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Showtunes about the USA 6 – Salt Lake City from Book of Mormon

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The song Salt Lake City or Sal Tlay Ka Siti from The Book of Mormon is one of my favorite songs from the show. Instead of being in your face and offensive or extremely funny like the others, it’s a gorgeous ballad that makes Salt Lake City sound like paradise. Sung by the African Girl who falls in love with Elder Cunningham, she listened to the Mormons talk about Salt Lake City and decided that Salt Lake City is a paradise where everything can be fixed and her life could be better.

The song starts out with the girl in Africa who is listening to these white boys talk about their religion. Eventually she listens and begins to believe in it. She also remembers her mom telling her of a place that wasn’t run by war lords who kill people for no reason and a world with plenty of food and medicine. After hearing the two Mormons talk about their god and their own city, she begins to believe that Salt Lake City is the place that her mom told her about. Unfortunately the real city isn’t exactly as she describes in the song, but at the same time, it is an awesome song to represent the city.

I love this song and have it on almost every play list. It is a beautiful ballad and one that is also sort of funny. The melody is perfect for both girls and guys to be able to sing and the song is extremely easy to memorize. It has quickly become one of my favorite broadway ballads and one that I think will stay on most of my playlists for a long time. The song is fun to listen to and if you ignore the words could be a unique and memorable song for any show that needs a gorgeous ballad. When you add the words in you get a gorgeous broadway ballad that will make you laugh when you hear about a city where flies don’t bite your eyeballs and human life has worth. Although it really isn’t funny because in her village that is true, the song makes you laugh and relax because it is a gorgeous broadway ballad. I highly recommend adding this song to any of your playlists as it is an awesome one to drive to, sing to and relax to. It probably isn’t a good one for a party list, unless you have a ton of theatre people over because they’ll join in and sing it. Salt Lake City is one of my favorite songs from the show The Book of Mormon and if you love ballads you’ll probably love it as well.

Book of Mormon Harry Potter Parody – Hello Video.

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I was looking for something to review today and I found this video parody of the Book of Mormon’s song Hello by a seriously talented kid who plays the characters from Harry Potter. The Book of Mormon Harry Potter Parody is extremely well done. The lyrics match up to the song from the show almost perfectly but make complete sense for Harry Potter instead. What I love even more is that it looks like it is the same girl playing all eight characters and doing them extremely well.

The Book of Mormon Harry Potter Parody video Hello is sort of only funny if you have either seen The Book of Mormon on Broadway, have heard the soundtrack or original cast recording if you’re a theatre buff and you are a fan of or have seen the Harry Potter books and movies. It has most of the major characters in it and each of them are holding a different book from the series. One of my favorite lines in the parody video of Hello from The Book of Mormon is when Harry Potter sings “This book is about my life” instead of the lyric “This book will change your life”. The entire parody is done well and each character stays in character and their lyrics match up to how they were in the Harry Potter books.

I absolutely love this parody and think that the girl in the video who does the Book of Mormon Harry Potter video has a huge career ahead of her. Not only did she do an amazing job playing all of the characters, but if she wrote the lyrics too, she is the next Miranda Sings or even Seth Rudetsky. If you haven’t heard the song Hello from The Book of Mormon, I put the video of it below the parody video so you can hear what the real version sounds like.

I Believe Video from The Book Of Mormon

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I believe from the Book of Mormon is one of my favorite songs in the show. If you’ve listened to the song you have pretty much figured out that it is about hearing something you didn’t expect to hear and just having to have faith in the decision that was made. It could be when you were a kid and your parents told you you couldn’t stay out past curfew or go to a party. It could be a boss saying you aren’t ready for the promotion and giving it to someone else and because you love the company, you decide to just trust that your boss was right and has your best interest in mind.

We’ve all had people who were in charge of us make decisions that we didn’t agree with, understand or like, but since we put our trust and faith in that person, we just trust that they have made the best and correct decision. That is what I would think the song I Believe from the Book Of Mormon is about.

Elder Price finds out he is going to Africa (or if you’ve seen the show you know he is already there) and unlike his partner who thinks its like the Lion King, he knows it can be dangerous. He knows he is going to be taking on challenges like a warlord who shoots people in the face. He knows things are going to be different there, and he knows he just has to believe that his God is mightier and will protect him.

I Believe from The Book of Mormon is a song about just believing. It is a parody of the Mormon religion in that they bring up random “facts” which may not make sense but at the same time, because they are Mormons they just have to believe in them. He has to believe that ancient Jews built boats and sailed to America as well as the Garden of Eden being in the middle of America. I Believe from the Book of Mormon is one of my favorite songs from the show and if you have or haven’t seen it yet you’ll also love it. You can buy The Book of Mormon Soundtrack and Book of Mormon Cast Recording or download the MP3s by clicking on the images in the amazon widget and you can watch the I Believe Video from The Book of Mormon below. Thank you again for reading and if you haven’t seen the Book of Mormon yet, you need to add it to the list of shows to see on your next trip to NYC.

South Park is Broadway Bound – The Book of Mormon

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I admit it, I am a huge fan of South Park.  Not only do I love the show but I actually have Eric Cartman Slippers in my bedroom.  The show is still funny after at least a decade of being on air and the episodes keep getting better.   I was bored when I woke up at 5am today…I hate when I fall asleep to early, and since there was nothing on tv I went to on demand and was watching south park.  Right before the first episode came on they played a quick commercial.  Usually the commercial is to promote another show or a series that is on sale.  This time it was a preview for South Park the musical on Broadway.  I know I was shocked too.

We all remember when South Park Bigger Longer Uncut came out and took the Movie Musical world by storm.  We even had a Canadian Robin Williams sing Blame Canada at a major awards show.  The songs were hilarious and some of them were even actually beautiful like Up There which was sang by Satan.  I think almost everyone in America went around singing Kyle’s Mom is a Big Fat B*tch as well for the next few weeks after the movie and episode ran; so I am only scared and excited to see what the South Park Musical on Broadway is about.

The South Park Broadway Musical is called The Book of Mormon.  The Book of Mormon Broadway Show has about a million different directions it could go in.  Think about the Mormons.  South Park The Book of Mormon could flip the word and become the Book of Morons (I am not saying Mormons are morons, just changing the letters to be a similar sounding word), it could be about polygamy, a ban on alcohol or in pure South Park fashion about nothing related to Mormons at all.  Instead it could be about giant monster Barbara Streisands and how Pink Alien Gophers who like Country Music created her and sent her here to start a Mormon religion while posing as a Jewish girl from NY.  I am completely excited about the show coming out and you can actually book South Park on broadway tickets now.  Pre show screenings and viewings are available and start on February 24th at the Eugene O’Neil theatre.  So I did lie about a couple of things.

I do know what the show is about a little bit from watching the preview that they released.  It is two Mormon people from Salt Lake City that go to Africa when they are on their Mission.  Once there, they see things that they have never seen before like AIDS, poverty and other plagues that are rampant in Africa, as well as many other places in the world.  When they see this for the first time they do what any good Mormon does best, preach about what they know and try to teach the Africans about being Mormon.  The Book of Mormon South Park musical may end up being like the King and I on Crack.  Getting to know you could take on a whole new meaning and with the insane minds of the creators of South Park with influences from the brains behind Avenue Q, this show could either really take off or fail miserably.  I cannot wait to go up to NY to see this show and will be booking my tickets asap.  If you go to see it or want to see it, feel free to leave a message below about the South Park Musical, The Book of Mormon on Broadway.