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I Wish I Could Go Back to College from Avenue Q

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Last week I went to my sister’s graduation. It was the first time I’d been on a college campus in years, so I immediately thought of I Wish I Could Go Back to College from Avenue Q. I had not seen the song since I was an undergrad, and most of the number was pretty irrelevant to me at that point. Now, armed with a B.A. and two years in the real world, I’ve decided to listen to I Wish I Could Go Back to College from Avenue Q again. Except this time, I’ll be able to do a little reflecting and check out how much sense it makes with my post-grad perspective.

One of the first lines is “What would I give to go back and live in a dorm with a meal plan again!” After a couple of years of struggling to cook for myself, often yielding to cheap take out, a meal plan sounds pretty great. The dorm room on the other hand, I’ll pass on. Rent may have been a non-issue for me during college, but I’ll happily pay to avoid the incessant noise, messes and communal bathrooms that come along with a dorm room.

The next verse is “In college you know who you are/You sit in the quad, and think, “Oh my God!/I am totally gonna go far!”” This one was pretty true for me, especially at the beginning of college. I knew I had four years of fun ahead of me, minimal responsibility, and plenty of new friends to make. I think that I Wish I Could Go Back to College from Avenue Q really captures the sense of ambition, idealism and optimism that me and many of my friends had in college.

Princeton goes on to sing, “I wanna go back to my room and find a message in dry-erase pen on the door!” That sounds nice in theory, but honestly, most of the dry erase boards I saw on doors were filled with inappropriate cartoons, profanity, or some mix of the two. However, Avenue Q is over a decade old and the characters would have been in college even longer ago, so I’ll cut them some slack. I bet my almost obsolete whiteboard would have been much more exciting back then, before everyone had cell phones.

The lines “I wish I could drop a class/or get into a play/or change my major/ or f**ck my T.A” give plenty of things to think about. I don’t have any classes, so the first part is kind of a moot point. I also have no idea how I would get into a play in the real world, but I certainly imagine it would be harder than it would’ve been in college. As for the T.A. part – I went to a small school where everyone knew everyone (and still does), so I’ll pass on commenting about that on the internet.

While I do sometimes wish I could go back to college, whenever I contemplate it I come to the same conclusion that the song does: “But if I were to go back to college/ Think what a loser I’d be/I’d walk through the quad/And think “Oh my God…”/ These kids are so much younger than me.” This completely checks out in my book. I remember when I was growing up not being able to tell the difference between college kids and people in their 30’s. Now I can hardly tell the difference between college students and kids who are too young to get their driver’s licenses. However, I’m sure they would be able to tell I am too old for college. All in all, I miss parts of college, but when I think about how pathetic it would be to go back for a meal plan and to shed some responsibility, I realize I am pretty darn happy in the real world.

13 the Musical – A Little More Homework to Do – An Awesome Song!

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13 the Musical is one that most people don’t remember or forgot about.  It was actually a really good show, especially if you have kids that are around that age and trying to figure out life.  The entire cast was made up of teenagers so it was an easy show for them to be able to relate to.  The show is also about issues and problems that the teenagers are going through.  It could be stress, being bullied, moving to a new city, making friends and avoiding drama.  That’s why I like the song A Little More Homework to Do from 13 the Musical.  It brings together all of the themes, the issues and story lines from the show and even adults can relate to it with their own lives.

During the song the main characters is being bullied by the Football player, being ignored by his best friend and the weird kid is trying to blackmail him.  It’s a song about what he needs to do and how he needs to try harder and also what he did wrong that could have helped to prevent him from being in that position.  Almost all of us have felt like we had no friends, we screwed something up or like the entire world is against us.

At work you could feel like everyone is out to get you.  In a relationship you could feel like you did something dumb and that is why your partner won’t speak to you.  In a social group, you could say the wrong thing, or because someone doesn’t like you they can start rumors or cause issues for you.  The song is about issues that teenagers face, but most adults can relate to it as well.

A Little More Homework to Do from 13 the Musical is an awesome showtune that helps you to get motivated and also gets you to think about how you can do things better.  It is sort of inspirational because you can use the characters singing to help you pull out of a depression and start fixing whatever is causing you to feel down.  A Little More Homework to Do from 13 the Musical can help you with anything from eating disorders to making up with friends or even just help you motivate to get through a work day where you know you are falling behind.  A Little More Homework is an awesome showtune and if you haven’t heard it before, it is a great one to listen to.  Here is A Little More Homework from 13 the Musical.

Phantom of the Opera Turns 25 – BroadwayReviewed’s 1,000th Like & More!

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Tomorrow is a huge day for both Broadway and  Tomorrow the Phantom of the Opera turns 25 years old.  I remember seeing it when I was younger and being amazed.  On our way to Hebrew School my sisters would always make my mom play it on the car tape player and all of us would sing along and love the music.  It’s scary that the show has made it for 25 years and is still going strong with Hugh as the lead role.  Unfortunately the cast has changed so many times, the scenes and special effects in the Phantom of the Opera have changed, but the music is still one of the best scores ever.

