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Glee Dictionary for you non Gleeks in your non Gleekdom

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In my serious need for Gleehab I noticed that there is a very unfortunate thing out there for non Gleeks right now and that is that they have no clue about Gleeshays and they do not know how to properly use their Gleecabulary when speaking in a Gleeky setting.  Unfortunately you may not be cool enough yet to understand and appreciate all that is Glee, but to help you learn faster and get up to date with your Gleecabulary, has decided to help you keep up to date with current Glee Terminology and keep you speaking Gleek and understanding Gleek so you don’t have to feel left out on Glee night at Glee parties.

If you can think of terms, phrases and other things that are missing from this dictionary, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll add your terms to the Glee Dictionary for the non Gleeks out there that need some help following the show.

  • Adultry – When you are A Dolt or stupid.  Not cheating on your husband or Wife.
  • Baking – To confusing, move on and add some pot to those brownies.
  • Broccoli – A small tree that Gummy Bears live in.
  • Cheerios – Cheerleaders
  • Dentist – Someone who is not a real Doctor since they only work on teeth.
  • Dolphin – A gay shark.
  • Gladar – our 6th sense that picks up all news, updates and Glossip on the show and it’s stars
  • Gleecabulary – Terms and Phrases from the hit tv show Glee.
  • Gleehab – Where you need to go if you cannot live without the show.  Gleehab also includes posting about Glee on Twitter, watching Glee with friends, alone or any time.  As long as you solve your Glee addiction and Glee cravings, you have been to Gleehab.
  • Gleek – Someone who is obsessed with Glee.  Second meaning is the language fans of the show speak in.
  • Gleekdom – That feeling that you are around fellow Gleeks and you are living in your own made up Glee world where everything is Glee.
  • Glee-wind – When you rewind something, but more commonly used to refer back to the previous week’s episode or previous episodes.
  • Glime – Glee time!
  • Glinner – a weekly shared dinner between friends in honour of Glee being on TV, eaten while Glee is on TV
  • Glist – The whose hot and whose not list of the Glee club.
  • Gloments – Glee epic moments / moments enjoyed while watching Glee
  • Glossip – Glee gossip
  • Glost – A feel when Glee and Lost are airing on the same night.  Definition 2.  Tuesday night combo of Glee and Lost. Sadly. May 18 is the last one of it’s kind.
  • Glunch – Lunch while obsessing over tonights Glee episode.
  • Hot Tubs (Jacuzzis) – Something that can get you pregnant.
  • Madonna – God.
  • Mash-up – When you mix multiple songs into one to make them sound like the same song or flow into each other so it sounds like the same song.
  • New Directions – The good guys.
  • Recipes – Confusing.
  • Sistah – Will Sheusters “Lesbian Haircut” or a Lesbian.
  • Slushies – A great facial treatment and cleanser, but bad for your skin, your hair and a trendy thing for Popular kids, Jocks and Cheerios to throw at Glee Club Members and Gleeks.
  • Vocal Adrenalin – The competition.

If you have some Gleecabulary you would like to add to this post, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to add it to the list.

Watch Glee on Fox and share your ideas thoughts and opinions here.

And they said TV Can’t Influence People – Glee Tonight

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And they said that TV can’t influence people to do crazy things.  The hit show on Fox which has not only taken the US by storm has spread to Canada and the UK.  In the clubs and bars they sell Glee Soundtracks next to the dj’s cds and people are wearing fan shirts and hosting Glee parties and calling themselves Gleeks publicly and finally opening up to their love of being part of the world of Music and Musical Theatre called Gleekdom.  Lately some Gleeks have taken their obsessions with the show a bit further than the normal fan and formed flash mobs to perform different Glee songs and routines in public on random days at random times and they are using the internet to set these unofficial events up.

One of these Glee Flash Mobs of seriously devoted Gleeks was just in Seattle and it was fantastic.  The choreography, the crowd, the songs and everything else was absolutely insane.  Look how many people joined in from Proud Mary on until the end of the routine.  It is absolutely insane how much influence Glee has over the population and how popular a show about a stereotypically Geeky and Loser oriented High School Club can be with mainstream America and the world when you put it on a right wing TV station and add in a couple of headliner characters, remixes of hit songs and awesome performances and celebrity guest appearances.

