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Love Never Does, Sequel to The Phantom of the Opera

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One of the most well known and loved shows is The Phantom of the Opera.  Not only does it have amazing music, but it has one of the most memorable love stories.  I’ve seen The Phantom of the Opera at least 4 or 5 times and each time I fall in love with it again so when I heard that Andrew Lloyd Weber created a sequel to The Phantom of the Opera I couldn’t wait to hear about it.   I almost went to see it but got front row center stage seats for Les Miserables so I went to see that instead of Love Never Dies.

Love Never Dies takes place about 10 years after Christine leaves for America with her lover to escape from the Phantom and from France.  She gets to America and begins her new life but can’t help to remember that she had also loved the Phantom.  Just like the title Love Never Dies, the love between Christine and the Phantom doesn’t die so when the Phantom comes out of hiding in the theatre, he approaches the old instructor and convinces her to bring him to America to find Christine.

When he gets to America he discovers Coney Island and the freak show there.  Not only does he immediately fit in but he also takes over and ends up running it.  With his new theatre and new home it is time for him to find Christine and see if they can fall in love again.

Love Never Dies is an amazing show that adds in cirque de soliel styled acts and just like other Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals, amazing music.  When you combine the love story of The Phantom of the Opera with amazing effects and really cool circus acts you end up with an incredible show.  The plot twists and changes and the music is absolutely amazing.  I don’t think anything can top the music from the original Phantom of the Opera but the music in the sequel Love Never Dies is just as beautiful. I haven’t actually seen Love Never Dies yet but I absolutely love the new story line for the characters of The Phantom of the Opera and cannot wait for it to either tour or come to the USA.  Love Never Dies looks like an amazing show and if you have seen it, feel free to leave a comment below.