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America from West Side Story – I usually don’t get political, but….

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I usually don’t get political, but I have some conservative friends who were talking about moving to Canada because of Obama. Others were talking about hoping to sucede from the US. The funny thing is that I don’t think they really thought of what they were talking about, especially the ones who were saying they were going to move to Canada. Here’s why it would make sense for Liberals if Romney won, but not why it would make sense for Conservatives any time.

1. Canada legalized gay marriage, at least in Ontario. Isn’t this something that they are completely opposed to? Isn’t this one of the reasons they are leaving the US?
2. Universal healthcare. They oppose this here, no matter who pushes through it and complain about people going to Canada to buy their perscriptions because they are cheaper. Why would they then do this, it seems a bit hypocritical.
3. Extremely liberal. Canada is one of the most liberal countries in the world. This should be a nightmare place for Conservatives. Instead a Conservative should check out Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or somewhere with a lot less tolerance.

The next thing is Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state.

I love this idea, but am kind of pissed they get to be a state before we do here in DC…just bitter about the no representation since we get none in congress. Our votes actually don’t count. Now to be serious, I think it is awesome that Puerto Rico wants to become a state. Just like Hawaii it is an awesome place to visit with a ton of great people. Why shouldn’t they want to join our country officially? It shows that America is still a great place, somewhere people want to move to and after being a US territory for a long time, we are finally at a place where they would want to join us as an official state. I think it shows a lot for America right now that they want to join and shows that this country may have issues, no matter if you are Democrat or Republican, but it is still moving forward. I think it’s a good sign and am excited to see them moving towards becoming the 51st state. That’s also why I think America from West Side Story is an awesome showtune for today.

America From West Side Story – Ok I Have Issues With this Songg

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Last night I was at showtunes at JRs in Washington DC and they played the song America from West Side Story. The song is awesome and one that everyone loves to sing a long to. Then all of the sudden I actually listened to some of the lyrics to America from West Side Story and I actually have a few issues with it. The song and the movie or musical version don’t make any sense at all to me.

The first thing that I have an issue with is that the girls are complaining about not having any room or space to yourself in Puerto Rico. It is crowded, cramped and there are hundreds of people in each room. Doesn’t this show take place in Manhattan New York? The last time I checked, even back then, Manhattan was extremely expensive, you didn’t get a ton o room unless you were a millionaire and almost everyone shared a room. When they are in their apartment singing, it looked like there were a ton of people in there anyways, so what’s the difference. I could be wrong and they could be very well off, they did have nice clothes, but if they were well off, why are they in a Gang and hanging out in a regular bar? Most New York socialites and millionaires probably aren’t in gangs and getting in knife or gun fights in the street. I also love the line about everyone there will have moved here. If they did, wouldn’t there be even more people there and wouldn’t it be more crowded making the girls that are complaining about San Juan have a reason to move back?

Anyways, there are a ton of issues I have with this song because it actually doesn’t make any sense to me. Tony runs through their section of NYC yelling the name Maria and only one girl responds? Maria was and still is an insanely popular name and Tony is hot as heck. It’s a bit hard to imagine that there is only one Maria in all of NYC, especially when I know a bunch of them that live there. Even if they didn’t like Tony, you’d think one would have said something and while we’re talking about it, how did she know it was for her? Besides his voice, she just randomly responds? Maybe she is the only maria in NYC.

The song America from West Side Story is definitely one of the most popular and famous songs from the show and one that everyone loves to sing a long too. When you actually listen to the lyrics of America from West Side Story the show ends up not making that much sense. The music is great and the songs are amazing, it’s kind of funny how they stop you from actually realizing that most of them don’t actually make sense. Anyways, it is an awesome song and an awesome show and if you can think of anything else that doesn’t make sense in West Side Story, feel free to leave a comment below.

A Boy Like That from West Side Story

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So I have been having a Romeo and Juliet relationship except instead of having to fight over a family fued or terf war with two racial gangs, the guy is severely allergic to my cat and my cat absolutely loves him. I don’t want to get rid of the cat (even though I am allergic to him as well) because I rescued him from a last minute adoption so they wouldn’t put him to sleep, and he is the sweetest cat in the world. (I’m also a dog person btw). Anyways, whenever I see the guy he makes cat jokes to me or says me or the cat and frost also always wants my attention, and his, when he is over so it is sort of like frost is the feud for me in my little Romeo and Juliet styled story. I also thought that the Romeo and Juliet feud in my life would come from my mom yelling at me for not marrying a nice Jewish boy and his family yelling for not marrying a Christian or in his own culture, but at the same time, I guess the cat feud is a much lesser evil so I’m lucky. It sort of reminds me of the song A Boy Like That from West Side Story.

Anita, Maria’s sister, doesn’t approve of Maria’s love for Tony. Because she’s from the Latino gang and he is from the White gang, the Sharks and the Jets, she is automatically biased. She sings a couple of lines about “A boy who kills, has no love” “A boy who kills, has no heart”, but what she excludes is that her own friends and their boys who are in their gang kill just the same amount. If her statements were true then they could not love and would have no heart either. It’s amazing how biased people can be and how they don’t see things both ways.

I rescued my cat from being put to sleep and even though I am allergic I love him. Lots of people say that cats don’t love their owners or that they have no heart and only care for themselves, but the reality is that my cat 100% loves and has a heart. He feels a ton of emotion, knows his name and comes when he’s called. He gives kisses and even likes to cuddle like a dog. Earlier tonight I was talking to the guy I have been dating and even though it is sort of over, he still made a couple of comments including one about the cat. It got me thinking of Romeo and Juliet romances where there is something blocking your ability to love each other and got me to think of the song A Boy Like That from West Side Story.

A Boy Like That from West Side Story is an amazing song. It is gorgeous, heartfelt and one that you can pull off very well if you like to be over dramatic and really belt out a couple of notes. Anyways, enough of me rambling about my cat and the guy I’m dating so here is A Boy Like That from West Side Story.