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Showtunes about the USA 5 – Chicago from Victor Victoria

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When you think about showtunes about the US or cities and states and you hear chicago, you probably think of the musical. Although the musical Chicago is awesome, there is another show that has a song called Chicago that is just as good and a lot more fun. Chicago from Victor Victoria has the dancing, the lingerie and all of the things you love about the musical, the one thing different is that it is all about fun, showing off and an insane blond who the entire audience falls in love with.

Chicago is sung by the flakey and fun blond that was dating the mobster King. When King thinks he is falling in love with Victor, a drag queen in Paris, the blond gets jealous and attacks him because he won’t put out with her. King quickly sends her back to the USA and that’s when you get to see her in her home town of Chicago and singing about being happy to be back.

The song Chicago is one of the best songs from the show Victor Victoria because it is one of the only high energy and funny ones that gets the audience laughing. You get to see a fun flapper girl styled number instead of the more serious and slower ones like Lady of Seville and it almost takes you back to when jazz and flapper girls were actually in style. The song gets everyone in the audience to laugh and give a huge applause and is one of the reasons that the blond character always gets a standing ovation during the final clapping when the characters come out. Because it is about Chicago, which was full of gangsters and mobs back in the day, and is somewhat relevant because of the happy and fun atmosphere, not to mention that they still have a ton of theatre and shows, I figured it was a perfect showtune to add to my list of broadway songs about cities and states in the USA. Chicago from Victor Victoria is a definite favorite of mine, but not one that I have on any playlists. I think I might add it to one for the summer though since it is a fun one.

I had a Julie Andrews Moment – Le Jazz Hot

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So I decided to do something so incredibly stupid this weekend, but it was for an excellent cause. I did the Avon walk for a cure in the Rocky Mountains. Now I normally dedicate my efforts with charity towards something like the Trevor Project or an AIDS charity like Broadway Cares, but I also enjoy getting together with my friends who do the Avon walk each year in a different city.

The Avon walk is a 40 mile 2 day walk of nothing but pink ribbons and boobs everywhere. When you add in the mountains and up and down hill walking if you try the Rocky Mountains walk, especially because I am from Washington DC, it is one of the most painful and god awful things you could ever do. At the same time, crossing that finish line with swollen feet, sunburned skin and 1100 other people, including numerous breast cancer survivors, you feel like you accomplished something huge. I am extremely happy that I not only raised nearly $2,000 for the walk, but I also completed something that not only took physical strength to do, but it also helped me mentally get over a few things that are bugging me in my life. I highly recommend that if you have never tried a 40 or 60 mile 2 or 3 day walk, you try it, if your doctor says you are able to. Not only do you feel amazing, after the pain goes away, from accomplishing something like the walk, but you’ll be fully charged to know that you can motivate and push yourself to do just about anything. So anyways, why is this a Julie Andrew’s moment for me? It isn’t because she whipped out her tits in the one show, it’s because of a small town near Keystone where I stayed. (BTW, if you’re in keystone, eat at Luigi’s Pastahouse. Seriously good food!)

When we were driving up from Denver to Keyston, we passed a sign that said Steam Boat Springs. Not only had I already been singing showtunes and driving my friend Jen crazy the whole ride, but when I saw the sign for Steam Boat Springs I yelled Stop The Car!!!! I had to have a picture in from of the Steam Boat Springs sign before we left. Unfortunately that didn’t work out so well. So if you want to know why a Steam Boat Springs sign is a Julie Andrew’s moment, you have to remember her performance in Victor Victoria. Not only does one of the most famous songs reference it, but it is one of the most memorable keyword phrases from that show and song. For some reason I always remember her singing “from Steam Boat Springs to La Paz.” Oddly enough there are actually jazz festivals all over the area as well. Because of the song and the festivals, I really wanted a picture of myself holding up a sign that said Jazz this way with an arrow pointing to Steam Boat Springs. It could also have been listening to Jazz this way with an arrow. Either way it would have completely been a Julie Andrew’s moment from the song Le Jazz Hot. Anyways, here is Julie Andrew’s singing Le Jazz Hot from Victor Victoria. This is one of my favorite songs from the show and that Julie Andrew’s sings. Ohh, btw, if you’re ever up here in the mountains…there is absolutely no gay life at all and nothing to do if you hate nature. Although it was absolutely gorgeous, with no house music, no gay bars and no showtunes, I’ll never be back. Just a heads up that you may want to stay in Denver and make it a one or two day trip at most.