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The Duck Joke from My Favorite Year

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If you’ve ever had to train someone at work, on a project or even just when volunteering somewhere, you’ve probably run into the person that no matter what cannot learn a damn thing. Not only is it frustrating, but you almost want to give up and sometimes do give up. It isn’t always the person’s fault that they can’t learn, just like it isn’t your fault that you aren’t always able to teach everyone. Sometimes two people just aren’t able to share information or teach each other how to do things, an that is sort of what The Duck Joke song from the show My Favorite Year is about.

The song Funny or the Duck Joke Song from My Favorite Year is about a girl who just wants to learn to be funny. Unfortunately, being funny isn’t in her nature. Neither is learning vocabulary, memorization and probably public speaking. Lucky for the character though, sometimes not being able to remember a joke and messing it up on stage entertains the audience and gets everyone to laugh.

Anyways, The Duck Joke song from My Favorite Year is one of the most famous songs from the show and is a definite crowd pleaser if you get to see a revival of My Favorite Year. The joke is actually funny and what else is funny is watching the main character try to learn it. You watch as she tries to memorize and repeat it back to the other lady, but unfortunately she just cannot get it right. For any of you who have tried to teach someone anything in the past, but that person just couldn’t learn what you were teaching, you’ll completely sympathize with the teacher in this song. Unfortunately in the real world you cannot always just hand the student an accordion and walk away saying they are hopeless, but you can sometimes give them a brush off and just say good enough. Anyways, here is the song Funny or The Duck Joke from the show My Favorite Year. Please feel free to leave a comment below or share it with your friends if you like the song, and come back if you are ever trying to teach something to someone and the person just doesn’t get it. The Duck Song from My Favorite Year is definitely a fun stress reliever song if you ever have a hard to teach student.