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I’m Not That Girl – Wicked – For Single People with Low Self Esteem

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I was at dinner with my friend last night and our server was talking about how he doesn’t think he’s cute. He was upset that he wasn’t an anorexic like the other servers at the restaurant or had a perfect body and how he felt like he had to compete with them. The thing is that not everyone likes anorexic guys or loud queeny twinks. To be honest, not many people actually do like them and it was kind of sad to see how he was upset and that he doesn’t get that most people can’t stand them. It also reminded me of the song I’m Not That Girl from Wicked.

I’m Not That Girl from Wicked is a song about not being pretty enough or talented enough or the girl that the guy you like would want to date. It’s like our waiter at the restaurant. The thing is that if you are competing with someone who is an anorexic and their life revolves around going to a club, their goals are to sell tshirts at a store in the mall and they think their life is over if they can’t get into a club, you are pretty lame. If you want to find someone of quality then you shouldn’t care about the guys who go for idiots like those other people, instead look for someone who likes you. My friend and I actually both thought the server was hot and were shocked when he almost cried because he didn’t like the way he looked. It was kind of insane. The issue with him is that he didn’t really get why he couldn’t find someone.

If you answer an ad or respond to someone who is in their late 20’s or older and has an age limit where you can’t be over 25, guess what, they aren’t looking for a relationship. They might date you, but when you get older and hit that age limit, they are going to move on and you just wasted your time. They want to date someone for their age. The person does have to be attracted to you so body type, top or bottom, etc… is important, but there are a ton of guys who are in shape or stocky that like stocky, fat, in shape, chubby, or not anorexic figures. The important thing is to find someone that likes you for you, can be attracted to you and doesn’t have hang ups on stereotypes, age or body types. When you meet the person who likes you for who you are, none of that will matter. It’s sad to see younger people feel like that, but most of us did at one point when someone we had a crush on didn’t like us back. Unfortunately for him he is working at a gay bar in DC and when I saw who his friends are, the things that don’t actually matter are what he cares about and until he realizes that those things aren’t important and he should focus on school, a job and not about what he thinks he looks like compared to other people, he probably won’t actually realize that he is cute and is just not thinking about what things are actually important. He sort of reminded me of the song I’m Not That Girl from Wicked because when he was talking it sounded like he was watching as everyone else was falling in love or getting the guy that they wanted and he was alone. Unfortunately he has the wrong friends and wrong idea of what is important but most people grow out of that when they get older.

For Good from Wicked – We’ll Miss You Rexanne

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I had a friend pass away who was a huge fan of every type of music. She was someone that helped to create my career, get me to start blogging and someone who was always there for me when I needed her. When I woke up this morning and saw our other friends saying they’ll miss her I was shocked. I don’t know if its harder to find out from a friend on the phone or to see a ton of messages on Facebook, but it is definitely hard to hear that someone who was an amazing person who actually didn’t have a bad thing about her, except for being extremely stubborn, dies. When I first saw on Facebook that she had died, I didn’t want to see that or think about it yet. I wasn’t ready to think about the fact that she had died. Instead I took a shower, fed my cat and made something to eat. When I was ready to look at Facebook again I went back to my computer and turned it on.

It’s amazing to see how many people knew someone and how many loved that person. It also makes it a little more sad because you see how many people are upset by that person passing away. When I was reading through all of our other friends posts I started to think of a song and For Good from Wicked came into my head. For Good from Wicked is the song where Galinda and Elphaba are saying goodbye to each other.

The two friends are standing in Fyero’s castle waiting for Dorothy and her friends to come kill Elphaba. Neither of them feel like they did everything they could have for each other and both of them know that it is the last time they will see each other. For Good from Wicked is the song where the two witches finally say goodbye to each other and let the other one know that they loved each other. They both apologized for not being the best friend to each other but they also both knew that they loved each other and would have done anything for the other one. They both had the same goals, they just wanted to achieve them differently so they went their own ways. For Good is one of the sadder songs in Wicked and one that makes almost everyone in the audience cry. It is an amazing song with incredible lyrics and music and it is the song that I first thought of when I found out that my friend had died.

