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Mother’s Day Showtune for 2014 – Click Here to Find Out

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Each year I struggle with what to do for Mother’s Day showtunes.  One year I had mommy bloggers share their favorite Disney valentine’s showtunes and another I chose a song I love to sing for my mom or that makes me think of her.  I could always choose an anti-mother’s day showtune and take something from Annie or another show with orphan kids, but this year I thought of another.

This year’s showtunes for Mother’s Day is all about us kids with divorced parents and mom’s that are still single.  I love my mom and love spending as much time together as possible, but at the same time I hate knowing she is home alone and not in love.  Sometimes single mom’s can get depressed and even though they don’t need someone to marry, it doesn’t help that you get worried about them.  Other single mom’s use their divorce as an excuse to drive you crazy, get over involved in their kids lives and that is how I decided to choose this from hundreds of options of Mother’s Day showtunes.  BTW, if a Guy can sing Let It Go, then guys can completely take on this showtune for Mother’s Day.

Here is our pick for this year’s mother’s day showtunes, If Mama Was Married from Gypsy!

Ok, when I was in college I went to college in the same city my Mom lives in.  Unfortunately that meant she decided to stop by everyday making this song a bit to real for me.  I love my mom more than anything else, but at the same time I liked spending time alone, with my boyfriend who moved in with me and with my friends.  Unfortunately my mom co-signed on the apartment I was renting (I was a college student) so she also liked to randomly stop by completely unannounced.  That is why this is my pick for showtunes for Mother’s Day 2014.  It’s for the kids of Moms who get divorced and decide that it’s time to get really and overly involved in their kids lives.  Have an awesome Mother’s Day, don’t forget to call her or send a gift and feel free to share your own favorite showtunes for Mother’s Day by leaving a comment.

American Idol Meets Broadway – Big Wins & Then Some

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Some of the American Idols go on to Broadway, but not all of them light up the stars.  They may have a great voice when it comes to their own genre of music, but when you need to be able to sing out and belt a note, sometimes pop music or R&B doesn’t cut it.  Here are 7 wins and fails from American Idols gone Broadway.  This is a first contribution by a new writer here.

American Idol Fantasia Barrino in After Midnight: Stormy Weather
How did she do? WIN

I love this number by Fantasia. Forget the fact that she has great energy and playfulness with the quartet of cute guys, she encapsulates the 1920s-1930s style and her voice brought me back to the jazz age. She plays up a great range in her voice, my favorite being her effortless mix of sultry and innocent. A definite Win.

American Idol Star Diana Degarmo in Hair: Easy to be Hard
How did she do? Not bad, keep going and they will love you!
While I’m not a big fan of smooth jazz, Diana does a great job on “Easy to be Hard.” Her sweet crooning and powerful voice made me feel the melody, and she did a great job making a not-so-great song into a tolerable sing-a-long.

American Idol Runner Up Clay Aiken sings Home at Broadway Backwards.
How did he do? WIN
Clay Aiken had fantastic energy in the number “Brave Sir Robin.” He had me tapping my feet and laughing out loud. But there is a better performance than his awesome job in Spamalot. The American Idol star kicked a broadway songs ass with his version of Home in this video. We all remember Kristin Chenoweth destroying it in Glee and making it famous again, but when Clay took on Home, he gives you Goosebumps making it a definite win for American Idol stars on Broadway. This is an awesome performance.

American Idol’s Justin Guarini in American Idiot: Jesus of Suburbia
How did he do?  MEH,,,go back to pop music.
I loved Justin Guarini as Will in the Rock Opera American Idiot. Jesus of Suburbia, not so much. He almost seemed drowned out, and it was hard for me to really get into this particular number. While he looked the part and sung the part, I didn’t feel like this was as emotionally-driven as the original Green Day song is. Meh.

American Idol Constantine Maroulis in Jekyll and Hyde: This is the Moment
How did he do? FAIL,,,get off our stage!
Didn’t love it. He looks too soft for the part, too young for what I imagine Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde to be. This song sounded more like an 80’s love song , and did nothing for the inner turmoil inside the mail character. Fail. You can click the link above to find our full review of the show when we saw it with this ex American Idol star turned broadway.

American Idol Diva Frenchie Davis in Rent: Seasons of Love
How did she do? WIN,,,nice job, great vocals and performance!
I loved Frenchie in this role. Not only is this one of my favorite show tunes of all times, I really loved Frenchie’s addition to this rendition. I think she looks fabulous and really gave some Diva soul to the piece. Her range was fabulous, her pitch was fabulous, absolute WIN.

American Idol Jordan Sparks in In the Heights: Breathe
How did she do? WIN,,,this was basically the Kelly Clarkson performance that won the show and made Jordan one of our favorite American Idol stars gone Broadway.
I loved Jordan in this show. This song was amazing, she really captured the mood and hopeful starlight in the character. She hit those high notes perfectly, and it gave me shivers. Her energy was up and she engaged the crowd, and ultimately this song was a WIN.

