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Broadways Best Working Girls – 3 – Rizzo

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Rizzo is the tough girl from the Pink Ladies in the musical and tv musical Grease. Although she doesn’t get paid for putting out, she never has a shortage of men to help her out when she’s looking for fun. Even though she isn’t literally a working girl, she still has the tough girl attitude and acts like a mean girl. During the show she even sings a song called Look at Me I’m Sandra D which is about making fun of the new girl Sandy for being such a prude. Even though Rizzo is a mean girl, she is still actually a likeable person which is why Rizzo is one of the most fun and lovable working girls (or at least loose ladies) on broadway.

Grease is full of a ton of side plots and stories dealing with teenage issues like sex, peer pressure, being popular, being careful and safe, doing dangerous things like racing cars and even gang violence. Rizzo’s stories carry her through the tougher plots from teenage pregnancy scares, what it must feel like if you are the girl who is labeled a slut and singled out for being pregnant. She is part of the car races and also puts the peer pressure on the other girls when she is sneaking out, making fun of people and trying to take control over their gang. At the same time Rizzo also shows that she is one of the most loyal and best people to have as a friend since she stands up for the other Pink Ladies when something goes wrong or one of them needs help.

Rizzo is the stereotypical person who puts up a wall that makes her look tough but in reality she is a great person. Her character comes through as one of the strongest and most memorable in the show and everyone loves watching as she kicks people off a bench at the lunch table, feels sorry for her when her boyfriend is dancing with someone else and gets angry when the opposing school and gang calls her out for being a bit easier than most of the girls would admit to being back then. Rizzo is an amazing character and if the actress does a great job, she can always get a standing ovation for playing this role in the musical Grease. Rizzo isn’t technically a working girl, but she definitely fits into the list of broadway’s best and most loved working girls or ladies with loose morals. She is also one of the most popular characters from Grease that tons of people always want to audition for.

Summer Nights Video from Grease – Because It’s Almost Summer

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I can’t believe it’s almost summer which means everyone is heading to the beach, Rehoboth, Fire Island, Ptown, Ocean City, etc… Last night at showtunes they played grease and it completely got me excited for my trip to Puerto Vallarta as well as the weekend after when I’m going to Rehoboth Beach with my other friends. I was going to do a song from another show about keeping cupid away for the summer, but summer romances are some of the most fun and exciting ones so I decided to go the other direction and do Summer Nights from Grease for today.

Not only is Summer Nights from Grease one of the most well known showtunes, but it is also one of the most sung duets at karaoke bars. Everyone loves the song and everyone ends up singing along. You have everything from the bitchy, mean girl kicking people off the bench to the sweet and innocent guy who just wants to learn what it’s like. The actual music is extremely catchy and everyone has a favorite line or two that they like to sing in it. At some clubs and bars for showtunes night or karaoke they also change the lyrics so it becomes more of an audience participation song.

Grease is a musical that has changed a lot from the original version and has been made more family friendly. This version is from the movie which is extremely tame compared to the original cast recording and original script. The song Summer Nights hasn’t changed much over the years, but it also hasn’t needed any changes. Everyone loves to sing Summer Nights from Grease and it is one of the perfect songs to help you get in the mood to go to the beach, fall in love with someone and have a short term romance…unless you are already in a relationship. Anyways, I love the song Summer Nights from Grease and am completely ready for the beach with all of my friends again and I hope that you are excited for summer as well. If you aren’t, then try listening to songs like Summer Nights from Grease and get ready for a fun summer and a fun summer romance, just be careful though because Summer Nights from Grease can easily get stuck in your head.

What happens when the cast of Spring Awakening Auditions for Grease?

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When new shows hit broadway and take off they like to do cross promotions and charity events where the show combines with an older show.  Avenue Q and Fiddler on the Roof made a perfect match with Avenue Jew.  Unfortunately you don’t always get a good combination for shows by combining them, even when they have similar topics.   Take Spring Awakening and Grease.

In the intro to the video where the original cast of Spring Awakening auditions for Grease, they even mention a few of the similarities, they try to show why they are similar but the producers are in for a bit of a shock by today’s youth.  Both shows are about teen problems.  They go into pregnancy, abuse, sex, parents who ignore their kids or don’t pay attention, dropping out of school and bullying by teachers as well as drugs and real life issues.  The biggest difference though is that today’s kids seem to be a lot more dramatic (even if it takes place almost a hundred years ago and in another country).  Spring Awakening for examples gets pretty graphic while in Grease they keep their clothes on.

Today’s kids go for the drama while the kids in Grease never actually fight or address an issue.  In Grease they make fun of each other but they also stick together like a team.  In Spring Awakening they try but end up not being able to help each other out as they are to afraid to do anything or stand up to their parents, with the exception of one character.  Even though the shows have similarities in that they are about teenage issues and drama, they are completely different in that one is for fun and one is about serious issues and leaves you in shock.

You have the hand jive in both, but they mean different things.  You have pregnancy in both but one of them results in death.  You have a school dropout in one and she goes back to high school.  You have someone who didn’t drop out but was forced into failing without knowing it and ended up killing himself.  You have gays making out and falling in love in one.  You have a bunch of guys fixing each other’s hair and showing off their asses to the other in the other.  They both have the same issues but when you try to mix today’s shows and youth with the teens from a few decades ago there is a huge difference.

Although the two shows probably shouldn’t be combined, it does make for a funny video.  Here is the cast of Spring Awakening auditioning for Grease.