Thank Goodness – Kristin Chenoweth – Perfect for Thanksgiving

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When I was thinking about showtunes that are perfect for Thanksgiving, I instantly thought of all of the political ones, the scene from The Addams Family where they are at camp and have the play about the Pilgrims and even thought about using Charlie Brown. Then when I was thinking about the perfect song to use I instantly realized that the perfect showtune for thanksgiving is actually the song Thank Goodness from Wicked. Thank Goodness is all about saying thank you for the things around you.

The munchkins are thankful that the Wicked witch isn’t bothering them. Galinda is thankful she has a fiance who “loves her”. Madame Morrible is thankful that she has been able to climb the political ladder and the fiance is thankful that he can escape and go find Elphaba. The song is actually one of my favorite songs from the show, even though it doesn’t have anything amazing in it like Defying Gravity with the huge dress and high notes or the Wizard and I with the really high notes and loud singing or For Good which is extremely emotional. The part of Thank Goodness that I love is the long note that Galinda sings and belts out.

The song is actually beautiful and even though it isn’t one of the best or most well known songs from the show, it is a great one and a perfect fit for Thanksgiving. Even though Kirstin Chenoweth isn’t doing Wicked anymore, her version of the song Thank Goodness is probably the best. In the video below, it takes a couple minutes before the camera shows the stage, but when it does you’ll see how amazing Kristin Chenoweth does with this song and how incredible she did in the show Wicked. Anyways, I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving an here is Kristin Chenoweth singing Thank Goodness from Wicked.

My Little Ponies take on Broadway – I am actually shocked.

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It is very rare that I ever shut up. The thing is that I love to talk and yell and sing and say whatever is on my mind. The problem with this video is that I really don’t know how to react. Someone actually took the time to take the My Little Ponies and have them lip sync and act out a few showtunes. But it isn’t just your normal video, the people who produced it actually went and got an entire stage, elaborate my little pony costumes and even built an entire set. I am assuming that they actually had a musical or my little ponies play and then a couple of the characters decided to do a spoof video of Dreamgirls and Wicked.

Anyways, the acting in it, for a my little pony singing and performing showtunes isn’t horrible. I love when the one pony lifts up her leg to kick over the milkshakes so that she can make a point in the first dreamgirls song. Then I love when that one turns into Elphaba and they bring in the next my little pony which is Galinda. I sort of wish they used a green my little pony instead of a blue one for elphaba, but hey, we can’t be that picky.

Anyways, I love the 1980’s and I love broadway and I love showtunes, so when you combine all three together in a really random way you either get something amazing or something that is a complete flop. I am still undecided on how I feel about this video. If it was at a showtunes night I would love it. If it is sitting here in my own home, I would think it is pretty lame. After I watched it I ended up thinking it was kind of cool, but still sort of stupid. Then i got to thinking about how hard it must be to be one of the dreamgirls and then a witch in a horse costume and sort of love it so that is why I am posting it here at Let me know what you think of the My Little Ponies perform Broadway hits.

Wicked Rock N Roll Version

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I don’t think I need to say much about this video except that it is absolutely the perfect mesh of classic rock and roll mixed with one of the most famous Stephan Shwartz songs from one of his latest musicals Wicked.  So what happens when Rock N Roll meets broadway?

Most of the time it forms a show like the Billy Joel Musical Movin on Out or Rock of Ages or the Queen Musical.  So what happens when broadway meets Rock N Roll, normally you get shows like Glee who cover songs from Rock N Roll stars like Madonna or Journey and everyonce in a while you get a broadway song that takes on a rock band and creates an instant hit.

The Wicked Rock N Roll version of Defying Gravity is above and beyond amazing.  Kerry Ellis does an amazing job as Elphaba and can make her voice not only go from Broadway but also have a Rock N Roll attitude.  The remix with the guitars and the drums is also incredible.  Then again how could you go wrong with a lead guitarist as famous and fabulous as well he doesn’t need an introduction if you love  Rock N Roll and know your bands.  Anyways, I heard this version of Defying Gravity last night at EFN Lounge Showtunes Night and had to share it with you all.  Here is the Rock N Roll version of Defying Gravity.   Please feel free to leave a comment below if you like the video or to click the little green retweet or tweet button in the top right corner to share this video and post with all of your friends on twitter.