Whenever I see the show I always cry.  I don’t think I’ve made it through without at any of the shows I’ve seen.  I’ve probably seen at least 4 or 5 products and casts and each one has been amazing.  The music is amazing and even before the had LED lights, 3d effects and before Disney brought their insane stage effects, They managed to turn a stage into liquid and have a boat float across a river of floating and moving candles.  The candles rise and fall and they even got the audience to scream with a giant falling chandelier.  The Phantom performs an insane routine without being able to see in a huge mask at a ball and the audience always falls in love with the show.  The Phantom of the Opera is an amazing show and always one of my favorite ones to see or go to, no matter how many hundreds of times I’ve listened to it or seen it.  I can’t believe it’s 25 years old and there was a huge event for it which you can see in the video below.  Christine performs one of the classic songs and is surrounded by 5 different Phantoms.  What’s even more shocking is that Christine is played by Sarah Brightman and she even has Micheal Crawford on stage with her.  When you have a show that is as loved and amazing as the Phantom of the Opera and you get the original cast back together for a performance, it is a once in a lifetime event.

On another note, I just checked the FanPage on Facebook and we’re about to get our 1,000th fan!  Thank you everyone who reads this blog, comes here and clicks on the links to shop for broadway tickets (both locally and in NYC or in Europe) and supports this blog.  I love writing it and love having you all read and write posts when you want to.  Thank you again for reading and congrats Phantom of the Opera.

Are You Waiting for Love – I Know It’s Today from Shrek The Musical

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I’ve been going on a bunch of dates lately and doing the opposite of what I always thought. That instead of chasing and trying to find love, it would come find me again. Unfortunately I’ve come to the realization that I can meet some great people on dating sites, and although trying to find someone is fun….and a waste of time other nights, You can’t find love. You have to wait for it to come to you. With that said, at the same time, that doesn’t mean you should sit around and hope that it comes soon. You can do other things to help it find you.

You can go to parties and events, as well as have drinks with friends for a happy hour. You never know when you’re going to meet someone. The only way to meet a person is by being out there. You don’t have to force love to come to you, but you do have to at least make a move. That’s why I love the showtune I Know It’s Today from Shrek the Musical.

The song sort of reminds me of Happily Ever After from Once Upon a Mattress because it is about being bitter and goes through everyone else’s love and all of the other princesses finding their princess or having their princess rescue them. When Fiona sings I Know It’s Today from Shrek the Musical, she is singing to her stuffed animals about Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel and everyone else who she eventually meets in person and becomes friends with. The only problem is she is getting lonely as she grows older and is somewhat questioning if her prince will come for her.

It’s sort of like when you go on a few bad dates and it just seems pointless because everyone out there is getting worse and worse and you just keep getting older and older. The truth is that you just need to not give up if you really want to find love, because eventually it will find you. Some people don’t find it until they are in their 50’s and some find it when they are teenagers. You just have to be patient and you cannot focus on everyone else’s story. What you need to do is think of your own and wait for your true love to come find you, after you let him or her know how. Love is sort of like fate.

If you are meant to find love, you will find it. At the same time, even if you don’t find true love and the person you will be married to for the rest of your life, you can still have other times of love where you are with someone you honestly love, even if it doesn’t work out. It hurts when you break up, but the hurt feelings do go away and you’ll be able to fall in love again. I love the song I Know It’s Today from Shrek the Musical because it reminds me of going on dating sites and realizing that they just aren’t working. I know eventually I’ll meet the right person but until then, I’m going to continue to have fun and hopefully meet a great guy before then.

Showtunes about the USA 6 – Salt Lake City from Book of Mormon

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The song Salt Lake City or Sal Tlay Ka Siti from The Book of Mormon is one of my favorite songs from the show. Instead of being in your face and offensive or extremely funny like the others, it’s a gorgeous ballad that makes Salt Lake City sound like paradise. Sung by the African Girl who falls in love with Elder Cunningham, she listened to the Mormons talk about Salt Lake City and decided that Salt Lake City is a paradise where everything can be fixed and her life could be better.

The song starts out with the girl in Africa who is listening to these white boys talk about their religion. Eventually she listens and begins to believe in it. She also remembers her mom telling her of a place that wasn’t run by war lords who kill people for no reason and a world with plenty of food and medicine. After hearing the two Mormons talk about their god and their own city, she begins to believe that Salt Lake City is the place that her mom told her about. Unfortunately the real city isn’t exactly as she describes in the song, but at the same time, it is an awesome song to represent the city.

I love this song and have it on almost every play list. It is a beautiful ballad and one that is also sort of funny. The melody is perfect for both girls and guys to be able to sing and the song is extremely easy to memorize. It has quickly become one of my favorite broadway ballads and one that I think will stay on most of my playlists for a long time. The song is fun to listen to and if you ignore the words could be a unique and memorable song for any show that needs a gorgeous ballad. When you add the words in you get a gorgeous broadway ballad that will make you laugh when you hear about a city where flies don’t bite your eyeballs and human life has worth. Although it really isn’t funny because in her village that is true, the song makes you laugh and relax because it is a gorgeous broadway ballad. I highly recommend adding this song to any of your playlists as it is an awesome one to drive to, sing to and relax to. It probably isn’t a good one for a party list, unless you have a ton of theatre people over because they’ll join in and sing it. Salt Lake City is one of my favorite songs from the show The Book of Mormon and if you love ballads you’ll probably love it as well.