Here is a video clip of the Glee Flash Mob in Seattle Washington Performing.  Also don’t forget to watch Glee tonight for the long awaited Madonna Episode.  TV Guide did a huge spread and photo shoot and the cast of Glee gave us a sneak peak last week with the Sue Sylvester video version of Vogue.  Watch tonight and let me know what you think by coming back and posting here. Enjoy the Seattle Glee Flash Mob video and come back after Glee comes on tonight from 8:59 to 10:01 Eastern I think on Fox.  Check the Fox TV schedule for the definite times or estimated times.

Glee – The long awaited Madonna Episode

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If last week’s overpowering story line crazy episode of Glee wasn’t enough to get you going crazy over this next Season, how about the rumor that the very next episode is going to be the long awaited Madonna Episode of Glee.

Ok, so it isn’t really a rumor anymore that there will be a Madonna episode of Glee, for all you dolphins out there, and it isn’t even just a rumor that it will be airing next week since it is already reported to air in publications like TV Guide, but judging by the Sue Sylvester Vogue Video where she clearly was a diva, well lesbian style, and claimed “Sue Sylvester Danced on Air” not to mention “Will Shuester I Hate You”, this episode is not only going to be Madonna Filled Material Girl insanity, but it should completely rock any Madonna fans love for Madge and completely get everyone singing and going crazy while watching the show.

Some of the songs we should hear (according to TV Guide) for the Glee Madonna Espisode include Express Yourself and Like a Prayer.  Not only are they classic Madonna, but they should be fabulous.  Especially since in the original Madonna song Like a Prayer they actually had a chorus and choir.

I cannot wait to see how this season turns out.  Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Neil Patrick Harris and an entire line up of amazing talent and guest celebrity appearances.  If you are as addicted to Glee as the rest of the Gleeks out there are and want to share your opinions of the show, feel free to leave a comment here.

Can’t wait to share Next Week’s Madonna Episode of Glee with all you.

Here is the Guest Cast List taken from TV

Dijon Talton: Matt Rutherford

Idina Menzel: Shelby Corcoran – She better sing in this one lol.

Jonathan Groff: Jesse St. James

Naya Rivera: Santana Lopez

Harry Shum: Mike Chang

New Season of Glee Starts Today!

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Ok Gleeks and everyone trapped in their Gleekdom.  The Glee season 2 premier starts tonight at 9:28 (special start and end time due to American Idol) on Fox and they not only pulled out all of the stops for this episode, but they went above and beyond their normal casting and are featuring the other half of the original Wicked Witches with Idina Menzel (the original Elphaba in the show Wicked) and also bringing in newer Broadway Sensation Jonathan Groff from Spring Awakening.

Not only did we love Kristen Chenoweth last season as the drunken Realtor, but now we get to watch her Wicked counterpart perform in the show.  In the episode Wheels we saw Kurt and Rachel battle it out over one of Idina’s most well known songs Defying Gravity so it’ll be great to see how they can try to top last season.

Don’t forget to turn on Fox tonight at 9:28 pm EST to watch the season 2 premier of Glee on Fox and then come back here to post about it.

Glee Casting Call Video Auditions Via MySpace

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Ok, If you have been a broadway fan and love your showtunes, you also love 80’s music, broadway and pop stars and remixes, then you have probably fallen in love with the TV show on Fox Glee.  Not only has Glee taken this country by storm, but they partnered with sites like and mention a ton of really cool and modern things which is something we wouldn’t expect from FOX.

When I came across this video from a Tweet on Twitter I had to share it with all of you.  Matthew Morrison (Mr. Shoester on the Show) has a video live on asking people to submit their own audition video to be part of the Season 2 cast on Glee.  This is perfect and completely ties into Rachel’s character who posts her own version of a Vlog (Video Blog) on the show.

I am hooked on Glee and cannot wait for all of the leaked shows like Neil Patrick Harris vs. Mr. Shoe (This is a rumored show where Neil Patrick Harris was Mr. Shoes Glee Rival and it shows how they competed and now Neil Patrick Harris is back.  Like I said this is just a rumor for now.), the Madonna Episode and more.

If you’re a fan of the show and want to try to audition, I’m not sure how much longer you have to submit your video, but I highly recommend you do it because who knows if you have a chance or not to actually make it onto the show.  If you do make it onto the show, come back here and share with us how it went.  Also, please feel free to leave comments here if you are excited as well and feel free to post a link to your audition video.  Showtunes are highly encouraged by but may not be by the Glee producers.

Glee Open Casting Call Video with Matthew Morrison

Glee Auditions | MySpace Video