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Two Performances That Made Me Go Wow

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It isn’t often I hear something and go wow. That’s actually a complete lie since I am always impressed by people or shocked at how bad someone who is usually amazing is. These two videos got the wow thing from me. The one is a guy named Gabriel Lopez who randomly takes on Glitter and Be Gay from Candide and actually pulls it off without having to go into a high soprano. The other one is from Glee, which I stopped watching, and is Rachel Berry singing Being Good from Swan Song. I heard it last night at showtunes at MOVA lounge in DC.

We all know Rachel (Lea Michelle) has an amazing voice. Whether I am a fan of hers or not, I love her voice and think she is incredible. I don’t know how much of this song is the studio making it sound amazing, and how much is her actually singing, but it sounds amazing. She’s a bit like Barbara Streisand when she’s singing this song, but at the same time her character wants to be Barbara. It’s great to see that they are letting her show off what she can do with her voice and this song is absolutely amazing when she does it. When the VJ was talking about the song being a wow song, I didn’t understand why until he played the clip and you hear Lea Michelle belting it out. The way she performs it really is a wow moment and the song is absolutely amazing.

The reason Gabriel performing Glitter and Be Gay from Candid is a wow moment is because 1. he is a guy and 2. he didn’t have to try and go soprano. The song is insanely hard and takes a ton of control. To take it randomly and perform it without trying or practicing is insane. That is why I had a wow moment when I heard him sing this song and not even mess it up. It was a definite wow moment because I was waiting for him to go high and he didn’t or to have him mess up and he pulled it off perfectly.

I Want to Put on – My, my, my, my, my, Boogie Shoes – Glee

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It’s insane how fast this year has gone by and that Christmas and Hanukah are only a few weeks away. I’ve had Boogie Shoes from Glee stuck in my head all week and it is actually the perfect song for the Christmas and Hanukah rush at all of the stores. (Not to mention I love the remake they did of My Boogie Shoes for Glee.)

If you haven’t gone shopping, bought all your gifts or starting planning for holiday parties yet. If you don’t have outfits picked out, a gym membership for after or even have your tickets to go home yet, then you probably need to put on your boogie shoes and get moving. I love this song because the remake the did of My Boogie Shoes from Glee is a lot more upbeat, faster and a lot more fun than the original version. It is perfect to listen to when you’re running errands, dealing with stores and holiday shopping or just trying to motivate to get ready to go out, etc… I do have to be honest though, I haven’t watched Glee at all this season and probably won’t watch again.

The finale when Rachel went to New York was the perfect way to end watching Glee for me. I’m sure they still have great music, I love that people tell me what’s going on, but without the original cast together and all of the new people, I have no desire to watch. Darren Chris is hot, the new cast is fun and they have great voices, but I miss when it was a bit simpler and you were actually excited to see it. They had to get rid of some of the old cast because it is a high school, but at the same time that killed off any desire to watch the show. They’ve also stopped playing any new version of Glee songs at any of the showtunes nights that I have gone to which also makes me think that it isn’t worth watching anymore. Hearing the new songs they would create and seeing the videos at Showtunes Night and other nights always made me excited to watch, but because they stopped playing them I completely forgot about the show. I’m sure it’s still a good show, but I stopped watching. If anyone still watches and wants to share their favorite new song from this season, feel free to leave a comment below.

What happens when Glee meets Sesame Street?

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I was on Youtube today looking up a video with a friend when we found this video from the TV show Sesame Street which is all about the Letter G and Glee. Not only do they spoof the tv show Glee well, but the characters, the songs and everything else take the letter songs to a brand new level from when we were kids.

The Sesame Street parody of Glee features almost everyone one of the main characters from the first season of Glee. The only difference is that they show them after they have all either come out of the closet, become a diva or started to take shape as the characters we know today. The parody is a bit progressive from the Sesame Street that I remember because they not only have Kurt as a Gay character yelling more glitter, but they have Mercedes going crazy about wanting to be a Diva and they have Sue making hair jokes at “Mr. Goo” instead of M”Mr. Shue”.

The Sesame Street parody of Glee is absolutely hilarious and it is amazing to see how much the show has grown. This video is more like a Saturday Night Live skit than an episode or song that I remember from when I was a kid watching the show. If they now have funny skits like this and features real life types of people, the show can do a great job for teaching kids about tolerance and discrimination.

My friend and I couldn’t stop laughing while watching the Sesame Street parody of Glee so I wanted to share it with all of you as well in case you hadn’t seen it either. Please feel free to share this post using the Twitter or Facebook icons above and feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you all again for reading and here is the Sesame Street vs. Glee video.

