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BodyGuard The Musical Reviews – What did we think? Tickets on Sale Here!

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Last week I was in London so I had to go to the West End and see a show.  Oddly enough we went planning on seeing one thing, but ended up going to see The BodyGuard the Musical in the West End instead.  So what is our opinion or what are our thoughts on this show?  The BodyGuard the musical reviews are that it is 100% worth going to, but only for the second act.  Here’s why we hated the first act, thought the lead fell short for part of the performance and why it is still a must see show!

The Body Guard the Musical stays almost exactly accurate to the movie they took it from.  You have the same characters, I think the songs were out of order though and you have all of the major scenes.  You have the lead Diva Rachel whose sister Nicki is the real star, but is always in her shadows.  You have the really hot, but creepy stalker and killer, Rachel’s son, her Publicist, the rest of her group and of course, her BodyGuard Frank.  Here’s what my friend and I thought character by character.

Rachel Marron – Heather Headly – She is always freaking amazing.  Unfortunately she tried to take the songs and make them her own and sort of killed all but two or three of them.  She finished the first act by blowing us away with her incredible voice, but the rest of the act was spent watching the person who played her sister, Nicki.  Heather did an awesome job, but she needs to work on adding emotion and acting back into the songs and also not let the other cast members trump her incredible voice.  Heather, we love you!!!!, however we want to hear you belt out some amazing music like you can do.  Don’t try to make it your own, redo it, add in your ability to act and then add in your own voice and we’ll all still love it!  Don’t stop on notes and sing through your teeth…you are better than that!

Frank Farmer – Lloyd Owen – I thought he did great.  My friends thought he was trying to hard to be a 1920’s cop.  His voice and accent weren’t very good and although he did pretend to be a 1920’s cop, he did his part well, the acting was great and he kept in character during the entire show.  Good for him!

Nicki Marron – Debbie Kurup – You were f*cking amazing!  You took some of the hardest songs to sing, trumped the lead and then also added in your own acting, facial expresions and made them your own.  You stole the show and everyone was commenting about you.  Holy sh*t…you are incredible.  I will happily go to any other show you star in!

The rest of the cast had a couple of good actors.  The creepy stalker – Mark Letheren – Your acting scared the crap out of us, you got us on pins and needles and we were all scared to death of you!  Amazing!   I don’t know who played Fletcher the night we went, but that kid is amazing as well.  He could sing, dance and keep up with everyone else!

Unfortunately the first act will put you to sleep, but in the second act you will be going crazy.  When the cabin turns around and you expect the Stalker to be in there, you won’t be able to stop gripping your chair.  When Rachel sings I will always love you, you’ll be tearing.  When Frank gets shot, you’re mouth will drop.  The show takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions and one that you will want to ride again.  I have never been in a theatre where I felt like I was watching a movie that makes you jump out of your chair, scream, sing, dance and have fun.  This show was amazing in the second half and one that you need to see.  The BodyGuard the Musical Reviews are amazing and I highly recommend seeing the show.  You can buy tickets to bodyguard the musical on sale by going through any of the banners to the right of this post.  The Bodyguard the Musical reviews gets 4 out of 5 stars because of the second act.  If the second act was like the first one, the show would have gotten 1 out of 5 at best.