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Ascot Gavotte from My Fair Lady

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So I kind of hate My Fair Lady, but at the same time I always end up singing a long with it whenever I hear any of the songs played at showtunes night at JRs.  One song I never really thought to much about was Ascot Gavotte. It’s not a normal showtune where you sit there and sing a long or enjoy or have fun with, but when I asked someone who works with me what her favorite showtune ever was, she instantly said Ascot Gavotte from My Fair Lady.

Ascot Gavotte is the scene that is performed at the race tracks when the main character Eliza yells out “Move Your Bloody Ass” to the horse in the horse races.  I thought that might be the reason that the person I work with likes this showtune, but when I asked her she actually didn’t even mention Eliza’s outburst.  Instead she said she loved it because she remembers watching the movie with her Grandpa.  This scene stood out to her because she thought the choreography was amazing because everyone would dance or move on their own and then all of the sudden all of them would freeze and move in unison to watch as the horses would race.  Something always amazed her with how the Actors could be that coordinated to be able to all of the sudden freeze and move together and all have the same look on their face.  The truth is that it actually isn’t that hard, especially after you’ve rehearsed it a million times and had a director yelling at you if you are off.  It also helps when you have a ton of dancers in the cast because they are used to counting notes and moving even when the room is quiet while keeping the same rhythm as everyone else on the stage.  When looking for a good cast or fun clip of Ascot Gavotte to add to this post I ended up finding the London Revival cast of My Fair Lady and instead of looking like something from My Fair Lady, it almost actually looks like the dance scene from Wicked.

If you look at the costumes, the background and even the movements, they are almost exactly the same style as the dance scene in Wicked.  They have crazy hats and insane hair and everyone moves in their own directions and then all of the sudden together.  It was kind of cool to see another routine that was almost the exact same as one of the most popular scenes in Wicked.  The biggest difference is that this cast is wearing all black and in Wicked they were all wearing green.  It also made me realize why she loves this scene from My Fair Lady.

I love the dance scene in Wicked because of the music and costumes and the way that the cast interacts with each other.  I love how everyone moves and then freezes and how they go from being in unison to doing their own routine and then all of the sudden everyone is back to being in unison.  It’s amazing to see how a cast can turn a scene that is used to change the mood, sets and costumes into something that quickly becomes one of the audiences favorite scenes and one that almost everyone remembers.  I guess that’s why she loves Ascot Gavotte from My Fair Lady.