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8 Awesome Gifts for Any Phantom Fan

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What do you get for that special someone in your life who is obsessed with Phantom of the Opera? You know, the one who yells “Why don’t you just drop a chandelier on my head” or “take that to the crypt”.  Well, we found the perfect present for any one who obsesses more than Opera Ghost while Christine is on Stage.

If you’re ready for that unique gift for a Phantom fan, here are our top 8 picks.

Phantom of the Opera ‘I Survived the Falling Chandelier’ Coffee Mug

Any fan that has seen the chandelier fall will love to start their day sipping out of this mug while reminiscing about all of the masked troublemaker’s mischief. Click here to buy this Phantom of the Opera Coffee Mug!

You can help the biggest Phantom fans in your life travel in style with these excellent gifts…

Phantom of the Opera Red Death Costume Tote Bag


All I Ask Of You from Phantom – Showtunes to get Engaged To

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I was originally thinking of the song Think of Me from Phantom of the Opera when I was going to write this post because the guy I started dating was on a cruise.  Think of me would have been perfect for an broadway engagement song because it not only talks about thinking of the person and not being able to get them out of your head, but it is also a gorgeous love song.  The problem is that it is more about meeting someone new and not getting engaged, that’s why All I Ask of You from Phantom of the Opera is a better showtune about getting or being engaged.

All I Ask of You from The Phantom of the Opera is a classic showtune about being proposed to, getting engaged or asking someone to marry you.  When you’re proposing to someone, you’re declaring your love for them.  You’re telling them you’ll be with them forever and that you’d do anything for them.  You’re letting them know you want to be with them for the rest of your life and in return, you just ask for them to love you, be with you and return the same feelings.  That’s why All I Ask of You from The Phantom of the Opera is the perfect broadway song about getting engaged.

Christine meets the man she loves.  They are singing to each other about being in love and the song is basically their engagement.  They are declaring their love for each other and even though it will lead to an issue with the Phantom, they won’t let his anger or threats stop them.  The entire song is about getting engaged which is why it made it onto our theme this week for broadway showtunes about getting engaged or getting proposed to.  This song is one of my favorite to listen to when I’m cleaning, working or even just driving.  It is one of the more classic songs from Phantom and one of the ones people love most when they are watching the show.  Even though you don’t instantly think of it when you think of the show, All I Ask of You from The Phantom of the Opera is one that you will fall in love with when watching the show and is one that is perfect for this week’s theme of showtunes about getting engaged.

Phantom of the Opera Turns 25 – BroadwayReviewed’s 1,000th Like & More!

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Tomorrow is a huge day for both Broadway and  Tomorrow the Phantom of the Opera turns 25 years old.  I remember seeing it when I was younger and being amazed.  On our way to Hebrew School my sisters would always make my mom play it on the car tape player and all of us would sing along and love the music.  It’s scary that the show has made it for 25 years and is still going strong with Hugh as the lead role.  Unfortunately the cast has changed so many times, the scenes and special effects in the Phantom of the Opera have changed, but the music is still one of the best scores ever.

Whenever I see the show I always cry.  I don’t think I’ve made it through without at any of the shows I’ve seen.  I’ve probably seen at least 4 or 5 products and casts and each one has been amazing.  The music is amazing and even before the had LED lights, 3d effects and before Disney brought their insane stage effects, They managed to turn a stage into liquid and have a boat float across a river of floating and moving candles.  The candles rise and fall and they even got the audience to scream with a giant falling chandelier.  The Phantom performs an insane routine without being able to see in a huge mask at a ball and the audience always falls in love with the show.  The Phantom of the Opera is an amazing show and always one of my favorite ones to see or go to, no matter how many hundreds of times I’ve listened to it or seen it.  I can’t believe it’s 25 years old and there was a huge event for it which you can see in the video below.  Christine performs one of the classic songs and is surrounded by 5 different Phantoms.  What’s even more shocking is that Christine is played by Sarah Brightman and she even has Micheal Crawford on stage with her.  When you have a show that is as loved and amazing as the Phantom of the Opera and you get the original cast back together for a performance, it is a once in a lifetime event.

On another note, I just checked the FanPage on Facebook and we’re about to get our 1,000th fan!  Thank you everyone who reads this blog, comes here and clicks on the links to shop for broadway tickets (both locally and in NYC or in Europe) and supports this blog.  I love writing it and love having you all read and write posts when you want to.  Thank you again for reading and congrats Phantom of the Opera.

Phantom of the Opera Halloween Party in DC – You’re Invited

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I met some awesome people at happy hour tonight and they invited me to their Opera themed Halloween party this year. Hot topless men serving food and drinks, full bar and tons of opera themed costumes, how can you resist going? Not only did I think Phantom of the Opera party, but when they showed me the house, I fell in love and will definitely be there. I just can’t figure out if I should do drag or go as the Phantom. Tons of people will be going as The Phantom of the Opera, which is a hot costumes, but not many will do full drag in a masquerade ballgown. Although I want to do the full ballgown, I think I might actually do The Phantom of the Opera, but change it around to make it more of my own version.

If you want to come to the Opera Halloween party in Washington DC, they said it was an opened invite. If you cannot read the information on the invite I posted here, leave a comment with your working email address and I’ll make sure to send you the information so you can come. The house holds hundreds so it should be an amazing party with a seriously fun theme. If anyone else from DC wants to split a cab out to Alexandria where the party is, let me know and we can go together.

The Phantom of the Opera is an awesome halloween musical and one of my favorite shows. I am completely excited to get to go to this party and cannot decide to do drag or do The Phantom of the Opera for the Opera Halloween party in DC. If you are going or think I should do drag or go as the Phantom, feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you think I should dress as. If you want to come to the party, let me know and we can match or even head over together. I hope you all have a fun Halloween planned and I cannot wait for this Opera Halloween Party.

It’s kind of fun to create your own show from random showtunes

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I was listening to my iPhone playlist on the way to the beach this past weekend it was having fun combining songs together to make a new show out of different songs. One of the things I love about showtunes is that you can listen to a song and think that it means one thing or is about one thing, but when you see the show it becomes something completely different. If you take the songs that can easily have a different meaning, you can then place them with other showtunes and create a brand new story line. One of the ones that I was thinking of started with impossible from Cinderella, then Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera and then Last Night of The World from Miss Saigon.

So this one doesn’t really take on an entirely new meaning, but the songs could flow into each other theme wise. Musically it would be sort of a nightmare, unless you place it back into an operatic or old styled show. You start with the person who wants to go to a party but thinks its impossible. She wishes she could go, meet someone to fall in love with and then get married and have the happily ever after ending.

She goes to the party in her new gown which leads into Masquerade from Phantom. As they are there and singing, you can add in some dialogue and a new routine. The two bump into each other and maybe dance, maybe the guy she falls in love with is the Red Skeleton character or maybe they just pass each other by. Another option is to have her get scared and avoid the guy all night. Then when she goes to take a break outside, she runs into him or he comes out and runs into her. That’s when Last Night of the World comes on. The fun thing is that you can have some dialogue come on or you can even have them watching two others who are in love sing it and let it play into their relationship.

Anyways, here are those three songs from the movie or theatre versions. Feel free to leave your own favorite combinations below in the comments section.