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National Coming Out Day – Whose Got Extra Love – Zanna Don’t

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In honor of National Coming Out Day I wanted to share probably the gayest musical there is, Zanna Don’t. Zanna Don’t is all about a world where the majority of people are gay and straight people have to come out of the closet. There are scenes about falling in love, having to hide who you are and one about a straight couple that falls in love and has to hide it. The main character Zanna is a flaming gay guy who goes around trying to help everyone fall in love and in the very end, he wakes up out of his dream and finds himself in our world where the majority of people are straight and he is the one who has to discover what it’s like to be different. The song Whose Got Extra Love from Zanna Don’t is the song I chose for this years National Coming Out Day instead of the song about coming out and staying in the closet.

The reason I chose Whose Got Extra Love from Zanna Don’t is because it is about finding love and happiness and if you aren’t ready to find that, then you probably aren’t ready to come out. Knowing that you are gay is tough and you can come out because you want to, but coming out when you’re in love with someone makes it easier because if your family disowns you, your friends throw you aside and you don’t have anyone who supports you, that one person who you love and are in a relationship with will help you and be there for you. That is why I chose Whose Got Extra Love from Zanna Don’t for this years national coming out day post.

If you are just coming out, have been out for a while or have a friend who you are helping come out, this is an awesome show for them or for you. It is all about being gay, it is tacky and extremely trashy and the music is actually kind of fun to listen to. It is a completely horrible show, but one that you’ll actually fall in love with and if you have someone that is just out of the closet or want something to do that most people don’t know and won’t expect, Zanna Don’t is an awesome show for that. It opens with Tank (the schools DJ, since a gay school would have a dj instead of a morning announcement person) welcoming you to their school and then Zanna Waking up in bed about to sing the song Whose Got Extra Love. Happy National Coming Out day everyone and if you know someone who is coming out, give them your support.