Happy Labor Day – Two Songs About Two Types of Co-Workers

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Almost 6 years ago I got tired of back stabbers, kiss asses and everything else that makes jobs suck!  I hated the boss that only cared about the people that would kiss his butt and even worse, watching lazy people get promoted above people that could actually do their job.  Instead of sitting down and bitching about it like most people, I got up and quit.  It was as easy as that.  To be honest, it was extremely terrifying but insanely rewarding.  The thing I couldn’t stand most was being stabbed in the back, having people take credit for the work I was doing and the people above me thanking them for everything I did.  That is why for Labor Day I wanted to wish everyone who has these people in their lives a nice and relaxing day off.

I struggled a few times over the first few years worrying about paying rent, other agencies and “friends” trying to steal clients (you learn fast who you can and cannot trust) and sometimes how I was going to keep my sanity.  That’s one of the reasons I started this blog.  What I learned is that I would never give up on anything, I learned that if you are good at what you do you can survive and do it for yourself and that I would never want any of my employees to have to deal with the insane people that try to climb the corporate ladder.  Now that I have a couple of people who work for me, I can give them the job I would have killed for and loved and I hope they enjoy it.  For those of you who are stuck in the word world, remember, if you work hard, stay late every day and really kick ass, you can move ahead (I was a VP by the time I hit 25 or 26) and even when people try and stab you in the back, don’t go for revenge.  Instead, let them fall on their face.  It’s ok to forgive, but don’t give them your trust without them really earning it and remember, the first chance they get they will stab you again and never think twice about it.  Here are two broadway songs that I think anyone who has dealt with these people or are one can relate to.

OMG You Guys from Legally Blond the Musical

OMG You Guys from Legally Blond the Musical is about Elle getting ready to get engaged.  We all know she is about to get dumped, but instead of moping and pouting, she gets back on top and gets ready to kick some ass.  Instead of sleeping with a professor, stabbing the girl who is engaged to her boyfriend or even being a b*tch, she works hard, studies and goes for it.  She doesn’t hurt anyone, she has a positive attitude and she makes it in the end…not to mention falls in love.  Elle reminds me of the person who works hard and continues to fight, even when everyone else is against her.  She is that hard working person that never gives up and makes it in the real world.  I have never met anyone that had the drive, wasn’t lazy and couldn’t make it.  That’s why I love Elle and the song OMG You Guys from Legally Blond the Musical.

Killer Instinct from Bring it On the Musical.

This showtune is about the exact opposite type of person.  The girl in this show idolized her neighbor Campbell and the minute she had her chance, she stabbed her in the back, took over her life, her boyfriend, her best friends, her school and her spot as the head cheerleader.  The entire showtune is about stabbing people in the back and not stopping until you get everything you want in life.  Unfortunately there are a million people out there like this and almost all of us know them.  I personally hate them and when I find someone like this, I instantly remove them from my life.  They are horrible people and usually the bosses and higher ups know about it, but they never do anything and this person wins.  You shouldn’t try to take revenge on them, but by doing what Elle or Campbell did which is work hard and move ahead, you can put these people in their places.  I never stabbed anyone in the back during my career and still moved ahead.  I had people against me at a lot of places and people who stabbed me in the back.  I let it get me down, but then I used the depression and anger to work even harder and move ahead of them.  It isn’t easy to do, but if you don’t let them get you down and you can kick butt at what you do, you can win in the end.  The people that Elle and Campbell had to deal with are horrible.  Unfortunately there are a ton of them out there.  Relax and have a great day off this Labor Day and when you get back to work, remember to not worry about stabbing them in the back, forget about revenge and focus on being better at your job and working your ass off so you can move ahead without being one of those people.

Hang the Bastard from Cannibal the Musical Video

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I’ve watched enough Western movies to understand that executions used to be public spectacles. However, Hang the Bastard from Cannibal! The Musical shows just how enthusiastic and excited people can become when a hanging is planned. As the movie was directed, produced and written by Trey Parker (who also did South Park and The Book of Mormon), you can expect that the more serious the topic, the more silly it is likely to be. Hang The Bastard from Cannibal! The Musical is no exception to this.

Despite some of the lyrics showing a clear disdain for the condemned, the entire village maintains a positive and excited tone through the whole of Hang the Bastard from Cannibal! The Musical. When Alfred Packer (the man who is about to be hung) first comes out of the sheriff’s cabin, it isn’t to thrown rotten fruit and jeers. Instead, the crowd starts jovially cheering and breaks out into a seemingly pleasant and bright song. I thought the choreography at the beginning was hilarious, with the exuberant town enthusiastically whirling and twirling while they sing about killing Packer. The residents of this town seem more like families planning to take their kids to see some fireworks or a parade rather than a hanging. This really comes through in the following lines:

“It’s as nice as a day can be.
Won’t you come to the hanging with me . . . .
. . . . So hang the bastard, hang him with cheer.
We’ll make some hot dogs
And drink a few beers”
At first glance lyrics like these might make you think that rather than being full of blood lust, the town is simply confused about what a hanging entails. For example, maybe they think it’s a joke or all part of an act. However, the lyrics that come shortly after quickly clear this up.
“Hang the bastard, hang him well.
Send his sorry soul to hell.
When his neck bone snaps we’ll know.”

