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Take a Glass Together from Grand Hotel

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If there is one song that I love about drinking, in a happy way, on Broadway it has to be Let’s Take a Glass Together from the musical Grand Hotel Brett Barrett starred in this song and did an amazing job. You’ll hear him bash other people for not being able to dance, but when you see his amazing dancing in this song and how he can not only tap, but also act with his body and his voice, he is amazing.

Normally when people thinking of broadway songs about drinking, they think of Elaine Stritch singing the Ladies Who Lunch from Stephen Sondheim’s Company. Even though I love that song, it isn’t a happy, cheerful drinking showtune that you leave happy and wanting to drink to. Instead you laugh but don’t really react when its over. When Take a Glass Together from Grand Hotel is over, you’re left clapping, cheering and ready to have a cocktail. I love this song and love watching it whenever they play it at showtunes night.

Although the rest of the songs from the musical Grand Hotel are ok, Let’s Take a Glass Together is by far my favorite song from the show. Whether or not you drink, you have to admit that the two guys in this song are absolutely amazing dancers and performers. Not only do they do amazing things with their bodies, but they also sing and act like two amazingly drunker performers.

Oddly enough, tonight’s episode of Glee is all about drinking and the harm of it and how fun it can be. Even before the episode came on, I was planning on writing this post, except it was about people pissing me off and me just wanting to go have a drink with a friend to vent. I was going to dedicate this song to drinking and venting with friends, but now that Glee has the drunk episode on, I’m not sure who I should dedicate it to. Either way, Let’s Take a Glass Together from Grand Hotel is an awesome song and one of my favorite broadway songs about drinking.