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Showtunes About Transportation Week – 5 – Trains

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Before any argues the showtune Another Hundred People Just Got Off of the Train from Company, I don’t think there is a show more dedicated to trains than a show that “stars” them called Starlight Express. Starlight Express is a bunch of people on rollerblades that are train cars that race each other. Just like many other Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals, each train has an emotion, a theme and songs about them. The show is actually kind of fun and what’s neat is that the stage actually comes out into the audience a bit so that the Actors skate right by you. I remember seeing Starlight Express when I was a little kid.

I thought it was incredible to see the trains on the movie screens and then all of the sudden they would come skating out. They would go up and down ramps, spin and look like they were flying. It was one of the most incredible shows and a perfect one for you to bring kids to. Not only do the trains entertain them, but the music was actually fun as well since it is about trains if you’re a kid and about a love story and wanting to be the best if you’re an adult. The show was perfect for everyone of all ages and I still remember being in the audience and being amazed with how well the cast was able to sing and dance on skates, not to mention come out of the movie screens. It’s kind of funny how Andrew Lloyd Webber can take something like a train or a cat or any other random object, write a ton of stories about them, then write music to match the story and come out with an amazing show.

He takes a ton of types of trains like a coal train vs. a steam train and then has an old train, a caboose, an engine, etc… and creates characters for them as well as songs. Then he combines them all together and has them compete while also telling a love story. That is one of the things that makes him unique with his shows and one of the reasons that there are so many people who flock to his shows. When I was thinking about what show or showtunes to write about or include for trains, this was the only one that I think was absolutely perfect for it.