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I Wasn’t Going to See Stomp, Until I Saw This Video – OMG

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It’s very rare that I post a non broadway, showtune or movie musical video on this blog, but I love when you can find someone that has amazing rhythm and that can turn every day things into something that sounds like something else.  This guy not only turned buckets and pavement into something that sounds like a very expensive drum set, but he rocked them like there was nothing else in the world that mattered.  That made me think of the show Stomp which is coming or was just at the National Theatre and is currently touring across the US.  (You can find discount tickets to Stomp on tour here.  You’ll need to find the show and then log in to find when it is coming to your city).

I never really get excited for shows like stomp and usually don’t go out of my way to buy tickets to them.  I always forget how much I really enjoy percussion shows and the cool sounds and effects they can make.  Then I see videos of really talented musicians like the guy above and it makes me remember how much I love percussion shows like Stomp, Blue Man Group and others.

It’s absolutely amazing what they can do with regular things like pvc pipes, buckets and even saws and metal.  The scenes with the brushes going across the floor or even when they are just banging on everything are amazing.  I kind of wish I did buy tickets to stomp but unfortunately I think it has left DC already because I went to look for tickets to Stomp and found Rock of Ages and American Idiot instead.  Anyways, watch the video above and if that doesn’t get you excited to buy tickets to stomp, I don’t think anything will, unless you watch the trailer.  Stomp isn’t normally a show you get excited about because there aren’t any big songs or always famous celebrities, but there are a ton of talented musicians that can put on an amazing show with normal things that you can find in almost any hardware store or even your house.  If you didn’t buy tickets to stomp when it was in or didn’t want to buy tickets to stomp when it is coming to your city, the video above will probably help to convince you why you should.  Click here to buy broadway tickets as well as touring casts and local shows.