patti Lupone, Bernadette Peters (She did an ok job but wasn’t the pushy mom type enough), Angela Lansbury and my personal favorite Mama Rose, Bette Midler from the original made for TV movie version, well not the original but the best movie version.  I think that Barbara Streisand would not only have been the perfect Mama Rose because she not only has an amazing presence, but she can belt a tune and also has amazing voice control.

Barbara knows how to take over a role, can throw her voice and definitely take the role to a new level by making us all remember our own moms.  Barbara knows what it was like breaking into theatre and I think that she can tie in her own life and memories to be able to bring out the most believable stage mom with the most drive and pull off this role easily.  The dancing is perfect for her and the singing about Chinese food is something we Jews do every Christmas anyways so the role is absolutely perfect for her.  When I heard that they not only canceled the remake of the movie, but Barbara Streisand was supposed to star in Gypsy, I think that all of theatre died a little bit today.  Unfortunately they canceled the remake of Gypsy starring Barbara Streisand but that also means that Barbara will have to find a new movie or show to leave the theatre with.  Hopefully that won’t come for another couple of decades.

Anyways, here’s Bette in Gypsy.

What Makes a Broadway Diva a Diva?

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Everyone knows the term Diva, but not many people realized that Divas came from theatre. They were the singers that could belt the most, give the attitude and know they were amazing. Sort of like Prima Donnas with a ton of attitude. Although the term Diva is way over used now a days, there are a few Divas left on Broadway. The difference is that a Broadway Diva will not only stop a show to call someone out, but the audience won’t care either way. They know better than to get in the way of a true Diva.

You may call Liza, Madonna, Bette, Cher or even Kristin Chenoweth (from the Newsweek thing) a Diva, but this post is going to focus on two ladies that have an off my stage, it’s my crowd this is how it goes attitude and nobody is able to say any different. It is their way or no way and they get their way. They are the amazing Barbara Streisand on her 2006 tour and Patti Lupone playing Rose in Gypsy. Here are my two favorite broadway diva clips of these two leading ladies.

Barbara Streisand
telling someone in the audience to Shut the f*ck up. This was during her 2006 tour, which I got to go to in DC, and she did a skit about George W. Bush. There was a fan there who got offended by her skit, which really wasn’t poorly done or in bad taste, so when he wouldn’t stop talking she simply said, Will You Shut The F*ck Up. Not only can Barbara get away with saying the F word in a crowd of normally conservative people, but she can also get them to cheer her on for it. That is the mark of a true Diva. She then went on and finished her show like nothing happened.

Patti Lupone giving a real showstopping performance,,,,literally. This video is freaking amazing!

Patti made a great Rose in the show Gypsy. On one night in particular she took a show stopping performance and literally stopped the show. Any other Actress would be fired for something like this, but there is no firing Patti. Being able to stop a show mid song or mid show and then have it start back up again is something that only Patti could get away with. Here is one of my favorite Patti Lupone moments.

It takes more than talent to be a Diva. You have to not only have talent but the attitude and be able to work it so that you can stop a show and make it work. Barbara and Patti are two women that have more than exceeded Diva status and are my favorite Broadway Divas.

Happy Hanukah – To The Biggest Jew, Ms. Barbara Streisand

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If there is one Broadway star and celebrity that I don’t ever actually need to do an introduction or biography for it has to be the one and the only Barbara Streisand.  Not only does she have fans in every age range and gender, but she has drag queens, middle aged women and everyone else in the world as fans.  Barbara Streisand is probably one of the only people in the world who could just show up on a set and automatically be cast.  Look at when she showed up on Saturday Night Live with Mike Meyer’s playing Linda Richmond.  She can do a tour and have it sell out in every city in minutes and she can sing a song and have it go platinum in even less time.  If there is a true Broadway celebrity that has become an American Icon it has to be Barbara Streisand.

Almost everyone recognizes her face and her voice.  Everyone recognizes her name and no matter what she does, even when she doesn’t actually do it like the episode of South Park where she destroyed the city, turns into gold.  Barbara Streisand has an amazing talent for making things succeed.  This girl from NYC who was singing in a lounge and eating leftover bar food like London Broil ended up becoming one of the most well known and most loved American Icons of all time. Barbara not only has success and fame but she also hasn’t lost touch with who she is.

She regularly participates in charity events or voices her opinions publicly.  She supports the causes she believes in and stands up for what she feels is right.  During her concert and tour in 2006 she even tried to play the piano.  When she ended up not being able to get the song right in DC, she not only admitted failure but she laughed it off and showed that she is human.  Not only does it take an amazing person to give it a shot and not let failing phase them, but to have it motivate them to do it better and to keep going takes a hell of a lot of strength and will power.  Barbara Streisand is an amazing person and woman so I wanted to do my first Hanukah post to one of my all time favorite icons and heroes, Ms. Barbara Streisand.  We Love You!  Happy Hanukah Barbara,,,,and to my family as well.