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Which is Your Favorite Wednesday? Addams That is!

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Wednesday Addams is one of the most loved characters in The Addams Family, but there have actually been several different versions of Wednesday over the years. If you’re a fan of The Addams Family, you probably have a favorite version of Wednesday.  But which one and why?

Which Version of Wednesday Do You Prefer: TV, Movie or Broadway?

Wednesday Addams – The Original TV Show Version

The original Wednesday was a cute little girl who loved to dance and was a bit happier. If you’re a fan of the original The Addams Family tv series, you’re definitely familiar with the classic Wednesday Addams dance. Just in case you need a reminder, here’s a clip of Wednesday teaching Lurch how to get down:

Of course, this clip is from the original black-and-white television show that aired for two seasons in the mid-1960s. But Wednesday also appeared in The Addams Family movie, played by Christina Ricci, as well as the The Addams Family Musical.  These versions of her character took a completely different life…pun intended…of their own.

Wednesday Addams – The Movie Version

Unlike the original Wednesday Addams, who taught Lurch Lurch how to shake what he’s got in a lighthearted, purely humorous way, Christina Ricci plays a darker character.

Not unlike many real life teenagers, Ricci’s version of Wednesday is almost brooding. She’s quiet, reserved, soft-spoken but serious. She rarely smiles, and when she does, it’s pretty creepy!

Contrast this version with the original Wednesday Addams, who is very much a little girl – perky, upbeat and, well, girly.

The Addams Family musical, however, portrayed a blended Wednesday – the best of both worlds.

Wednesday Addams – The Broadway Version

The Broadway version of Wednesday Addams is a mix between the cute little girl who taught Lurch how to dance and Ricci’s serious teenage version.

This Wednesday is kind of a normal teen, but she still maintains that unmistakable Addams Family outlook. She still enjoys dark things like her parents and siblings. But she’s not too dark and brooding to belt out a show tune or participate in a dance number.

This Wednesday is a mixed bag of emotions (something any parents of teenagers can probably relate to), but definitely not as dark as her Hollywood counterpart.

Everyone can relate to Wednesday Addams in some way. But do you like the small, cute, miniature dance instructor from the original TV series? Maybe you prefer the serious, dark teenager that Christina Ricci played in The Addams Family movie. Or maybe you like Wednesday from the Broadway musical version of The Addams Family.

Either way, we can all agree on one thing: Wednesday Addams is one of the most memorable fictional characters ever, no matter which version you prefer.

strange magic reviews

Strange Magic Reviewed & The Love Potion Song

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The other week we went to see Strange Magic, the new animated movie by George Lucas.  What we didn’t know what that it is actually a movie musical.  An even bigger surprise was that the guest star is Kristin Chenoweth who as always is amazing.  Overall the movie musical gets 3 out of 5 stars.

You may be wondering why combining George Lucas with Kristin Chenoweth could only get 3 stars?  Simple, they tried too hard.  Don’t let that stop you from seeing the movie though…here’s why.  (more…)

rock of ages las vegas reviews

Rock of Ages Las Vegas – Is it Worth It?

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rock of ages las vegas reviews

Normally I rip apart Las Vegas shows since they are quicker, cut them down and the audience wants to leave and go party.  When I was at a work conference last week, Ceaser’s entertainment comp’d me tickets to another one which turned out to be front and center seats for Rock of Ages Las Vegas at the Venetian/Palazzo.  So what did my friend and I think of Rock of Ages Las Vegas?

(Quick side note, you can buy tickets for Rock of Ages Las Vegas here or click here to find discount tickets to rock of ages in NYC, touring casts and other broadway shows.)  (more…)

Neil Patrick Harris Christmas Performance at Disney

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Ever since he hosted his first Tony Awards, Neil Patrick Harris has been putting together fun performances with a ton of guests, comedy and jokes for numerous events, festivals and now holiday parades.  When you combine him with a ton of amazing cast members, characters from Disney, Star Wars and both Orlando and Hollywood, you get something that is completely ridiculous and amazing.  That’s why I wanted to share Neil Patrick Harris hosting the Disney Christmas parade this year for our annual Christmas showtunes post.


Drag Queen Performs If You Got It, Flaunt It From The Producers

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My friends and I went shopping in Rehoboth for Black Friday and of course we ended up going to Blue Moon (It’s the only bar open in the winter for the most part) and because it’s our favorite.  Luckily there was a drag show that night and the ladies were performing showtunes!   You may be curious why I said luckily and drag show in the same series of words.

If you know me then you know I avoid drag shows.  They can be boring, annoying and obnoxious.  Normally that’s true, but when you go to a drag show at Blue Moon in Rehoboth Beach, you get an actual show…not just great drag queens lip syncing.  That’s why I’m very happy to share this lovely lady performing If You Got It, Flaunt It from the Producers.