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Happy Labor Day – Two Songs About Two Types of Co-Workers

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Almost 6 years ago I got tired of back stabbers, kiss asses and everything else that makes jobs suck!  I hated the boss that only cared about the people that would kiss his butt and even worse, watching lazy people get promoted above people that could actually do their job.  Instead of sitting down and bitching about it like most people, I got up and quit.  It was as easy as that.  To be honest, it was extremely terrifying but insanely rewarding.  The thing I couldn’t stand most was being stabbed in the back, having people take credit for the work I was doing and the people above me thanking them for everything I did.  That is why for Labor Day I wanted to wish everyone who has these people in their lives a nice and relaxing day off.

I struggled a few times over the first few years worrying about paying rent, other agencies and “friends” trying to steal clients (you learn fast who you can and cannot trust) and sometimes how I was going to keep my sanity.  That’s one of the reasons I started this blog.  What I learned is that I would never give up on anything, I learned that if you are good at what you do you can survive and do it for yourself and that I would never want any of my employees to have to deal with the insane people that try to climb the corporate ladder.  Now that I have a couple of people who work for me, I can give them the job I would have killed for and loved and I hope they enjoy it.  For those of you who are stuck in the word world, remember, if you work hard, stay late every day and really kick ass, you can move ahead (I was a VP by the time I hit 25 or 26) and even when people try and stab you in the back, don’t go for revenge.  Instead, let them fall on their face.  It’s ok to forgive, but don’t give them your trust without them really earning it and remember, the first chance they get they will stab you again and never think twice about it.  Here are two broadway songs that I think anyone who has dealt with these people or are one can relate to.

OMG You Guys from Legally Blond the Musical

OMG You Guys from Legally Blond the Musical is about Elle getting ready to get engaged.  We all know she is about to get dumped, but instead of moping and pouting, she gets back on top and gets ready to kick some ass.  Instead of sleeping with a professor, stabbing the girl who is engaged to her boyfriend or even being a b*tch, she works hard, studies and goes for it.  She doesn’t hurt anyone, she has a positive attitude and she makes it in the end…not to mention falls in love.  Elle reminds me of the person who works hard and continues to fight, even when everyone else is against her.  She is that hard working person that never gives up and makes it in the real world.  I have never met anyone that had the drive, wasn’t lazy and couldn’t make it.  That’s why I love Elle and the song OMG You Guys from Legally Blond the Musical.

Killer Instinct from Bring it On the Musical.

This showtune is about the exact opposite type of person.  The girl in this show idolized her neighbor Campbell and the minute she had her chance, she stabbed her in the back, took over her life, her boyfriend, her best friends, her school and her spot as the head cheerleader.  The entire showtune is about stabbing people in the back and not stopping until you get everything you want in life.  Unfortunately there are a million people out there like this and almost all of us know them.  I personally hate them and when I find someone like this, I instantly remove them from my life.  They are horrible people and usually the bosses and higher ups know about it, but they never do anything and this person wins.  You shouldn’t try to take revenge on them, but by doing what Elle or Campbell did which is work hard and move ahead, you can put these people in their places.  I never stabbed anyone in the back during my career and still moved ahead.  I had people against me at a lot of places and people who stabbed me in the back.  I let it get me down, but then I used the depression and anger to work even harder and move ahead of them.  It isn’t easy to do, but if you don’t let them get you down and you can kick butt at what you do, you can win in the end.  The people that Elle and Campbell had to deal with are horrible.  Unfortunately there are a ton of them out there.  Relax and have a great day off this Labor Day and when you get back to work, remember to not worry about stabbing them in the back, forget about revenge and focus on being better at your job and working your ass off so you can move ahead without being one of those people.

My favorite Broadway Song about Flirting – The Bend and Snap

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Everyone loves the movie Legally Blonde and one of the most memorable scenes from the movie is when Elle Woods teaches her friend how to flirt with a move called the Bend and Snap. The bend and snap is a never fail way to do a couple of things. In the movie and the musical version of Legally Blonde the Bend and Snap helps you flirt with a guy. In the musical version of Legally Blonde, the Bend and Snap is also a way to tell if someone is gay.

To do the bend and snap all you have to do is slowly bend over to pick something up while keeping your chest facing forward as you bend over. Then once you have the thing you dropped, you quickly snap back up with your arms by the sides of your stomach and bounce so your boobs bounce too and smile. Unfortunately when tried in the movie and the show, Elle’s friend breaks the UPS guy’s nose. He does however fall in love with her anyways.

The bend and snap from Legally Blonde is one of my favorite scenes from the movie. Unfortunately they killed it in the musical version by changing the music and adding in a ton of lyrics. Although the song isn’t horrible, people don’t really like it at first if they’ve only seen the movie version of Legally Blonde. If you do see the show or listen to the musical version, the song eventually grows on you and can easily become one of the best songs about flirting on broadway.

The reason I am posting about broadway songs about flirting is that I broke up with the guy I was dating and it’s time to learn how to flirt again. Mimi does a great job with it in Rent when she is singing Would You Light My Candle to Roger, and Lola is very up front with it when she sings Whatever Lola Wants in Damn Yankees, but neither of those songs actually teach you how to flirt. They just show you ways like by blowing out a candle and asking for matches so you can stay longer or dancing around like a slut and being flirty. Bend and Snap from Legally Blonde is actually teaching you a funny way to be able to flirt with someone which is why it is probably my favorite broadway song about flirting.

Positive from Legally Blonde the Musical

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Positive is one of the best songs from Legally Blonde the Musical. The reason I like it is because it’s a song about staying upbeat and happy, even when you are upset, get dumped, had a bad day at work, if someone stabs you in the back, etc… The song Positive from Legally Blonde starts right after Elle gets thrown under the bus on her first day of class by this girl who also turns out to be Warner’s (Elle’s ex boyfriend who she is trying to win back) fiance. Not only is Elle upset about class, but when she finds out that Warner is engaged she needs support from her friends at her sorority the Delta Nus. The issue is that Elle is at Harvard and the Delta Nus are all the way across the country, so Elle reaches out in spirit to get advice from her best friends.

In the movie, Elle is extremely fair and friendly towards Warner’s fiance, but in the musical version of Legally Blonde, she talks about her being twice her size. Elle’s best friends are also really rude about her making fun of her hair and other things that don’t happen in the movie. One thing that I didn’t like about the song Positive from Legally Blonde the musical is that they made Elle kind of rude and shallow. One of the reasons that everyone loves Elle is that she is always happy, positive and upbeat. By having her character make fun of the other girl in a song called Positive, they took a huge piece of the character away. Then again, it also helps to make Elle more believable as an actual person.

Positive from Legally Blonde the musical is one of my favorite songs and if you are ever down or sort of pissed, this is a great song to think of. It’ll help cheer you up and keep you happy, not to mention will make you laugh. Positive from Legally Blonde is a fun song that everyone loves to sing a long to at showtunes night and is one that is great for your iPhone for whenever you are annoyed or down.