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Memphis The Musical Original Cast Recording Giveaway

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I love when you go to a show and you remember something amazing about it. Certain shows you remember the music from it like Phantom, others you remember a character like in Les Miserables or a routine like in any show that focuses on dancing or comedy and sometimes you don’t remember much of it but still enjoyed the show. Although the only character’s name that I remember is Huey (because he was seriously funny), I actually remember more than half of the songs and fell in love with the music in Memphis the Musical.

Memphis the musical is all about music which is why it was important for them to get the music perfect for it. They cover everything from ballads to rock and roll and also have R&B throughout the show. The whole store is about a white DJ that loves “colored” music and wants to play it on the radio. He eventually finds this singer from a club in the black part of Memphis and instantly falls in love with her and her voice. Unfortunately her brother gets in the way and tries his best to keep them apart. Huey makes a deal and promises her that he will get her on the radio and that she will be a hit. He believed in her music and “colored” music enough that he broke into a DJ booth when interviewing for a job and took over so that he could put “real colored music” on the radio and introduce rock and roll to Memphis.

Memphis the musical has an amazing cast recording and almost every song on it is incredible. Because I fell in love with the music from Memphis, I wanted to share it with all of you and with one lucky reader, you can win a copy of the original cast recording of Memphis the Musical from To enter our Memphis the Musical cast recording giveaway, just read the rules below on the Rafflecopter raffle and enter as many times as you’d like or can. Most of the ways to enter are able to be done each day so don’t forget to come back and enter as many times as you’d like. I’ve also included a way for you to get 25 entries and a chance to have a blog post placed on

Thank you again for reading Broadway Reviewed and good luck with the giveaway. I’ll announce the winner of the Book of Mormon cast recording giveaway shortly as well. Have a great weekend and good luck!

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Memphis on Broadway Reviews – The Touring Cast of Memphis Reviewed

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When you hear of the show Memphis you know there is going to be something about race. The story is about a white disc jockey back when everything was segregated and the birth of rock and roll was about to begin with a black girl named Felicia, because as Felicia knows, Rock and Roll is just “black, negro music sped up”. So if I were going to give the touring broadway cast of Memphis a review, I’d give it just to the middle of the dial, which in the show means 4 out of 5 stars. Want to know why?

In other broadway reviews, I’ve been kind of harsh, and with this one I won’t be any different. The show was awesome. It got me laughing, saying wow with a couple of the vocals and the dancing was great. I also loved the story line, but at the same time I had already seen this entire show before. It just wasn’t one show in particular, it was a bunch of them combined.

To me, The show Memphis is a mix of West Side Story, Hairspray and Dream Girls. To be honest, if you’d watch all three in a row you’d have the same show, you’d only have spent more time in front of the TV. The choreography of Memphis is almost exactly like Hairspray but with a few extra flips and acrobatics. The music also somewhat seemed like a rip off at certain points. They did however tweak it to make it their own. The storyline is also very similar to the show Hairspray, but this story line created a show I would actually go back to see again probably one more time at the most. The theme was definitely stolen from West Side Story and I could almost see the Sharks and the Jets on stage with the ballet and the acrobatics. There was even a routine that I could have sworn would have been America from West Side Story if I had ear plugs in or had the cast recording playing on my iPhone so I had the show blocked out. The Dream Girls part of the show is because of the overacting and the drama with trying to make it famous. You also get some amazing gospel voices and rhythms throughout the show that sound a lot like Ephie’s character. If you’d combine those three amazing shows and put them into one, you get dancing, comedy, great singing, a political message and an amazing job of combining them called Memphis.

If someone asked me what I actually thought of the show or for Memphis Reviews, I’d have to say that it is 100% worth seeing. Especially because you can get awesome deals on broadway tickets by clicking on the banners to the right or the link before this that says broadway tickets. You’ll get a show with incredibly fun choreography, some great jokes and comedy as well as incredible singing. Some noteable voices and acting in the touring cast of Memphis include Alexander Aguilar who played Huey in the version I saw. His acting was dead on and even though he is an understudy, he should be given the role for the energy and fun that he brought to the show. Felicia Boswell who played Felicia has an incredible range and great pitch within her voice. She is also able to change from a young girl to a mature lady within the show and you would never have guessed it was the same girl. Will Mann who played Bobby and sang Big Daddy’s Got Big Love, worked it out on the show. Not only did he shock everyone with his ability to dance, but his voiced completey kicked ass!

For Memphis Reviews or the Touring Cast of Memphis Reviewed, I give the show 4 out of 5 stars for it’s energy, choreography and ability to get everyone singing, dancing, and laughing. I loved the show, but think that the choreography and some of the stage direction was purely ripped off of other shows which is why it doesn’t get the fifth star. If you are looking for a show in NYC or you are thinking about going to see the touring cast of Memphis, I highly recommend it as it is a very fun show to watch and you will definitely want the cast recording after. Click here to buy broadway tickets including Memphis on tour. It’s a great show for a night out and an even better show for a date.