Yep, this town definitely knows what they are in for, and boy are they feeling dandy about it.
As the song progresses, it quickly becomes apparent that the hanging isn’t all that they are looking forward to. They also seem extremely excited for the show to end, so they can all go home. While it is left a little ambiguous if the show refers to the movie or the execution, considering how excited they are for the hanging, it seems like the meaning is fairly clear. The characters are probably singing about how the movie will finally end and everyone, themselves and the audience included can get on with their life.

While I thought the song as a whole was funny and loved the delight that the town took in a public execution, I also thought that there were a few parts where some fat could have been trimmed from the number. For example, the cowbell solo at 1:19 is a bit humorous, but really, 13 seconds of a man banging a cowbell? By the end of that I wanted the show to end so I can go home too.

Even though I found the cowbell part a little tedious and drawn out, I loved the section with the puppets that comes soon after it. I’ve taken a few first aid classes and never knew that tickling armpits was part of diagnosing someone as dead, but I suppose it could work. What I did know, from Team America: World Police, is that Matt Parker and Trey Stone could do a great job mixing morbid themes, comedy, and profane puppetry; I just didn’t know that they were doing it all the way back in 1993 when they made the movie.

While I enjoyed almost the whole of Hang the Bastard from Cannibal! The Musical, the final part from about 2:00 on is definitely my favorite part. Seeing how the whole town became whipped up into an ecstatic frenzy was hilarious. And watching people sing about capital punishment while doing the can can was a first for me. Plus, I loved their dance moves when they sing about how “When his body stops jerking we’ll know / it’s the end of him.”
Hang the Bastard from Cannibal! The Musical is great in that the choreography and melodies are in sharp contrast to the lyrics and subject matter of the song. It can always be interesting to see what your favorite artists were doing before the work you know them for. In this case, I’ve been watching South Park for over a decade, so the chance to see what Trey Parker was doing while he was a student in the early 90’s was great.

Hang the Bastard from Cannibal! The Musical, has all of the funny, ironic, and irreverent qualities that I’ve come to expect from Trey Parker. With that said, if someone ever asks me, “won’t you come to the hanging with me?” I think I’ll have to decline no matter how excited they are.

Bring Me My Bride – A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

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My freshman year of high school I took a World Civilization class. Pretty much the only thing I remember from it was Bring Me My Bride from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To The Forum. We watched the movie right before some vacation or summer break, and it was a welcome respite from all of the schoolwork. Maybe that is why it sticks out in my memory better than the details of the Qing or Ming Dynasties. Anyway, I found Bring Me My Bride from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To The Forum hilarious. While I hadn’t thought of it in years, a while back it came up as a suggested YouTube video, so I thought I should re-watch it. Today I finally had enough time to do just that, and it is no wonder it stuck in my head much longer than the rest of that World Civilization class did.

Bring Me My Bride From A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The Forum starts off with pounding horse hooves, a massive troop of marching soldiers, and an ominous military tone. This might make you think it is a serious song – if you know nothing about the rest of the movie. The song is able to keep up this stone faced façade for maybe the first three lines of the song, until Miles Gloriosus says “Come tenderly to crush her [his bride] against my side.”

From this point it quickly becomes apparent that Miles Gloriosus — whose name translates as Braggart-Soldier — is more than an adept warrior. Miles is also an evil and arrogant man who has to get his bride quickly as he has “people to degrade” and “women to abuse.” A concise snapshot of how annoying and full of himself he is comes at the end of Bring Me My Bride from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. Miles Gloriosus is about to dismount his steed and yells “Stand aside everyone! I take large steps.” Come on Miles, you can’t just take smaller steps? You’re in a crowded urban center! While Miles certainly seems like an accomplished man, I don’t think I would want my sister to become his bride. As powerful as he may be, he seems like an even bigger jerk.

Despite being into degrading people, oppressing the meek and abusing women, I have to admit he still seems pretty popular. The whole city, his troops, and even his own self all swoon over Miles Gloriosus. His army’s loyalty, and his own cockiness really come out in the following lines referring to his body:

Look at those arms!
Look at that chest!
Look at them!

Not to mention the rest.
Even I am impressed!

Another funny part that shows how loyal and enamored his soldiers are comes right after the girls start cooing for him at about 1:12 in the video. This happens after every line in the verse, except soon this very feminine moaning begins to alternate between coming from the ladies and coming from Mile’s own troops.

Despite plenty of funny lyrics, I thought that the very best part was the bit of slapstick at 0:43. Here one of the drummer’s takes a tumble and starts a train reaction of tripping. That in itself is a pretty cliché comedy move — what had me laughing was the way the final man to fall went down. He seems to look at the dog pile of laid out legionnaires and think “why not?” as he gently drops down on top of them.

I can’t remember much of the rest of the movie, but after seeing Bring Me My Bride from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum again, I am tempted to re-watch the whole film this weekend. Miles Gloriosus seemed like such an enormous jerk that it would be great to see his ego get knocked down hard. I’d happily watch the whole movie just because I really want to figure out if he gets some sort of comeuppance for his arrogant antics and to see how things go with his bride.