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Lily’s Hazel Eyes from the Secret Garden – Father’s Day Showtunes Week

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As we continue with our week dedicated to the best broadway songs for Father’s Day about Dads, we thought of including one from a show where there is a Dad, but a Dad who has a new child coming in.  It’s a complicated story with this one.  Do we talk about his real son Colin or the new girl who has come into his life that reminds him of Lily who passed away and made him depressed for life.  Lily’s Hazel Eye’s is a song from the Secret Garden that makes you want to hug the two men singing.

Both have been hurt before and both have been in love.  Both of them are good people, but one of them who already has a child that he keeps in bed so he won’t get hurt by the real world now has a new child in his house that reminds him of the person he loved.  Lily’s Hazel Eyes is an entire song about him coming to terms with getting over his past love and being able to move on.  Because the girl reminds him of his true love, he realizes that maybe remembering her and having things around that remind him of her may not be a bad thing.  It is also the point in the show where he finally starts to lighten up and become human again.

Lily’s Hazel Eyes is one of my favorite showtunes of all time.  It is also one of the best Father’s Day showtunes because it is all about an Uncle becoming a Father for a new child and learning how to love again.  if you ever see the show you’ll probably cry during this song as it is very emotional and if they have a good cast, incredibly beautiful.  If you’re looking for Father’s Day Showtunes and you have a Dad who has a girl with hazel eyes and if her name is Lily, this is the perfect showtune for them.  Oddly enough we do have a Lily in our family and I think she may have hazel eyes so it’s kind of funny.  Lily’s Hazel Eyes from the Secret Garden is one of the best Father’s Day Showtunes and if you like it or don’t like it, please feel free to share why below by leaving a comment.  Thank you again for reading and come back again tomorrow for another Father’s Day showtune from Broadway Reviewed.

Linda Beers from The Kennedy Center is “Wick” & Amazing

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Last week I missed my ticket to see Irving Berlin’s White Christmas at the Kennedy Center because I had a flu with a fever.  When I called the Kennedy Center to see if there was anything they could do so I wouldn’t miss a show I paid around $100 for.  The first two people I talked to were fairly rude (they just sounded annoyed and agitated which really wasn’t a good experience), but the one said that I should call someone names Linda Beers who may be able to help me.  I figured why not try calling a third time since the third time’s a charm and I did.

I called Linda’s number and got her voicemail.  I left a message (guessing I would never hear back based on the other two people) telling her what happened and that I didn’t want to get anyone else sick at the show.  The next morning I got a phone call and it was a happy, perky and friendly Linda Beers.  Linda was amazing.  Not only did she ask if I was feeling better and thank me for not bringing the flu into the Kennedy Center, but she asked if it would be ok to call me back on Monday and then she could help me locate a seat so I wouldn’t have to miss the performance.  She even actually talked to me about Irving Berlin and how we both love his music.  It was an awesome experience talking to someone who works at the Kennedy Center who actually loves the arts and wants to make sure that everyone gets to have exposure to them.  That is why I called her “wick” above.  It is a song from the Secret Garden.

The song and term wick means that there is some life left within something, even if it looks dead.  When I was talking to other employees at the Kennedy Center, I felt like it was pointless and that they could care less about providing good service or helpful advice.  Then when I talked to Linda, it was clear that there is still life at the Kennedy Center that loves the arts and wants to help people be able to see and hear amazing shows.  She also proved that although numerous employees are there because it’s a job and not because they love the theatre and wanted a job in it, they still have some people who love what they do and really help people to fall in love with the theatre and performing arts.

I wanted to thank Linda for helping me get to see a performance of White Christmas and I’ll be putting my review up within the next couple of days.  I also wanted to share a kind of cool version of the song “Wick” from the Secret Garden that I found on YouTube.  This version is really neat because they use people and props as the set.  Because they did this they can have a moving set that is actually alive.  Even though the people blend in, the set is always alive so it’s kind of cool that they did this and they did it for the song “Wick” as well.

Wick from The Secret Garden – A Great Gardening Song

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So I was at the plant shop down the street looking for a topsy turvy tomatoe tree planter, which of course they didn’t have so I have to order one from Amazon, and I was looking through all of the plants. They had an entire section of plants that were pretty much dead which all of the sudden made a song pop into my head, Wick from the Secret Garden. The song Wick from The Secret Garden is one of those inspirational songs that’s supposed to tell you to not give up, things are going to get better and to be happy.

The thing about the song Wick from The Secret Garden is that you can either listen the messaging and look for the good in people and help them to bring it out if they seem like a bad person, or you can take it literally with no meaning behind it and think its all about gardening and bringing plants back to life. Unfortunately for the writer and composer, I decided to take it literally and when I was looking through the dead plants, which if I brought home alive would probably die anyways, I started to sing Wick from The Secret Garden.

Wick from the Secret Garden is a song that the helper boy on the estate sings to the lead character. He is showing her the garden and that the plants are not dead because “there is a single streak of green inside it”. When she realizes that the garden is not dead, it also sort of clicks in her head that maybe everyone from the sick boy in the house to her uncle’s heart aren’t dead either. Maybe if she can find a single streak of green in their hearts and their health that the whole estate can recover. The song is basically a metaphor for bringing things back to life and realizing that just because something looks dead or impossible to bring back to life, doesn’t mean that it actually is. Wick from The Secret Garden also happens to be a very fun song to sing and to listen to when you are planting in your own garden as well so it is also a win win if you need a soundtrack to garden to. This one is definitely on my top ten list of broadway songs to garden to.