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Showtunes About Transportation Week – 3 – Showtunes About Boats

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When trying to figure out what show to do for boats, I instantly thought Titanic and The Ship of Dreams. It’s a fun song that they play at Sidetracks in Chicago and they have audience participation with it when you throw napkins and yell at the screen. It’s almost like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Then I also remembered another awesome showtune which is from the Poseidon Adventure by Maureen McGovern and got stuck on which one I wanted to use. That’s why I decided to use both of these showtunes and theme it ships that sink.

The Ship of Dreams – Titanic.

Although the show sunk like the original ship, some of the music was great. What I love about The Ship of Dreams from Titanic is that you get to see a ton of amazing costumes as well as how large the actual cast is. If you see this showtune video being played at an actual Showtunes night in Chicago, you’ll also hear a ton of audience participation and everyone in the room singing a long to it. Especially the parts that no one knows where they sing blah, blah, blah, blah, blah to the tune of song. It’s actually kind of a fun showtune about the Titanic when you see it in Chicago.

There’s Got to Be a Morning After – The Poseidon Adventure

I love this showtune about ships as much as The Ship of Dreams because it has as much participation as the other song. Not only do people yell back at the screen, but it is almost funny to watch this horrible scene of another ship sinking, but luckily everyone is saved, and turn an emotional and scary scene of people sinking on a ship into a comedy. There’s Got to Be a Morning After from the Poseidon Advernture is one of the most famous movie showtunes. You hear it mentioned in pop culture still on shows like King of the Hill, Family Guy and a ton of other shows. Although people may not remember where the showtune came from, they all know Maureen McGovern and everyone knows the song which is why it is one of the most famous showtunes about boats

Broadway’s Titanic – Audience Participation

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Although the show Titanic on Broadway pretty much sunk like its main focus, it did become a huge hit at showtunes nights everywhere across the country.  Not only do people sing along “All aboard the Shiiipppp Titaniiicc” and make fun of the faster versus by singing blah, blah, blah, blah, blah but they also created an entirely fun audience participation routine to match the main song.

When the camera is scrolling along all of the people lined up from the back right to the front, you see an angry woman staring and also a woman put her fingers in front of her lips like she is saying, shh…. When you see the angry woman staring you’ll hear people yell Hey! She’s wearing my hat and all of the sudden you see the woman saying Shh….

Then when they break away from the line because the crew is yelling all aboard and people scatter, you’ll hear people at showtunes nights start yelling run for your lives, run for your lives.  Oddly enough if only Showtunes Audiences would have been there when the original ship launched.  If you’re a Mame fan, when you see the boy running across the stage, you can yell Run Patrick Run!   But the most fun part of the audience participation for the show Tiatnic is the end when they get everyone on board and finish the song.

Just before the song ends and they are casting off, everyone starts waving the cast away with napkins in their hands and then on cue everyone tosses them in the air and creates a fun and napkin filled room.  Kind of like confetti and waving off a ship leaving for a cruise or trip in real life.  Oddly enough it is also like waving this show off onto Broadway History for ever as well.

Although the Broadway Show Titanic sunk, it definitely made its way into broadway fame by reappearing at Showtunes nights across the USA and becoming a fun audience participation show and song.  Unfortunately it is only one song that people know and sing, but hey, that is better than most.  Titanic flopped and I would probably never go see it, but I do love how it made an appearance at Showtunes Nights and if you are ever in Chicago you have to go to Sidetracks for this song to really see everyone go crazy over it.  Titanic flopped but definitely became a hit with showtunes nights in most major cities.