Glee Original Songs Episode – Great Voices, Bad Music

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The original songs episode of Glee is on and it is amazing how much talent they have, but how bad some of the songs are. I know that Rachel Berry’s song was supposed to be cheezy (the only child one), and even though I hate Lea Michele, her voice was amazing but it couldn’t even pull this song off. Santana on the other hand was able to take a ridiculous song called Trouty Lips and use her voice to make it sultry and sort of sexy and absolutely attention getting. She never got to really show off until her and Mercedes sang River Deep Mountain High and now I am absolutely in love with her voice after hearing her sing Trouty Lips. She did amazing. So what do I think about the Original Songs episode of Glee, great voices, bad music.

There were a couple of fun songs mixed in like Mercedes singing Hell to the No, but that one would only be a hit beach dance remix for a summer, not an anthem that will last for years. Let’s be honest, you’ll hear it in Ptown, Rehoboth and other cities this summer, then after the drag queens kill it, it will go away. Kurt sang Blackbird and although it was emotional and he did an amazing job, something just didn’t make me want to cry during it. I actually didn’t feel any emotion which was weird. I just thought, wow, his voice has really begun to develop.

Puck sang a song called Big Ass Heart to his Big Ass Girlfriend and it was extremely fun. The problem is that if it doesn’t go viral fast, it’ll die off. Sue starts World War Sue and goes to war with Mr. Shoe and the rest of the Glee kids, but that Gives Kurt and Blaine enough time to put together a great duet. From this point on the show got good and the songs got better with Blaine singing Pink’s Raise Your Glass.

Rachel comes out to sing her original ballad and it was amazing. Not only can this song actually take off, but it reminds me of Kelly Clarkson just starting out. Rachel’s original song was absolutely amazing and one that I love. I highly recommend downloading it if you are ever depressed and just need a sad song to listen to. I still do not like Lea Michelle but her voice is amazing and she did a great job with the song.

The second song by the new directions was actually pretty fun. It is probably just a summer sing a long song if it lives that long, but it probably won’t last for to long. It was definitely fun and it came out at the perfect time with spring coming up in a couple weeks. Anyways, The New Directions won by singing original songs and Sue flipped out and punched out the announcer.

The episode was actually pretty good, just get through the first few songs and they get better as the show progresses. It’ll be interesting to see how Finn and Rachel end up and what other guest stars come back. The episode wasn’t the best but Kathy Griffin and a few people made their first appearance so it’ll be fun to see if they come back again. Let me know what you thought of tonight’s Glee episode. I’m going to go download a couple of the songs on iTunes.

Lets Get Our Anesthesia On

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So this post could have been about You’ll Be a Dentist from Little Shop of Horrors or even about Man of LaMancha since the main character was never really within reality.  It could have been about pretty much anything in dreamland from Alice in Wonderland to The Wizard of Oz when the Wicked Witch puts a spell on Dorothy and her friends or even just about Moulin Rouge and Absinthe making you hallucinate.  The reality though is that “Let’s get our Anesthesia On” is a quote or similar to a quote from tonight’s brand new episode of the hit show Glee.

I know that I have been a bad Gleek by not posting or announcing last week’s episode but I thought that it would be worth waiting to blog about Glee again now that the new season is on and tonight’s episode is the absolutely incredible Britney Spears episode of Glee.  Not only is this one of the most waited for episodes but it should also be one of the best.

If you’re wondering about the quote (or not so accurate quote) “Let’s get our anesthesia on” it comes from the Britney Spears episode of Glee in Season three where you have Santana and Britney sitting in dentists chairs convincing their Dentist (A not so real or legit Doctor because they work on teeth) to put them under anesthesia because they want the high from it.  Although the Doctor tells Santana she has perfect teeth, Santana convinces him to put her and Britney under anyways so that they can get high off of it.  This leads into the Britney Spears and Madonna video for Me Against the Music and Britney plays Britney and Santana plays Madonna. In pure Glee fashion and to be expected with their fantastic production and remakes of songs, this video is not only just as good but possibly even better than the original Madonna and Britney Spears version.

Not only is this episode perfect for Britney Spears fans but it is also perfect for anyone who just likes her music or just like the show Glee.  Everyone was hoping for the Britney Spears episode of Glee last season but they waited until this season to surprise us with it.  In this episode you meet the Guidance Counselors new boyfriend (Not Will Scheuster) as well as find out that he is the Dentist.  I cannot wait for this episode and cannot wait to hear what you all think as well.